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Initial reaction after finishing this book They re my reason to be here They re my battle, you know He looks at me with a little smile And it s not like they can do anything I can t handle I always win I m the hero Three things before I begin 1 This is the first book I ve read by this author I ve heard people praise her and from what I ve seen on goodreads, she seems like an awesome human being So when I saw this on Edelweiss, I decided to request it I didn t think I d get approved because I always seem to get denied when it comes to the books I really want But I got it 2 I had no idea what this book was about until after I was approved I was amused by the description but I m always open minded about reading different things A book about a gay fishboy Yes please 3 I will admit, I m not exactly the biggest fan of books with paranormal fantasy elements I don t think I hate the genre at all It s just there are so many bad books in the genre and I d rather read a bad contemporary than a bad paranormal She grins Her cheeks are getting all flushed She gets turned on when we talk about books than when we kiss I shouldn t be okay with that I m beginning to think I m using this girl as some kind of symbol and that s really not okay with me I wish I were a different person I kiss her like that will fix me Okay, so I don t even think I d say this is a fantasy book It s like a magical contemporary I had to bold that because it s fucking awesome It just made me so so happy This is one of the most unique books I ve read in a while, possibly ever.It s kind of in it s own special category There are no books I can really compare to this It doesn t follow the rules and really, there shouldn t be rules when it comes to fiction I love this woman for writing this crazy, magical, yummy treat of a book Thank goodness for your enviable imagination.Basically, Teeth is about a teenage boy named Rudy who is living on an island with his family The island has a supply of magic fish that you can t get anywhere else and eating the fish makes sick people well, as long as they keep eating the fish every day Rudy meets a part boy part fish who calls himself Teeth I can t really explain the rest without going on some kind of spiel When I was a kid, I always felt like I needed to keep her safe She was made of marshmallows and candy canes and she knew twenty hundred lullabies I love great writing and I love when a book surprises me Teeth did both of these things Let me put it this way I kept highlighting passages that stunned me with how emotional and gorgeous they were and at the end, I d highlighted about 50 different passages That s just a bit crazy I can honestly say this was one of the best written books I ve read in a while.Oh and also, I find I usually can t connect with a male voice but I adored Rudy I also adored how strong all the other characters were Teeth, Diana and Dylan, especially No He ll save me It s his turn He would never ever miss his turn I m smiling just thinking about it I m smiling More than anything, I love how I can see myself re reading this in the future and getting something new from it each time.This book is sad, beautiful, magical and heartbreaking The ending tore me up a little because I didn t feel like I had closure but that s my issue, I think I became completely invested in these spellbinding, loveable characters and I didn t want to let them go And then Teeth screams really hideously, and Dylan has his face buried in my neck, and I start crying, so hard that I can t even believe it, and my fucking five year old brother is holding me and telling me don t cry, it s okay, it was just a dream, you re awake now.And I can t stop crying for anything in the world right then And I can t let go of him Nothing could make me let go of that kid The house could fall into the sea and crush everybody and we could go underwater and I would hold him the whole time Fishboy Oh Teeth You made me laugh, you made me angry, you were frustrating and inspiring and so full of personality and you made me worry and I found your actions to be reckless but oh how I fell in love with your character Teeth just makes me whatever I love the banter between Teeth and Rudy I love the friendship between them and the deeper feelings that develop slowly throughout the novel I love that it s very tumultuous and there is no insta love at all Refreshing I m so strong Nobody hurts me Nobody can hurt me This is my game and I didn t do anything wrong and I m just trying to help and it s not my fault, I didn t do anything, they hurt me, and I hate this What don t I love about this book I can t really name anything I guess the worst thing is that it made me think about ALL THE THINGS Which isn t a bad thing at all, is it My final thoughts on Teeth I completely recommend this It s like a boss. ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITES READ ME NOW This was one of the most fucked up books that I ve ever read And one that I enjoyed than any other in a very long time.I loved the 2 fish hooks formed into the shape of a heart on the book cover, with the silver fish scale background Very fitting for this story, but what the cover pic actually is isn t obvious at first glance Exactly like the two boys in the story itself.For 16 year old Rudy, it was disgust at first sight A fish A boy The ugliest thing I have ever seen Until Rudy opened his eyes and he wasn t Not even a little bit He was exactly what Rudy s lonely existence had so desperately needed That s precisely what made this book such a thing of beauty.First, if you re looking for sex, go somewhere else Nobody even got felt up here, which was fine And the only kissing here was either boy on girl or mom on the cheek But without a doubt, the story didn t fall short on Fishboy and Rudy s feelings for one another as events progressed.As dark as this book was, and it definitely was, the way that both Fishboy and Rudy became almost everything to one another kept it from going to a bad place for me As the book mentions, it s all about sacrificing for someone else what you would never sacrifice for yourself.And the fact that it wasn t a happily ever after should have pissed me off as it usually does , but I felt oddly hopeful in the end despite how I really shouldn t as they were both resigned to their own fates Neither MC dies, so you can unclench now Typical line from the book, this one when having to let one another go No getting on the rocks to flirt with human boys, idiot He rolls his eyes I want to smile.And I wanted to cry So I did It really was heartbreaking when things couldn t end differently.So I very highly recommend this read and as for a reunion sequel Yes, please That would be a definite pre buy for me 5 extremely enthusiastic stars. This is about gay magical fish and that s basically all the reason you need to read it WAIT One reason I AM A DEAD MAGICAL MESS RIGHT NOW The ocean and I are currently twins because of the fact we are damp puddles I cannnnn t even omg I mean I wanted my cold dead heart to melt So that happened.I DON T EVEN KNOW WHERE TO START Except this is the mermaid book I ve always wanted Well, he s technically a fish Fishboy But he still has a fin so it s mermaid appreciation.The setting was so absolutely vivid Cold and damp and barren island were they fish and people go to try and get better even though they re dying Because eating these special fish can cure you Apparently Also fyi I hate fish so bad I would probably just die And I felt there The detail is sparse but so very vivid.And the writing is just so raw The entire story is super brutal and dark and bloody and full of tears and fishhooks that are going to rip out your heart MY HEART IS RIPPED I absolutely fell in love with Teeth and Rudy Rudy is watching is little brother die and he s super lonely and also doesn t like the person he was I take it he was a player jock back at school But he feels like he s turning into nothingness on the island He s such a precious thing He s not always nice and his thoughts are sad and depressed and messy And Teeth Teeth is SO TOTALLY SCREWED He is the most smol most precious cinnamon fish son I have ever read He s absolutely psychologically abusing himself Because the fisherman of the island abuse him REALLY BADLY constantly and he basically lets them to feed his tortured hero complex He s so naive and sweet and super cruel sometimes So I love him It freaking breaks my heart He s abandoned and a monster and unloved and he just wants to be hELD and tOUCHED and TEEEEEEEETH DON T DO THIS Least to say their relationship was complex and unfinished I think they loved each other, in a deep dying way, but I do wish the book had justit s hard to say without spoilers GAH view spoiler OKAY I JUST WISH THEY D FUCKING KISSED JUST ONCE OK I NEEDED THAT FOR CLOSURE hide spoiler MY THOUGHTS AFTER REREAD January 2016 I wish I could explain why Teeth felt every bit as wonderful this second time around by a mesmerizing world or an action packed plot But I can t This is still the weirdest story I ever read, the hardest book to recommend, but never before was the sensation of being trapped so gut wrenching I will always have a little part of my heart left on Magic Island, until it drowns in that fucking ocean, I guess I m kinda proud of myself for having written a review when I first read it in April, because fuck me, I wouldn t be able to do it now ORIGINAL REVIEW April 2015 My thoughts exactly Do you know the kind of book which has the power to affect you so much that you spend your night tossing and turning in your bed Well, welcome to my last night.TRIGGER WARNING GRAPHIC abuse I would not recommend it to any reader who can t cope with it and I completely understand why What a powerful read, really Teeth belongs to the stories that you need to discover for yourself, where nothing is better than starting almost blind, that s why this review is going to be short, plot wise, at least Before starting Teeth, I knew that Hannah Moskowitz s writing was either loved or hated among readers However, what I didn t know is in which clan I will end Verdict I fell in love with it from page one Indeed it s raw, to the point, powerful, full of repetitions sometimes If short sentences are often used, the contrary is also right, and we find metaphors sometimes but so rarely that they create a distortion absolutely fantastic To be frank, I m not usually a big fan of present tense and metaphors but here That s majestic That s the poetry of the everyday That s true, that s real, that s a respiration, my respiration Don t expect stilted language, though Indeed they swear A lot And frankly, maybe I m weird but I found this wonderful And something small and insignificant inside me shatters, just like every night, and feelings hit too hard for me to stand I bend at the waist and cling to the windowsill I won t scream I won t throw myself against the walls until the supports give and we fall into the ocean I won t think about swimming as hard as I can Listen carefully because I haven t felt something like this since I read a book from Melina Marchetta The characterization was perfect Indeed the characters are so complex, flawed, dynamic and strangely realistic yes, strangely, because Fishboy, duh that I couldn t help but fall in love with each and every one of them, couldn t help but care deeply about their family, their struggles, the choices they have to make, their pains even if Rudy can be such an asshole sometimes Oh, God My heart is shattered in a millions pieces but I wouldn t have wanted anyone of them to be different And he opens his mouth, and I m ready for anger and spit and fire, but instead it s just the smallest voice in the world What did you call me Here s where I was supposed to describe the characters, but I changed my mind Go meet them Go fall in love with them Go suffer for them Go laugh with them Just go, dammit, just go The relationships between the characters were so beautiful and endearing that they just got to me like few manage Do we need words to express what we feel Do we need to put a name on a box I don t think so Friendship, guilt, expectations, but love love love So much love that my heart can t contain it I m a shaky mess all the time My parents have no idea this is all my fault, that they should be tying me down and excising me or lancing me like a boil or shooting me full of poison, anything, and then taking my lungs and stuffing them down my brother s throat and watching him turn pink again First of all, I honestly think that we need to prepare ourselves to embrace the weirdness in order to enjoy this book WhyBecause it s a fairy tale and yet it s not really a fairy tale Because there s magic and not always explanations for it Because some parts seriously grossed me out, and yet the story is so beautiful I don t fucking care Moreover, I must warn you that this book is dark Oh God, so dark and sad and hopeless at times Indeed it deals with strong subjects like sexual abuse, and it s definitely not for the faint of heart, you ve been warned During my read, I often felt suffocated, lonely, so attached to the characters, enthralled It reached something inside me, pulling, and pulling and pulling again, until the tears came out You want to know the truth It moved me as a Marchetta s book would, suddenly and completely As it was, the raw loneliness and the absence of choices oozing from the pages were my undoing Truth being told, this story of a family who moves in a strange island where fishes can heal is the support for so many reflexions about life that it made me think like few books manage to Responsibilities How to get free Can we, really Differences Our place in the world What for Family and disease What are we ready to do to save those we love Ethical thinking What makes us worthy than other living beings Are we, really I have no damn clue Have you It doesn t matter what team I m on, for a minute For a minute it s just me and that smile To sum up, Teeth is weird, bizarre but so fucking powerful and beautiful that I know I ll reread it over and over again And the fucking ocean, the ocean is so quiet, because I guess the fucking ocean just doesn t know how to act appropriately for anything, goddamn it, the fucking ocean, I am so sick of the fucking ocean and I don t know what to do and I want to dive in and get clean and never have to come back out For of my reviews, please visit Can you hear that It s the sound of tiny shards of glass blowing away in the wind You know what those shards of glass used to be before I picked up this book My heart Yes, this book destroyed my heart and didn t patch it up, but I would give my heart to Hannah Moskowitz all over again to have it thus broken if it meant I got to read such beautiful books I am a masochist at times, I know Teeth is unlike anything I ve read before or am ever likely to read in the future and I m glad I doubt any other author could tackle this story with the amount of beauty and finesse that Moskowitz has Our breath taking tale starts out on an imaginary island An island with magic fish who can cure sick humans Rudy and his family move to the island in the hopes that the fish can cure his youngest brother and slowly, they do Yet, for an island so devoid of life, it harbors a dark secret Teeth Rudy meets Teeth, an ugly fish boy, soon after moving and before long, the two have struck an unlikely friendship When Teeth begins to seek Rudy s help to free the magic fish that are captured every day fish who are the only family that Teeth has Rudy risks losing his younger brother to his sickness Suddenly, the lines of friendships between Rudy and Teeth are no longer so clear Even worse, Rudy meets Diana, the only other teenager on the island with him and a girl who stays locked up in her house all day A girl whose mother sobs in the bathroom every Tuesday A girl with a connection to Teeth In the midst of all these separate, but broken, pieces, Teeth is the only link and with his ever changing relationship with Rudy, it seems impossible to save the secret that the island so vehemently despises Hannah Moskowitz has always been one for the original story lines and Teeth is no different In fact, it might just be the strangest of all her works, but perhaps it is also the most heart felt You see, if I could, I would run onto the tallest building in the world and chuck this book at everyone passing by It wouldn t hurt so much, especially as it s such a slender volume, but the words and story inside will rip you up and leave you sobbing in a curled up mess for days afterwards This is the magic of Teeth. It has the ability to suck you into its world, its strange island and its even stranger inhabitants and before you know it, you re no longer sitting in a comfortable chair with a blanket and coffee You re tasting the salty spray of the sea, you re falling in love with Teeth despite his ugly demeanor, and your heart is breaking, again and again and again What stands out to me about Teeth is, first and foremost, the prose It s beautiful In fact, I went than a little highlighter crazy with this novel and I can t say I m ashamed about it at all Once you get past the beautiful writing, however, is the characterization If there s one thing you can expect from a Moskowitz novel, it s for the characters to come alive for you and wedge their way into your heart Rudy is an instantly likable narrator, bitter about leaving his friends at home and living on a remote island, all because his younger brother is sick Yet, at the same time, he shares an immense amount of love for his brother, expressing it the only way he knows how For someone with a younger brother myself, I can already vouch for the genuineness and authenticity of the familial bond portrayed in this novel, one that touches your heart in ways than one With such a strong family bond and attachment to Rudy, his parents, and his younger brother, we now have the dilemma that Teeth brings with him At first, Teeth is a rather strange character, one that, as the reader, it is impossible to know what to think of With the progression of the novel, however, Teeth becomes every bit as real to us as Rudy and his bond of friendship or something a little with Rudy is just as compelling as Rudy s bond with his younger brother With each chapter that we read, layers of Teeth s past and his difficult life are slowly revealed to us, beginning the progression of heart break throughout the novel Teeth is such a deep, devastating, and depressed being that it is impossible not to love him, to want to help him and be there for him always Even better, it is him who is willing to sacrifice his family of magical fish if push comes to shove For Teeth, who has no family and whose existence itself is a mystery, it is the magical fish of the island that he is related to who make up his life Teeth is a story of friendship and courage, of love and bravery, of heart break and wonder It is the story of Rudy and Teeth, of their developing relationship and of the obstacles that stand in their way Of Rudy s unrelentless loyalty to his brother and Teeth s unrelentless loyalty to his brothers Of the blurred lines in their friendship Of fishermen who torture Teeth of an island who hates their secret Of a girl who knows about Teeth than anyone else Of a quest to prolong the lives of magical fish, of sick human beings, and find a place or a person to belong to It is truly impossible for me to express what this book is, what this book means, or the feelings it evokes I struggle to put my feelings for this book into words, but it s incredible Justread it, okay Read it You can read this review and on my blog, Ivy Book Bindings. With Teeth, you have two choices you can either read it, or someone can hit you over the head with it The end result will be the same you will end up bewildered and wincing in pain Rudy s family just moved to a remote island, hoping the magic fish Enki would cure his little brother of cystic fibrosis As much as he loves his brother Dylan, Rudy is desperately lonely and bored out of his mind until he meets Teeth, half human half fish boy with whom he starts a tentative friendship.This fishboy, Teeth, is not some gorgeous, misunderstood hero He is monstrous, the ugliest creature Rudy has ever seen, with a mouth full of needle sharp teeth and a torso covered in nasty scales He is also insufferable, bratty, stubborn and unreasonable, but over time, he becomes loyal to Rudy, or as loyal as a fishboy can ever be To Rudy, he is interesting and exotic, but it s the feeling of loneliness that keeps them together His tail is skinny and silver, the same color as Dylan s fish All of his scales, especially the ones on his chest, look dry, like they re about to flake off His hair is short and uneven Mermaids in fairy tales were never this ugly Mermen I find it interesting that Moskowitz always manages to work in a mention of the book or author that influenced her In Invincible Summer, all the characters are quoting Camus and the book itself is influenced by Camus existential prose In Teeth, which is so obviously kafkaesque, Rudy and his friend Diana read and discuss The Metamorphosis With this, she robs her readers of the chance to recognize these connections and influences for themselves There are so many parallels between Teeth and The Metamorphosis that I can t even begin to count them from the way people treat or rather ignore Teeth, to the grotesque wounds on his body Remember Gregor Samsa s apple Even the two fishermen are a metaphor for the government no one but them knows the right bait for Enki, which makes them the only ones with any kind of power on an otherwise lawless island Their conflict with Teeth makes the metaphor even stronger He is the Gregor Samsa of this story, and they are the powers that be that beat him and abuse him in every possible way, while the rest of the world completely ignores his existence Moskowitz s writing style has developed into this amazing, quirky thing, with sentences that surprise a laugh out of you not only because they re funny, but because of how they re constructed She has a way of making these sentences seem like a natural thought process of her main character, an ability that gave Rudy a very authentic voice Even with all the layers and metaphors and connections with Kafka, what truly kept me reading was this lost and lonely teenage boy and his complicated feelings towards his family My parents keep him cooped up because they re afraid that someone will cough on him, but I do it because not everyone is as receptive to endless talk about octopuses and body fluids as we are, you weird kid, come curl up and tell me and leave the normal people out of it I m still convinced that Gone, Gone, Gone is Hannah Moskowtz s best work because it stemmed from her own experience and not her obsession with another writer I really hope she ll go back to relying on herself with her next project That s when she truly shines. This review is also available over at my blog.Hannah Moskowitz.You know, I would kill to be able to write like you do Like, literally I would partake in the act of murdering another human being, if doing so will allow me to be as talented as you are.I busted my ass to get this book I can t even count the times my requests were declined, but I kept on requesting, just so Simon Schuster could really see how desperate I was to read this damn book Trust me, after the masterpiece that was Gone, Gone, Gone, I would read anything this woman writes.I mean, God, her writing That is the number one reason I want to own and devour every one of her books The two words I can use to describe her writing are raw and real Even if this book is about magic fish and a boy who happens to have scales and a tail fin, it still felt so real, as if I were reading a contemporary novel.Another reason is her characters Everything they say and think just hit me right in the feels By the last half of the book I was an emotional wreck, because I felt for these characters I felt for them as if they were real people that I m close to But they re fictional, and the fact that that is so, hurts me, because once again, just like with Craig and Lio, I want Rudy and Teeth in my life.Rudy was kind of hard to figure out at first He s a boy who lives with his parents and his sick little brother Dylan on an island that s known to have magical fish in their waters, ones that have healing powers Rudy and his parents are desperate for Dylan to get better At times I wasn t really sure how Rudy really felt about his little brother, but I definitely knew that he loved him, and there were a few sweet moments between them that made me smile.Enter Teeth, a.k.a fishboy He is a half teenage boy, half fish He swims around the waters of the island, protecting the magic Enki fish He also can t breathe underwater, and he speaks good English, but sometimes replaces words he doesn t know with whatever.This guy I can t even Sometimes I just wanna slap him multiple times in the face, but other times I just want to snuggle him and keep him with me forever He was the main reason I became such an emotional wreck reading further into this book He annoyed me so much at times, but I love him, you guys I genuinely love him and I can t deny that.The romance in this book was sort of confusing, at first Rudy seemed to be straight, since he says that back in his hometown he had a lot of girlfriends, and on the island he eventually meets this girl named Diana What I loved about this book is that the romance between him and Teeth is very, very subtle It s not in your face, as most YA books are It s barely shown, but it s there, alright Some people might not really call it romance of a deep friendship, I guess but I personally think that what they have is romance, albeit not a blatant one And even if Hannah Moskowitz didn t intend it to be a romance between them, I d still like to think that it is Just cuz.The ending was bittersweet It was hard for me to fully concentrate, though, because tears were falling onto my iPhone screen and I had to keep brushing them off By the last page, though, I was tempted to throw my phone across the room and scream into a pillow, because I hate when fantastic books end Especially if said book is a standalone.I knew this book wouldn t disappoint, and it didn t The only thing I m pissed about right now is that Hannah Moskowitz did it again made me fall in love with fictional characters You really have to stop doing that, you know It hurts A lot No, don t stop I m secretly masochistic Read it, guys Just read it, okay Plain and simple Read it And read Gone, Gone, Gone too, if you haven t Or, you know, I ll cut you And stuff Well, not really, but you get the idea READ THEM.Huge thank you s to Edelweiss and Simon Schuster for sending me this ARC I had to request a billion times, but I ll let that slide This book was worth the struggle. Final rating 5 5 starsI say, What are you too fast for my brain to figure out what a completely shitty thing that is to ask.But Fishboy just smiles and says, I m their dirty secretHow long are people willing to ignore the things that happen around them, to people around them, before they finally react to it How long will you let something repeat and repeat before you choose to do something about it, with knowledge you could have stopped it I believe this was the point of this story This book is one wreck of emotions it really messes up with feelings But how can something so sad be in the same time funny as well I swear this book is wonderful And this book has different view on mermaid story Even though this story was labeled as glbt, you could say it was, and it was not It s just portrays one of those relationships where it is like a friendship which goes just a bit above the friendship level Or in other words it s complicated Even though there were some plot holes in the story, i didn t really mind them that much, because I was blinded by characters CHARACTERS Three main characters are Rudy, Diana and Teeth Rudy and Diana are human, but Teeth, aka, the fishboy is a merman and he isn t supposed to exist because mermaids are mythological creatures RudyRudy is that type of the guy who chooses to ignore, instead of acting, but when he does that, it backfired on him Still, the writer made his character in a way very understandable He questions what is right and what is wrong he tries to help but he doesn t know how He understands, but in the same time, he doesn t DianaDiana, on the other hand, i really disliked Maybe it would be best to say that she really seemed, at least in my eyes, the same as all the other humans on the island If i do say anything else, i would spoil the fun and enjoyment of reading TeethTeeth, our merman, is the most stubborn creature in the world and instead of moving forward, he always goes back, no matter what happens and what the consequences are That doesn t mean he is not huggable, because trust me, he is He is so adorable, funny, protective and whatever xD oh yes, he uses whatever for every word he doesn t know, and it makes it somehow funny but also not funny He hates humanity, and he has every right to, because what was done to him was inhuman, that he learned not to trust that easily, because no one really wanted to help Except for Rudy OVERALL A beautiful story nonetheless and a story which makes you think really think about what humanity is able to do to things they don t understand And that there are always others who rise above that level. I make no secret of the fact that I love Moskowitz s work with the power of a thousand Beiber fans except I don t need to suspend my disbelief in Moskowitz s ability.Teeth is a heartbreaking novel about a lonely boy and an even lonelier magic fish boy On an island there is a secret The fish there are magic and they can keep you alive from even the most serious illness Rudy moves there with his family for is brother s sake, but things aren t as simple as they seem when he meets Teeth.As I ve come to expect from Moskowitz, the writing is nothing short of spectacular and the characterization, Oh The characterization Here is a quote from my review of her book Gone, Gone, Gone about her characterization Well and truly it is the intense char ac ter i za tion of Craig and Lio that make this novel Clearly Moskowitz doesn t just do char ac ter i za tion She DOES char ac ter i za tion You know Like, when she writes a char ac ter that char ac ter has been writ ten That character KNOWS it s been written That character will probably tell all it s friends about that time it was written really well Then it will compare all other writings to the writing that Moskowitz gave it Thoroughly That is as true in Teeth as it was in Gone, Gone, Gone Teeth and Rudy are incredibly complex characters amazingly flawed and dysfunctional Lonely, desperate, passionate, broken and utterly charming.But the themes in Teeth are significantly darker than they were in Gone, Gone, Gone, making me hesitant to recommend it to those unable to cope with issues of serious and repetitive sexual abuse Teeth is dark Teeth is very, very gothic and depressing and sad Sometimes I wondered if it was too sad, too dark, too emotive There s very little cheer and fun to be had in it But it turns out it s just the right amount of dark, sad and emotive for me because I still loved it.And if you love Moskowitz, it is likely that her ability to make you feel, to illicit a remarkable amount of empathy for her characters, to bare their soul to you is one of the biggest attractions That is what you consistently get with Moskowitz so if you re up for another beautifully written tale with a fresh bunch of characters waiting to make your heart bleed, then this is for you If you re in the mood for something that will make you laugh and feel good, then maybe you re better off moving along.And, people, when you do make it to the end of this book, just remember, I m here for youAn ARC was provided to me by the publisher No gifts, favours or money was exchanged for this review.This review also appears on my blog, Cuddlebuggery Book Blog. `DOWNLOAD EBOOK ⇘ Teeth ↟ A Gritty, Romantic Modern Fairy Tale From The Author Of Break And Gone, Gone, GoneBe Careful What You Believe InRudy S Life Is Flipped Upside Down When His Family Moves To A Remote Island In A Last Attempt To Save His Sick Younger Brother With Nothing To Do But Worry, Rudy Sinks Deeper And Deeper Into Loneliness And Lies Awake At Night Listening To The Screams Of The Ocean Beneath His Family S Rickety HouseThen He Meets Diana, Who Makes Him Wonder What He Even Knows About Love, And Teeth, Who Makes Him Question What He Knows About Anything Rudy Can T Remember The Last Time He Felt So Connected To Someone, But Being Friends With Teeth Is Than A Little Bit Complicated He Soon Learns That Teeth Has Terrible Secrets Violent Secrets Secrets That Will Force Rudy To Choose Between His Own Happiness And His Brother S Life