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An anteater served for Thanksgiving in Tasmania Yes, that event is in here Liked the local color of the tale What a View , about a visit to a Bed and Breakfast in the Columbia River Gorge Every 20 minutes a long train would rumble by the B B all night, keeping the story author up But we have a view the kids would keep saying Day Trip to Denver was quite a horror story of misadventures by railroad and car during a tour in which 3 meals in a row were missed by a group way behind schedule.I hope to never have the experience related in This is a Test by Priscilla Burgess During a flight over the pole, the cockpit broadcast a message to the travelers on board This plane is going to make an emergency landing in water After the passengers panic, a clarification comes over the PA Sorry, please disregard that message there is a problem with the automatic flight warning system What a scare that must have been, as people started preparing to meet their maker. Started out pretty funny interesting but got old fast. I think less time was spent editing in this book The first book was hilarious and each story was brief but well written This book has a endless story about a disgraced teacher in Eastern Europe He should have been fired just for referencing a book he obviously never read Lolita is the a book written by a pedophile and how he can trap an innocent girl, Delores, not a young temptresses like the Hollywood movies The story s inclusion was boring and a bit disturbing but NoT funny The rest of the stores were uneven some charming, some funny, and some just groaners leaving you thinking, Just because you choose to be stupid isn t charming or humorous like deciding to dribble a soccer ball while hiking Caliber of feeding a wild animal by hand for a great photo and then having to get a series of rabies shots for the bite. These people are in need of a good editor Funny things may happen to you, but that doesn t make you a good writer ( Free Kindle ) ⚆ I Really Should Have Stayed Home: The Worst Journeys from Harare to Eternity (Travel Literature Series) ♞ From The Artist Attacked By The Entire Waitstaff Of A Chinese Restaurant In New York After He Dared Criticize The Lo Mein, To A Splendid Anteater Served For Thanksgiving Dinner, This Collection Of Travel Disasters Is Guaranteed To Make You Rethink Those Vacation Plans Before You Pack Your Bags Consider Some Of The Many Ways That The Trip Of A Lifetime Can Bring You All The Joy Of A Life Sentence In This Outrageously Funny Anthology Of Vacation Horror Stories You Ll Spend One Too Many Nights In Tunisia And Flee Nightmarish Holidays That Stretch From Haare To Eternity This Book Is Guaranteed To Make You Unfasten Your Seatbelt For The Belly Laugh Of The Travel Season As You Are Trying To Figure Out Why Your Wallet Disappeared The Hilarious Sequel To The National Bestseller I Should Have Stayed Home stories of travel gone bad