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In Stories in Stone New York, Keister offers cemetery aficionados, a fresh approach to the typical cemetery tome you d normally find in the regional or local interest section of your nearby bookstore This latest installment doesn t hold back any punches Coupled with beautiful graveside photographs, not to mention GPS co rdinates, which will guide you along the way As you visualize some of the most beautiful cemetery architecture, artwork you d find anywhere in the region All the while strolling along the beautifully landscaped acres, admiring the gravesites of famous, and sometimes not so famous, movers and shakers of New York s bygone eras.In the book Keister pounds the pavement when it comes to the cemeteries highlighted in this handy pocket size guide book The cemeteries, which you will no doubt be mesmerized by with the sights when you see them Include but is not limited to The Big Four Green Wood, Woodlawn, Kensico, Sleepy Hollow Historic Manhattan resting places, such as The Holy Trinity s, St Marks Church in the Bowery, Ulysses S Grant s Presidential Tomb Rounding off the cemeteries your also going to find Calvary, Cypress Hills, Ferncliff, Gate of Heaven, Moravian cemetery, and the old and new versions of St Raymond s, nicely represented as well.The theme of Stories In Stone New York, is pretty much on par with Keisters other cemetery travel books Especially when it comes to the sections on symbolism iconography, and not to mention architecture One of the things I enjoyed about this book, aside from the potpourri collection of famous personalities who have concise biographies, is the Stories In Stone section This particular section includes a few heartwarming stories, which I m sure you will enjoy As I wrap things up let me just say this book will most definitely make a nice addition to your cemetery or grave hunting library Even if you ve never been to New York, like me or plan to visit the region in the future, I think you d enjoy this book. While Forever LA doesn t appear to be in the Stories in Stone series, that book shares shape and design with this one Stories in Stone New York is a major improvement over the LA edition.The NY volume opens with an illustrated dictionary of the architectural styles to be found in cemeteries centered around the New York City area Keister s lovely photography shines, even if some of the glorious mausoleums are shrunken down to the size of a postage stamp.Toward the back of the book is a section called Cemetery Symbolism I learned that the veil draped over the urns you see everywhere symbolizes the veil between earth and heaven and that a book can be compared to the human heartopen to the world and to God I ve read a lot of explanations of gravestone iconography and those things I did not know.The chapters of the cemeteries themselves win beyond most cemetery books because Keister includes GPS coordinates with the monuments he discusses No wandering hopefully around graveyards, trying to follow incomplete directions Finding your way around the book is a little complicated As in the LA volume, some of the best stories are pulled out of the cemeteries to which they belong to be included at the back of the book I would much rather have all the cemetery together in one place than be flipping around, trying to find the whole story of a place.In terms of cemetery guides, the Permanent New Yorkers book is probably useful than this one, even if it s dated The biographies are fuller and the organization is clearer Still, there are good inclusions in Stories in Stone, particularly the chapter on the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery and the story about Anthony Casamassima, who stole Tiffany windows from mausoleums and sold them to antiques dealers Those two tales sum up the best and worst of people s behavior in regards to the dead.I can t wait to get a hold of Keister s volume on Paris. ( DOWNLOAD BOOK ) ⚖ Stories in Stone New York ♆ With Stories In Stone New York, The Author Presents Cemetery Buffs With Stunning Photographs, Fascinating Text, And Easy GPS Directions For Locating Gracious Architecture, Fabulous Artwork, And Memorable Gravesites Of Famous And Not So Famous Area Residents Residing Peacefully In Its Beautiful Cemeteries Includes The Big Four, Manhattan Churchyards Resting Places, Eternal Excursions In Well Known Boroughs, As Well As Humane Remains At The Pet Cemetery In Hartsdale