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It is forever associated for me with sharing a train compartment with three strangers, on the way to Stockholm from Ostersund I guess the book was okay. God awful that s my thought on Iain Sinclair s novel Dining on Stones It is absolutely everything I hate in contemporary fiction Written in lots of choppy sentences, the book attempts to be clever but fails I can t even tell you what the story was about about halfway through, I read the blurb on the back cover and said, Wait, what because I don t remember any of that happening I don t remember anything happening except the narrator wandering around talking about a book he wrote or didn t write or was about to write I have no idea what makes this a candidate for 1,001 Books to Read Before you Die I suspect the person who nominated it is friends with the author Absolute drivel I gave this one up about halfway through. [E-pub] ♐ Dining on Stones ♎ Dining On Stones Is Iain Sinclair S Sharp, Edgy Mystery Of London And Its EnvironsAndrew Norton, Poet, Visionary And Hack, Is Handed A Mysterious Package That Sees Him Quit London And Head Out Along The A On An As Yet Undefined Quest Holing Up In A Roadside Hotel, Unable To Make Sense Of His Search, He Is Haunted By Ghosts Of The Dead And The Not So Dead Demanding Wives And Ex Wives East End Gangsters Even Competing Versions Of Himself Shifting From Hackney To Hastings And All Places In Between, While Dissecting A Man S Fractured Psyche Piece By Piece, Dining On Stones Is A Puzzle And A Quest For Both Writer And Reader Exhilarating, Wonderfully Funny, Greatly Unsettling Sinclair On Top Form Daily Telegraph Prose Of Almost Incantatory Power, Cut With Chandleresque Pithiness Sunday Times Spectacular The Work Of A Man With The Power To See Things As They Are, And Magnify That Vision With A Clarity That Is At Once Hallucinatory And Forensic Independent On SundayIain Sinclair Is The Author Of Downriver Winner Of The James Tait Black Memorial Prize And The Encore Award Landor S Tower White Chappell, Scarlet Tracings Lights Out For The Territory Lud Heat Rodinsky S Room With Rachel Lichtenstein Radon DaughtersLondon Orbital, Dining On Stones , Hackney, That Rose Red Empire And Ghost Milk He Is Also The Editor Of London City Of Disappearances Sinclair moved house, or to be precise, purchased a second dwelling on the coast this is the product, in words, of the consequences Reading like a clash of civilizations, two London eye scale groupsets of eccentric cogs meet head on, sometimes meshing, sometimes not The reader, the derailleur in this mad marriage, prances nimbly to apprehend the leads into familiar Sinclair territory, aligning and formatting amid the deluge of data The Conradian companion to the text, Nostromo, is a departure from the grand project iron lung, Heart of Darkness, and thus also marks a colossal shift The hunt for the madman in the bush gives ground to a whodunit over grand theft, refracted of course through numerous narrative frames But it is the assumption that sits with the decampment to the coast the amniotic return , of retirement, that haunts this text Leaking autobiographical titbits photographs even , there is a sense that the game may be up or at least not be too far away and the most eminent Professor unofficial of London s postmodern sublime may finally be ready to declare his hand. This was a strange journey But I found myself enjoying it and regretting having to put it down Definitely style than substance, but engaging nonetheless I wish I knew about the physical space London occupies and some of the history regarding this , but the ideas were understood regardless. I mostly found myself skimming this book, rather than really paying proper attention to it It definitely seemed like yet another book on the 1001 list where the author was interested in being clever than crafting an actually readable book Not my thing at all.. I registered a book at BookCrossing.com I m not entirely sure what to make of it It was interesting and the writing was pretty brilliant, but I just couldn t sustain the interest And left it 1 3 in. Sinclair s novel is the perfect epitome of a non novel The psychogeographer is a dab hand at depicting the ruined landscapes which surround the outer zones of London, lands which are populated by equally ruined and morally ambiguous characters The plot, however, is incredibly difficult to follow The reader is presented with several uncertainties that you would probably need a few flowcharts to understand what is happening We are also presented with multiple protagonists, schizophrenic narrators, and the unnerving thought of Has this actually happened Sinclair draws heavily on literary theory to pad out his works which, whilst being interesting, dilutes the narrative possibility of the work works itself Some parts will charm you Other parts will frustrate Extremely frustrate. Everything that had happened to them had been refracted through Norton s fiction, his voice The unplaceable accent The half truths The bending and warping of a simple event, a walk Boy when you finish a Sinclair book you certainly know you ve been in a fight wait maybe that isn t how your supposed to feel while reading P Some prior material that might help with this one includes Heart of Darkness, Nostromo and the film Performance They won t help entirely though as there are innumerable film, book and art references in this one, than usual i felt I would also recommend the art of Max Beckmann but looking at that actually seemed to make the references to it make less sense lol.All of Sinclair s books tend to be about an author trying to write a book, the search for narrative presented as the narrative itself The books end up somewhere between Lost in La Mancha and Adaptation.I actually made it to the 2 3 point with a decent grasp on things but everything after that is pretty spotty I think you might need to be an artist of somesort or have a degree in art literary criticism to get a lot of that final 1 3.The plot such as there is involves i think 3 different author avatars all of them trying to write versions of the same story or at least involving some of the same characters Bits of gangster plots, documentary, doppelgangers and recovered notes and photos from a 19th century doomed trip to the There are certainly elements of enjoyment but too messy, too long and too much Art for my rudimentary taste.