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READ PDF î The Son of Neptune ô ONE CURSED DEMIGOD TWO NEW HEROES A QUEST TO UNLEASH THE GOD OF DEATH Percy Jackson, Son Of Poseidon, God Of The Sea, Has Woken From A Very Deep Sleep And Come Face To Face With Two Snake Haired Ladies Who Refuse To DieBut They Re The Least Of His Problems Because Percy Finds Himself At A Camp For Half Bloods, Which Doesn T Ring Any Bells For Him There S Just One Name He Remembers From His Past AnnabethOnly One Thing Is Certain Percy S Questing Days Aren T Over He And Fellow Demigods Frank And Hazel Must Face The Most Important Quest Of All The Prophecy Of Seven If They Fail, It S Not Just Their Camp At Risk Percy S Old Life, The Gods And The Entire World Might Be Destroyed PERCY YOU GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE RIGHT NOW OR GAEA WILL BE THE LEAST OF YOUR PROBLEMS 4.5 5Great book Slowish start but really picked up in the middle and had an EPIC ending A 83% Very Good NotesWherein boundaries matter, and transgressive misfits find strength and self in demon lands beyond the borderlines. I need this book UGH WHY AM I SO IMPATIENT I JUST WAITED FOR MOCKINGJAY AND THE RED PYRAMID AND THE LOST HERO AND THE SON OF NEPTUNE I HATE WAITING This book is going to be so epic i hope Please, PLEASE be good I LOVED Percy Jackson, and it really would be a shame if this book is anything like The Red Pyramid, which I was so excited about and it fell a little short Hurry up, October PI heard somewhere that this was going to be a FIVE book series like Percy Jackson Does anyone know for sure When is the OFFICIAL COVER GOING TO BE RELEASED I REALLY WANT TO SEE WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE Wow The cover is amazing It makes me even excited about this book I also read the first chapter, and although it was kind of weird at first because it was written in third person, it was from Percy s view I can t wait to see what adventures are in store Aw, this is so cool, I first started writing this a whole year ago Now I have finally read it, yay First off, I missed Leo One reason was because he brought so much comic relief, which you need in a book like this Son of Neptune was a lot serious than the Lost Hero and all the Percy Jackson books I liked seeing Nico but I wanted of him Same with Thalia and ANNABETH.What did I think of the three main characters Hazel Right away I loved her She was such a three dimensional character that was easy to read about.Frank EhI m still not quite sure By the end of the book, I was thinking, I don t like him because he outshines my Percy Now though I guess he s okay I like him and he is slowing growing on me.Percy Of course, I missed him I loved his chapters All in all though, the book was pretty good I will probably be adding things to this review as I remember them.Now I just have to wait a excruciating long year for MARK OF ATHENA, yes Annabeth