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creating a vision of what you want to be in 5 yrs time This was a easy read and gave my life a motivational boost Here are a few key points that were reinforced when I read this book To live your life with a sense of ease and lightness in your heart The way to achieve this is an inside job It is all in our mind Set goals and set up a clear plan to achieve them Learn from others mistakes. UsefulIt was a big help A useful tool that inspired the course correction I needed Thanks It was worth it. The content has a very strong self help tone and it is rather simplistic, but I still learn quite a bit from this book, just like I always learn from all books that I ve read no matter how cheesy they are.There is hardly anything new in the content but to me it serves as a reminder As my BJJ instructor puts it, he knows that we already know what he s telling us, but he questions whether we are already doing it Remembering this makes one able to learn from any book one reads Oh and I like how peaceful and chill and happy about life the author seems to be. I read this great little book in about a week I very much enjoyed everything contained within I will definitely keep it around to read often This is a book to read when you need to remind yourself that good is what we re supposed to receive, and yes, there is a way to make it happen Very simple Good introductory content on vision and goal setting, but overall limited in detail and depth Additionally, the author seems to be all about the power of positive thinking ala the secret and Think and Grow Rich ie, just ask for a million dollars and you will get it.A short fun read, but little substance. (READ BOOK) ⛏ The Type-Z Guide to Success: A Lazy Person's Manifesto to Wealth and Fulfillment ß Marc Allen Admits He S Lazy Not Only That, But He Considers It A Key To His Success Here, He Shows How Anyone Who Is Disorganized, Inexperienced, Overwhelmed, Financially Challenged, Or Just Flat Out Lazy Can Still Create The Life Of Their Dreams In The Book S Short, Inspiring Introduction, Allen Describes The System He Devised On His Th Birthday That Completely Changed His Life A Four Step System So Simple To Understand And Easy To Implement That It Could Be Called Revolutionary In The Following Chapters, He Details The Importance Of Each Of The Four Steps Dream, Imagine, Believe, Create And Shows How To Forge Them Into A Blueprint For Success A Final Section Includes Tips For Staying On Or Getting Back On Course A Quick, Breezy Read, The Book Uses Centered Bold Type Scattered Throughout To Ensure That Even The Laziest Readers Can Grasp Its Essence In Just A Few Minutes