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I m not sure I ve ever read a book where I felt such a divide between love of the story and inability to stomach the writing.I ll say this this may be blasphemy to some, but there are cases where the movie is better than the book And this is one of those cases, because, at least in this person s opinion, the story may be great, but the writing is absolutely insufferable, and gets increasingly so over the course of the book.The author appears to believe in the stance that brooding and negativity are interesting and clever and so, there is a lot of it A LOT of it.At first, I wondered if it was supposed to be the narrator simply having a feline voice after all, his arrogance most likely was at least partially supposed to be due to him being a cat but increasingly it dawned on me that we were supposed to be impressed by the pages upon pages of repetitive moaning about how life is a bleak abyss, there is no goodness in mankind, we are all spiraling into the void into the cold clutches of death Indeed, the book opens on such a note but, again, I had given it the benefit of the doubt and taken it as him being a pretentious feline This brooding wasn t just annoying it was REPETITIVE The exact same points were moaned over for pages upon pages all throughout the book, with only slight changes in wording It felt like he was trying to pad his word count I can pinpoint the exact point I would have put the book down if I wasn t already so far into it Francis, the protagonist, walks into another cat s house, and sees him lying on a cushion.For some reason, this prompts a page long moaning about how maybe that cat is comfortable in his home, but in truth human beings are horrible horrible horrible to animals, and cause animals to become homosexual, mutilate themselves, rape or be raped on and on and on Because he walked into a house and saw a cat lying on a cushion Additionally, yeah, this was written in 1989, but I m still going to say that this book was strangely intent on throwing offensive remarks about various minorities in out of the blue, just in the cat s many pretentious musings But worst of all was its treatment of disabilities constant paragraphs upon paragraphs moaning about poor, hideous invalids, pathetic, ruined cripples living half lives a blind cat is literally described as having no life because she was blind All irrational and evil behavior is schizophrenic It s so obnoxious.Good points Story is a great idea The last couple of pages were okay Made a great movie I like BluebeardSo that s my take I gave it a star because the concept and story are very good if you separate them entirely from how it s written out. Ever wonder what your cat thinks of you You really don t want to know I thought this would be a cozy type mystery, but it was way too violent and graphic to claim that category These cats are cynical, tyrannical and often bitter.but the mystery was interesting to the last. [Download Ebook] ☫ Felidae ☪ Francis, Der Samtpfotige Klugschei Er, Ist Neu Im Revier Als Er Bei Seinem Ersten Erkundungsspaziergang Auf Einen Grausam Zugerichteten Toten Artgenossen St T, Ist Ihm Klar, Da Hier Sein Intelligenzquotient Gefordert Ist So Rollt Sich Vor Dem Leser Mit Katzenartiger Geschwindigkeit Eine Geschichte Von Serienm Igen Morden Und Religi Sen Sekten, Von Computern Und Rolligen Katzen, Von Wahnideen Und Ommipotenzphantasien Eine Tierfabel, Die In Einem Spannenden Und Furiosen Finale Menschlich Moralische Abgr Nde Enth Llt Im R ckblick schon eine interessante Lekt re, zum einen wegen der Katzen Perspektive, zum anderen weil die Hauptfigur nicht gerade sympathisch ist.Aus heutiger Sicht Bei allem, was man ber den Autor inzwischen wei , h tte das Buch sicher nicht mehr den Weg in meinem Regal gefunden. S obzirom da ova knjiga i nije previ e poznata iroj javnosti, a rije je o kvalitetnom i zanimljivom tivu, dopustite da vam predstavim Felidae Ova knjiga zadire u svijet ma aka u kojem pronalazimo dva iznimno inteligentna protagonista Francisca i Pascala Radnja ovoga romana je protkana elemantima krimi a i detektivskim, postupnim putem dola enja do spoznaje i otkrivanja zlo ina Zlo ini o kojima je rije su niz krvolo nih ubojstava Inteligentni detektiv Francisc, postupno rje ava misteriju zlo ina A razrije enje zlo ina i sama poruka romana je ono po emu ovaj roman od mene zaslu uje pet zvjezdica Da ne otkrivam previ e, spomenut u samo da se u romanu javlja ideja stvaranja nadrase ma aka, istokrvne rase Felidae koja e vladati svijetom, a samim time i ovjekom Kako bi se to ostvarilo, potrebno je sprije iti sva mogu a budu a pokoljena koja bi bila mje ovita, a na in kako bi se to ostvarilo je krvolo nim ubojstvima Sve to skupa, itatelja podsjeti na malog ovje uljka s udnim br i ima i kosom zalizanom na pogre nu stranu koji je glavni i odgovoran za nestanak 2,5% ljudi sa zemaljske kugle tijekom 2.svj rata A to nas opet mo e asocirati na iskrivljeno tuma enje Nietzschova nauka o Nad ovjeku ili bermensc Druga va na sadr ajna tematika ove knjige je bioetika Va an doga aj opisan u knjizi je eksperimentiranje nad ivotinjama i njihovo mu enje Stoga, pretpostvavljam da je ovo roman koji bi se posebno svidio svim braniteljima prava ivotinja No, bez obzira zalagali se vi vi e za prava ovjeka ili prava ivotinja, knjiga svakako otvara jednu tabu, bioeti ku temu i pitanje gdje su granice ljudskog eksperimentiranja A ono to nam Francisco poru uje na kraju je poruka dana njem ovjeku koju nikako ne bi smjeli zaboraviti ljudi napose nikad nebi smjeli zaboraviti da su potekli od ivotinja, pa da se i u njima krije jo tra ak nevinosti Bili dobri ili zli, svi smo mi u krajnjoj liniji ivotinje pa treba da budemo kolegijalni i da se volimo I nemojte prestati vjerovati u svijet u kojem e ivotinje i ljudi ivjeti u harmoniji Ako sam vas imalo zainteresirala s prethodno re enim, a neda vam se itat knjiga, onda preporu am pogledati amimirani film redatelja Michael Schaack. This noir detective novel is a thinking cat s mystery A serial killer is loose in the suburb that Francis has just moved into, along with his human companion Francis searches for the killer with a mix of logic, intuition, and luck The brilliant sleuth, murderer, and victims are all cats The cats are very cat like Francis s twisty path leads him to thugs, a bizarre religious cult, a sexy seductress, and mad scientists The characters are vividly sketched The writing is intelligent I highly recommend this. I read this book years ago I remember picking it up at a book market for next to nothing and its one that always sticks in my mind It took me a while to read it as I found it hard going till about as third of the way through Then it all seemed to come into place.It is not the usual genre I read and I would say it is of a thriller crime The characters are great and because of my love of cats I found the book very warming It took me 4 years to find the sequal.I d say give it a go if its your genre and take your time with it as it can be hard going Francis is new in town, cocky, smart and sharp tongued and he s a cat.Stumbling upon a gore ish murder in his neighborhood, he cannot stop himself from investigating a crime and unveiling an ingenious, but murderous nazi like conspiracy between cats.It s been some time since I ve read this book, but I still remember many details of it This book was just as the main character, funny and smart, somewhat shocking and definitely surprising.Felidae is a unique, awesome read If you don t mind a little gore, a little sex and a lot of thrill AND love cats, this is a must read. This is a story about cats Who have a murderer among them Told from the perspective of a cat You may want to stop here This may not be the book for you This is a mystery seen through the eyes of out hero Francis Francis is new to the neighborhood and is shocked to learn that many of his feline family are being murdered It is clear the murderer is another cat The preferred method of killing is a cat bite to the neck Francis, believing himself to be of greater than average intelligence, takes it upon himself to solve the mystery He is joined in his task by a few other cats he calls friend In attempting to solve the crimes, Francis is thrown into a world he didn t know existed He learns of a bizarre cult where the local cats worship a long dead cat named Claudandus He finds out about a lab in the neighborhood where the humans performed heinous experiments on cats He even comes across a new breed of cats Francis and his friends connect the dots as they search for answers More than once, Francis finds himself in dangerous situations The humans in the book play only a very peripheral role as the can openers Lots of interesting cat facts and lore in the story. Phew What can I say Buying the English translated book off of eBay I didn t know what to expect This is my second time reading through it, and was at first appalled at the language and gore that I was not use to being associated with the cat genre But as I read on the mood set was amazing Dark, depressing, and truly insane Footnotes let you know that Akif must have done a bit of cat research before writing This book just never ceases to amaze me.