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Before he became the literary equivalent of Oedipus at Colonus, Jorge Luis Borges liked to cut up a bit He and his sometime collaborator Adolfo Bioy Casares wrote a couple of books under the pen name of H Bustos Domecq Six Problems for Don Isidro Parodi and Chronicles of Bustos Domecq are the examples that come to mind Even back then, in the early days of World War II, Borges was a serious polymath His detective, Don Isidro Parodi kind of sounds like parody, doesn t it , is a prisoner serving out a twenty one year sentence for murder in the penitentiary Yet his cell, number 273, never seems to be empty of colorful types who want to use his sharp intellect to solve equally colorful crimes And how is Parodi qualified to solve these crimes Simple He owned a barbershop in Barracas, on the Southside of Buenos Aires i.e., the slums , and he had been unwise enough to have let a room to a police clerk from the Eighth Precinct, who owed him a year s back rent This conjunction of adverse circumstances had sealed Parodi s fate.When I first read this book many years ago, I didn t get the joke Now I think I do Borges, not yet the blind seer and darling of the worldwide intelligentsia, wanted to both satirize the litterateurs of his native Argentina and draw on the rich underworld of the south side of Buenos Aires, which he revisited many times in his later writings The detective stories that make up the six problems are all very involved At first, I was disturbed that Borges and Bioy Casares were straying too far from the genre What I didn t know then was that they were using the genre as a pretext for having some fun This fun begins with the ludicrously flowery preface written by Gervasio Montenegro, who is not only a character in several of the stories, but also contributed a preface to The Chronicles of Bustos Domecq I was amused by the dedications of each of the tales in the book to 1 Jose Alvarez an Argentinean writer 2 the Repentant Thief 3 Alexander Pope 4 the prophet Muhammad 5 Franz Kafka and 6 Ernest Bramah author of the Kai Lung tales of Chinoiserie The very allusiveness gives you the idea of how far afield Borges and his collaborator range. Ferozmente ir nico, divertido e intrigante, la obra de dos genios El sarcasmo y la s tira recorren esta obra para empezar, el prologuista e hilo conductor de la obra Gervasio Montenegro, desdoblado en literato pedante el prologuista y actor de mala muerte engre do y necio el personaje, inspirado en el prologuista que es tan ciego que incluso se siente halagado Si hab is le do el Aleph y record is a Carlos Argentino, el primo de Beatriz, no necesito deciros m s.Pero hay mucho m s Borges y Bioy despedazan a un mont n de tipos de su poca y no solo de ella la arist crata mema con pretensiones literarias Mariana el poeta moderno que nadie lee Carlos Anglada el pedante puro y duro Mario Bonfanti y a algunos estereotipos, tambi n de su poca el compadrito tarambana argentino Tulio Savastano o el chino misterioso Shu Tung Con un lenguaje a ratos barroco, a ratos muy coloquial la queja que mas he oido acerca de este libro es es que no lo entiendo supongo que no es un libro facil, aunque a mi no me pareci dif cil pero tiene tantas lecturas como cuentos polic acos, las tramas son excelentes, y como s tiras son impagables que vale la pena. , 7 243, 242 343 ,. Bukan karya terbaik Borgeskarya terbaik Borges di mata saya masih kumpulan cerita pendeknya yang terangkum dalam Labyrinth and Other Selected Writingsmungkin juga karena buku ini ditulis oleh dua kepala sehingga Borges harus menyeimbangkan nada tulisannya dengan teman seperguruannya Adolfo Bioy Casares Borges, Cortazar and Marquez these three authors are always associated as the golden trio of the latin american literature I accidentally found this book in a store, and bought it just because I wanted to read something by Borges The genre appealed to me a sarcastic approach on detectives, sounded promising I read on my way to Paris, thinking I probably wouldn t finish it during the train ride.I ended up absolutely enjoying this book It demonstrates incredibly smart humour and mocks the social stanza of that time Borges manages to ridicule members of different social classes and even nationalities, which is very refreshing At the same time, the cases that Don Parodi has to solve are not boring either If you can get past very long monologues that the characters give, you will absolutely enjoy this book. Una parodia cerebral y literaria hasta el tu tano de las novelas polic acas y de los grandes detectives s lo podr a surgir de los dotes combinados de Borges y Bioy Casares Isidro Parodi es el detective m s inesperado muchas de sus conclusiones son tan enredadas como los casos que se le presentan y, sin embargo, todas las piezas encajan, al tiempo que dejan la sensaci n de haber estado leyendo una historia totalmente desligada de la que el genial detective acaba de resolver El lenguaje utilizado en cada uno de los problemas se vuelve uno con la trama y el ambiente, al punto de llegar a resultar abrumadora, sin perder su encanto Por lo dem s, las cuatro estrellas que le he dado al libro reflejan m s mi sensaci n de que hay muchos detalles y secretos que se me escapan un desconocimiento que presiento disminuye mi disfrute pleno del libro. . difficult to follow but extremely well written by the brilliant Borges.. {FREE E-PUB} Ò Seis problemas para don Isidro Parodi Ü The First Fruit Of The Collaboration Of Borges And His Long Time Friend Bioy Casares, Six Problems For Don Isidro Parodi Appeared Originally Under The Pseudonym Of H Bustos Domecq Bugsy S Prose Style Is Not Quite The Style Of Either Of The Collaborators, But In This Volume, At Least, He Never Got Out Of Hand, As Borges Complained He Did LaterIn The First Story, Parodi, Who Is Himself In Jail For Homicide, Is Visited By A Young Man Who Seeks His Help In Solving A Particularly Baffling Murder In The Second Story, A Killing Takes Place Aboard An Express Train One Of The Characters Is A Writer Named Gervasio Montenegro, Whom The Discerning Reader Will Identify As Author Of The Book S Expressive Foreword In Tadeo Limardo S Victim, A Murdered Man Prepares For His Own Death Tai An S Long Search Is A Variation On Poe S The Purloined Letter In Free Will And The Commendatore, A Cuckold Takes Elaborate And Invisible RevengeThe Book Also Includes A Short Biography Of H Bustos Domecq By Adelma Badoglio, A Provincial SchoolteacherComic In Intent, And Pointedly Satirical, Six Problems For Don Isidro Parodi Is An Essential Key To Understanding Borges Development As A Writer , 309 34 35 XXI awe .