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. @Read ⚷ مدن الملح õ Amazing Book, Author Abdul Rahman Munif This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book , Essay By Abdul Rahman Munif Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You 4.5 5 The details wilted, shrank and were forgotten, down to the very last one prompted in the memory by an act of will or a persistent ghost Any attempt to recall the image of things and places that had been encountered an oblivion that spread like warm air and made them dreamlike.It was a special kind of tragedy, like amnesia followed by long belated remembrance in which the chaotic confusion and curse of things were made apparent. There is always something new to learn about dehumanization There is always something new to learn about the combination of the stealing of land and the bleeding of labor, the sterilization of culture and the objectfication of class, categorized as clash and truthfully a choke hold so long as one has what the foreign country needs This first part of a trilogy stops at a point, but the headlines and the hate crimes and the pardoning of war crimes tells me the conclusion is nowhere in sight Going by the multitude of other age old narratives of systematic oppression going strong today, I will not live to see the end of this Everywhere there was potential for endless quarreling, and many of the men felt, vaguely, that the fistfights and constant cursing were not always the result of mistakes or ill intentions and had little to do with the actual words spoken they felt this even since depression and homesickness and other damned things were still within them and tore them apart before the quarrels and the curses and the rest.They had come to work but here they worked and were killed at the same time. A great deal of mutilation is committed in the name of oil The treatment of the Chapel Hill shooting by US media attests to the financial interests of these brainwashers and finance, of course, is all It is this social flensing of the self, cloaked in sheep skins of materialism and armor of economy , that erases and enslaves and rewards in accordance to who holds the reins The ultimate danger, however, does not lie in the action but how the act is continually spliced, making a violent other out of who in reality is represented far by Les Mis rables and God s Bits of Wood than anything capitalism can conjure up This is what makes the final turn from terrorism, to savior complex, to developing country Harran had not changed completely As soon as the caravan arrived the people swarmed around it much sooner than they thought, at the first looks they exchanged with the people, the two felt enveloped in an atmosphere and home and friends The people crowded around them as if they had been away only on a short trip Time had left its marks on all their faces, but these marks were dissolved by the emotions underneath, and these emotions revealed the inner strength which eliminated time and distance, returning their features to their original loveliness. Islam strongly runs throughout the entirety of Munif s tale, and as an atheist I will not belittle the whole for the sake of my personal theological preferences I will, however, say that the humanity which held all these people together was beautiful, and the contrast to the distanced, corporatized, profit focused actions of the incoming Americans brought out the true horror show People are tricked, people are starved, people are processed as a fuel of foreign potential, and the advice they are given in return is to scatter in hatred and no longer be a peopleDo you want the truth Ibn Rashed was a dog, a song of a bitch greedy, selfish, and tricky but he was a Muslim and an Arab He knew right from wrong, and that was what ruined him, that was what killed him Abdullah al Zamel paused, took a deep breath and went on in a clear and even sharp voice The Americans are godless They are infidels They know nothing but Work, work, work Arabs are lazy, Arabs are liars, Arabs don t understand Ibn Rashed never stopped for a minute It was always Yes sir, yes sir, whatever you say, and they treated him like a dog they let him struggle and go mad and die And not one of those sons of bitches, not even Sh eira, Nusayis, who came to his funeral, so much as said God rest his soulEven those in power have something to learn, for isolation, rage, and hollow despair are equal opportunists. ,, , . A long fictional look at Saudi Arabia s development as an oil country and the toll paid by those whose lives were disrupted, never to be the same, in this first volume of the Cities of Salt Trilogy, which left me feeling sad I read this because it was chosen by the Middle East North African Lit Group as a novel by a Saudi Arabian author.I enjoyed reading about the effect of the Americans first arriving and the terrible smell they leave behind them How ironic Of course Americans always think they are doing things for the best of the locals and can t understand why they are not appreciated for the progress they bring, if they think about it at all The translator of the English edition is Peter Theroux, younger brother of travel writer Paul Theroux Peter is also the author of a non fiction book about Saudi Arabia written in 1991, Sandstorms Days and Nights in Arabia, and has translated several other books from Arabic into English Interesting contrast between Arabic culture where people are often identified by their children, and Russian I m currently reading The Brothers Karamazov where both men and women are known as the son or daughter of their father. 623 , 622 , 399 , 260 , 590 , 3000 2494 . .