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I really enjoyed the whole book, other than it was long I wish the author would be able to break it up intobooks rather than just one huge one I really enjoy the characters and how he brings them to life It makes you wonder if this is how they really were in history I do read all of the historical notes he includes, and I have to conclude that he has done a great historical background research effort before writing the books. Really good but long Almost 600 pages Very much like Work and the Glory, but with a Book of Mormon setting instead Its always really meaningful for me to imagine what it must have been like to grow a testimony and faith in something that hasn t happened yet I LOVE the personifications of Nephi, Lehi, Sariah and the rest of the family, even tho they aren t the main characters of the story You HAVE to read the first first Pillar of Fire, or the story won t make much sense The author obviously made lots of speculation, but the Spirit was so strong in the reading of this, that he was probably right about everything Excellent writing The author is detailed in his research and in his character creation The deep historical roots of the books give it an authenticity lacking in many historical novels The book details the trial of Uriah and follows the divergent paths that Jonathan s family takes. This was a great book It read a little slower than the first one, but it could be that I was super busy with family life to read too much I really love historical fiction It s fascinating to me to read how life might have been in ancient times I really enjoyed the authors insights into Lehi s family life, and the dynamics that were perhaps present I m excited to continue reading this series This one wasabout an ancient prophet named Uriah, and how captain Laban and the chief elder were hoping to have him killed because they thought he knew that Lehi was also a descendant of Joseph Lehi did not know this at the time, and it is the story of Lehi s call to be a prophet and how he finds out about his lineage. Again, this is my second time reading this book Because of the time lapse between obtaining volumes four and five, I wanted to start over with the series to refresh my memory I am really enjoying these books because it really makes Lehi, Nephi, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Uriah, Laman, Lemuel, Laban, Zadock, etc come to life It s easy to read the scriptures and think of the people as characters in a book, but these books have made me think of their everyday lives and see them as human beings Makes me excited to study the Book of Mormon this year The prophet Uriah is on trial for treason, having intercepted sensitive military letters from Captain Laban If Laban and the elders in the Jerusalem City Council have their way, Uriah, and the secrets that could prove to be Laban s undoing, will be forever silenced Against such powerful odds, there remains but one person who can save Uriah the prophet Lehi but only at the risk of his own life, and the lives of his family members.Join this epic series as Lehi, Nephi, and other Book of Mormon characters come to life The Power of Deliverance, Volume 2 in the Promised Land series, is a fast paced, triumphant sequel to the best selling novel, Pillar of Fire. This book was somewhat hard to get through, but that could be due to the time of year I was attempting to read it in Holiday season and somewhat new baby no time to read for 2 months Most of it was a bit slow for me, and it seemed like they took a small story line and stretched it out WAY too long Of course the reason I really like these books is because they really help you understand how life was back in Book of Mormon times, and I really think I can understand the people and situations in the scriptures better Even with that, I may have to give this 2.5 stars. This second book of the Promised Land Series is absolutely fabulous Like the first book, it provides an interesting look into the lives of Lehi and his family, paralleling the first few chapters in the Book of Mormon A very good read It also includes historical facts that suggest the author actually studied that time period enough to make this book a fairly believable hypothesis of how things could have happened. David Woolley has certainly done his research on the background of this historical novel So many details about the food, clothing, and places make this ring quite true The plot is full of twists and turns, and the bad guys are as truly bad as are the good guys good I enjoyed reading this second book in his series. `DOWNLOAD BOOK ↞ Power of Deliverance (The Promised Land, Vol 2) ⇛ BC A Man Of God Stands Condemned The Prophet Uriah Is On Trial For Treason, Having Intercepted Sensitive Military Letters From Captain Laban If Laban And The Elders In The Jerusalem City Council Have Their Way, Uriah, And The Secrets That Could Prove To Be Laban S Undoing, Will Be Forever Silenced Against Such Powerful Odds, There Remains But One Person Who Can Save Uriah The Prophet Lehi But Only At The Risk Of His Own Life, And The Lives Of His Family Members Join This Epic Series As Lehi, Nephi, And Other Book Of Mormon Characters Come To Life The Power Of Deliverance, VolumeIn The Promised Land Series, Is A Fast Paced, Triumphant Sequel To The Best Selling Novel, Pillar Of Fire You Will Never Read The Book Of Mormon The Same Way Again