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You will never look at the world the same again and you shouldn t You ve been living in an alternate reality WAKE UP Read this book but don t stop here The Madhatter is on the loose. @Free ô Die 13 satanischen Blutlinien - Die Ursache vielen Elends und Übels auf Erden ì BANNED IN FRANCE This Book Is About The Development Of A New World Order That Aims To Suppress The Whole Of Humanity We Are Raised, By Tradition, To Trust Our Governments, And Convinced That They Care About Us This, However, Is A Big Mistake Below The Surface Of Official Politics Lies A Complicated Social And Intellectual Process That Is Taking Place The World Is Governed By Very Different Personages From What Is Imagined By Those Who Are Not Behind The Scenes We Are Governed, Our Minds Are Molded, Our Tastes Formed, Our Ideas Suggested, Largely By Men, That We Have Never Heard Of In Almost Every Act Of Our Daily Lives, Whether In The Sphere Of Politics Or Business, In Our Social Conductor Or Our Ethical Thinking, We Are Dominated By The Relatively Small Number Of Persons Are The Visible World Leaders Just Mere Puppets Directed By An Invisible Power From Behind The Scenes Are There Invisible Hands Controlling The World Is There A Conspiracy Who Are The Conspirators We Are Dealing With The Rise Of A New Geo Political Supranational Power On The World Scene This Geo Political Power Consists Of The Richest Families On This Planet Together With The Most Powerful Multinationals They Rule And Control All Countries And All Coalitions The True Aim Of This Elite Group Is Complete Control Of Planet Earth They Consist Of A Small Elite Group Formed By The Most Influential And Powerful, Anonymous, Very Exclusive Family Dynasties That Live Dispersed Over The World They Keep Their Power And Money Betwixt Them By Intermarriage They Operate Behind The Scenes Of The Most Important Enterprises, Media And The Financial Institutions, But Also Behind The Political Scenes Through Connections, Money And Violence These Powerful Double Crossing Families Slipped In With One Ultimate Goal The Establishment Of A One World Dictatorship Their Target Is To Force A New World Order On The Whole Of Mankind They Have Bought An Enormous Part Of The World With Its Economic Power And Placed It Under Its Control With The Help Of Their Unimaginable Financial Reserves They Currently Dispose Of A Worldwide Financial Control System With Which They Can Control The Entire World Economy And Political System They Determine How The Leading Politicians Of This World Have To Act Over Time These Influential Families Have Extended The Scope Of Their Power Over The Whole World Their Web Reaches All Corners Of The World Their Tentacles Are Woven With All Facets Of Human Existence Their Influence Is Unimaginable And It Reaches All The Leading Institutions And Organizations In The Fields Of Politics, Education, Religion, Finances And Mass Media Science Has Also Been Infiltrated By Them And Is Financially Dependent On Them And Thus Subject To Manipulation Think Of The Rockefeller, Carnegie, And Guggenheim Foundation The New World Order They Are Planning Will Be A World Dictatorship Conservatives Will Call It Socialism Or Communism Liberals Will Call It Fascism The Label Makes Little Difference It Will Be The Gulag Archipelago On A Worldwide Basis SEE ALSO PAPERBACK EDITION FOR SALE ON Great great read If you are a conspiracy theorist, which I am, this is the book for you. Guess I mostly didn t like the subject matterthan the writing.Seemed to be a lot of stretching going on to prove the writer s point I m not a conspiracy theorist. This book is a lot to take in and digest The most amazing part was the authors explanation of 9 11 2001 He was able to fill in the gaps to questions I had that just did not add up to what we were being told in the media It does not matter whether you are a conspiracy theorist or not, this book will get you to start thinking and asking questions you never thought to ask The saying that you should question everything has been justified in this book I am so amazed at what is possibly going on in our world that over 90% of us are not aware of We live our daily lives with the obvious in front of us but we can t even see it because we have been led to believe that the purpose of life is to work, live and then eventually die So many of us are walking around with blinders on that so few are able to steer the inevitable destruction of the world, which will catch us completely off guard one day Fooling the masses through brainwash and dumbing down will only result in greater resistance because the people will realize that they have been lied to for centuries, resulting in unnecessary death and destruction.The phrase that humans are animals is an understatement At least animals do what they do for the purpose of surviving Humans aren t killing and destroying to survive, they are killing and destroying because they see it as their right and the only way to fulfill their agenda of one world order. Worldwide EvilAn excellent book that opens your eyes to the Real world and an education to what s really going on Buy, read and learn