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I really enjoyed this book It presents the history of the community of Maori and Dalmatians who lived and worked together in the kauri gumfields in the far north of New Zealand I gather the book is an anthropology doctorate that has been reworked for a wider audience and examines the documented language and opinions of those inside and outside the community through the lens of social theory.To me the book worked on two levels I learned how life would have been like for immigrants, such as my grandfather, who moved from Dalmatia around the time of WWI I also found it full of thought provoking ideas about the mechanisms of colonial power, how cultural identity is formed, ideas about migration and displacement, how history is presented in museums and many issues specific to Croatian and NZ history Although the book is about a relatively obscure community of people who lived a hundred years ago, as a NZer with links to Croatia I found I was learning a lot about myself. |Download Book ♴ Tarara ♀ Product DescriptionMaori Called Us Tarara, As We Speak So FastAt The Beginning Of The Twentieth Century, As Croatians Left Dalmatia And The Austro Hungarian Empire For The Brave New World Of New Zealand, Maori, Now Part Of The British Empire, Were Losing Much Of Their Land And Mana All Were Looking For Work They Came Together On The Gum Fields Of The Far North Many Of The Croatians Settled, Some With Mail Order Brides, Others With Maori Women And A Unique Community Was Born This Is The Story Of That CommunityToday We Can Travel Anywhere, But We Still Cannot Travel To The Past Drawing From Official Documents, Oral Histories, Novels, Letters, Newspaper Articles, Marriage Certificates, And Much , Senka Bozic Vrbancic Explores Relationships Between Maori And Croats How Has Their Collective Identity Been Shaped By Changing Legal Regulations From Colonial Times To The Bi Cultural New Zealand Of Today What Does It Mean To Be A New Zealander Tarara Is A Provocative Contribution To Ideas About Migration, Displacement, And The Impact Of Different Social Models Colonialism, Assimilation, Biculturalism, And Multiculturalism On Maori And Croatian Identity