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!Read E-pub ⚽ Il Cucchiaio d'argento é The Silver Spoon Is The Most Influential And Successful Cookbook In Italy Originally Published In , It Became An Instant Classic Considered To Be Essential In Every Household, It Is Still One Of The Most Popular Wedding Presents Today The Silver Spoon Was Conceived And Published By Domus, The Design And Architectural Magazine Famously Directed By Gi Ponti From The S To The S A Group Of Cooking Experts Was Commissioned To Collect Hundreds Of Traditional Recipes From The Different Italian Regions And Make Them Available For The First Time To A Wider Audience In The Process, They Updated Ingredients, Quantities And Methods To Suit Contemporary Tastes And Customs, At The Same Time Preserving The Memory Of Ancient Recipes For Future Generations They Also Included Modern Recipes From Some Of The Most Famous Italian Chefs, Resulting In A Style Of Cooking That Appeals To The Gourmet As Well As The Occasional Cook A Comprehensive And Lively Book, Its Simple And User Friendly Format Makes It Both Accessible And A Pleasure To Read It Provides An Introduction To Every Course, And An Explanation Of The Main Type Of Ingredients Never Translated Before, The Silver Spoon Has Now Been Adapted To An International Market, With Every Recipe Checked For Suitability, Measurements Converted And Methods Rewritten To Accommodate Cultural Differences, Yet Maintaining The Authenticity Of Real Italian Cooking The New Layout Emphasizes Its Contemporary Appeal And The Colour Coding Of Each Section Simplifies The Process Of Cross Referencing Ingredients And Methods A Section With Original Menus From The Most Famous Italian Chefs Of The Last Years Has Been Expanded To Include Original Menus From Italian Celebrity Chefs Working Outside Italy This Is A Substantial And Prestigious Cookbook That Will Share The Bookshelves With Other Titles Such As The Joy Of Cooking And Larousse Gastronomique, Another Classic Of National Cuisine With Over , Recipes Illustrated With Specially Commissioned Artwork And Photography, The Book Is Destined To Become A Classic In The Italian Cooking Booklist For The International Market Absolutely one of the best how to cook almost anything A great gift for a young person moving to their own place or a shower gift for a couple Great photos, well written, easy to follow Bought it for my son for his new apartment. First of all, I want to be clear that this review is for the new, 2011 edition This book has been updated and includes 400 new photographs I was blown away by the size of this cookbook, and things just kept getting better from there The quality of the book is outstanding with nice quality paper, sewn binding and a ribbon bookmark I was a little surprised that there was only one bookmark as another cookbook from the same publisher that is much thinner has two bookmarks This book could really use at least two, but that s a minor detail and does not detract from the overall book quality The sewn binding gives it a sturdy feel that gives you the comfort that this book isn t going to fall apart if you use it very often which I fully plan to do First, I have to address complaints I saw in other reviews I m assuming they are for the older edition Some complained that even though they were well versed in making Panna Cotta , this recipe didn t work I know it s shocking that as much as I love Italian food I had never made Panna Cotta before I know, I know I feel mortified to even admit it However, using the recipe from this book I was able to create a truly lovely Panna Cotta even tweaking the recipe a bit I have to make another confession I started the recipe before pulling out all of the ingredients something I rarely do only to discover my daughter had used the last of the sugar making sweet tea I ended up substituting confectioner s sugar and held my breath Wow Pretty sure I ll be making this often as it was a huge hit with my family The consistency was so silky and smooth It was a joy to eat If there were problems with this recipe, they have obviously been fixed.Last night we had the Patate in Terracotta con Cipolle Potatoes and Onions Baked in an Earthenware Dish and Pollo Impanato E Fritto Fried Chicken in Breadcrumbs My husband has nearly threatened me with bodily harm if I don t make it again Even though I ve lived all over the US, I consider myself a Southern girl and let me just say that the fried chicken is the best I ve ever had Trust me, that s saying a lot I would never have thought to marinate my chicken in olive oil and lemon juice, but it was amazing The very slight citrus background flavor and fork tender chicken made it a sure winner Recipe after recipe calls out to be made, and I know I ll be cooking out of this book for a very long time.I received a copy of this book from Phaidon Publishing for my honest review All thoughts and opinions are my own. Good Italian Food Most recipes have only a few ingredients but produce wonderful results Beware of funny Italian English translations For example black cabbage is not cabbage, it s kale My favorite recipe involves baking eggs in custard dishes in with leeks sauteed in butter and nutmeg The swiss chard ravioli with walnut pesto is also amazing We consider opening our own restaurant each time we crack open this huge volume of authentic Italian dishes. If you like to cook, and you like to cook authentic Italian home style food, then this is the book for you You might not find the ingredients to some dishes, but don t let that stop you from buying this massive tome of Italian cookery What makes this book so special was its tradition of a gift from mother in law to daughter in law Another way of saying, your cooking sucks, learn how now Anyway, some of the dishes are obvious, others are eh, okay But some are splendorous There is no other word for it And it s such a good word anyway If you don t like to cook, it will make you look oh, so cultured to have it on your shelf If you beat your husband with it, it will kill him, so get your Joy of Cooking for that husband bashing I advise against husband bashing because when he bashes you back, he goes to jail Naughty women I love this book If you cook, shell out the bucks and get it If you don t cook, save your money.