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This enchanting work, currently available only as an e book, takes readers on a pleasant excursion of simpler times Set in rural Ireland in 1891, Tales From the Glades of Bally focuses on the intertwined lives of various woodland creatures not all of which are native to the area, as the author mentions in the preface whose proper names begin with the first letter of their species name, such as Branna Bluebird The story is reminiscent of The Wind in the Willows, and although all of the main characters have the ability to speak, not all of the animals mentioned in the book do, a motif common to this genre Created with a bedtime story format and thus occasional direct addresses from the narrator, each chapter is divided into several parts for easier reading, and there is a helpful character list both at the beginning and end of the book as well as appealing illustrations throughout The animals of Bally work and play together, exemplifying the Golden Rule, which forms the philosophical backbone of the volume From building a water pump delivery system to encountering the mysterious pond creature, the characters are certain to provide delight in their overall simplicity and humble lifestyle However, the focal point of the plot lies in the discovery of a letter written by Cyrus Owl in 1801, which informs the residents that a gift awaits them if they follow a series of instructions They must collaborate to collect pieces of the puzzle from several different locations, tasks which may be dangerous but which will prove ultimately rewarding if they persevere Although this is a charming and essentially peaceful work of fiction for both children and adults alike, older readers will likely discover some discrepancies For instance, there is an occasional use of anachronistic phrases, and some of the characters and situations seem to be somewhat neglected and could stand to be fully developed By and large, however, Tales From the Glades of Bally is an enjoyable, straightforward read for any season. @READ PDF ⚨ Tales From the Glades of Ballymore Ý In The Tradition Of Wind In The Willows Comes A New Family Classic Tales From The Glades Of Bally The Setting For The Book Is The Countryside Surrounding A Large Pond In Ireland The Year Is The Animal Residents Have The Ability To Speak And Have Created A Self Sustaining Community That Has Existed For Many Years The Community S Success Is Rooted In The Caring And Sharing They Extend To Each OtherYou Are Most Welcome To Join Them As They Help Each Other Through Their Adventures Big And Small There Is Bartholomew, The Wise Old Owl, Who Watches Over Everyone Including Wilde And Wilder Weasel, The Mischievous, Unofficial Security Guards Branna, The Brave And Spunky Bluebird Finn Frog Whose Middle Name Is Adventure Grenby, The Eccentric, Weather Forecasting Ground Hog The Chipmunks Who Seem To Attract Trouble Wherever They Go The Pond Creature And ManyThis Is A Heartwarming, Humorous, And Adventurous Book Of Intertwined Tales With An Underlying Theme Of The Golden Rule The Book Is Intended For Year Olds But Can Be Appreciated By Anyone Young Or Old The Tales Are Further Enhanced The By Beautiful Full Color Illustrations In the tradition of Wind In The Willows, comes a new family classic Tales From The Glades Of Bally The setting for the book is the countryside of woods and fields surrounding a large pond somewhere in the British Isles The year is 1891 The animal residents have the ability to speak and have created a self sustaining community that has existed for many years The success of the community is rooted in the caring and sharing they extend to each other.You are most welcome to join them as they help each other through their adventures big and small There is Bartholomew, the wise old owl, who watches over everyone including Branna Bluebird the brave, spunky messenger Wilde and Wilder Weasel the mischievous, unofficial security guards Finn Frog whose middle name is Adventure Grenby the eccentric, weather forecasting ground hog The Chipmunks who seem to attract trouble wherever they go The Pond Creature and many.This is a heartwarming, humorous, and adventurous book of intertwined tales with an underlying theme of The Golden Rule The book is intended for 8 12 year olds but can be appreciated by anyone young or old The tales are further enhanced by the beautiful full color illustrations.A print version of the book would be over 300 pages The introductory price is only.99 As a child, I was a geek Big Deidre Barlow glasses, shy, head always stuck in a book or writing little stories I immersed myself in Enid Blyton, Beatrix Potter, Roald Dahl, Hans Christian Anderson, old books of my grandparents, anything remotely different I travelled with Moby Dick, followed Gulliver on his travels, rode with Toad in Wind in The Willows and sat on a thimble eating huge breadcrumbs with the Borrowers As much as I love modern children s books today, I often mourn for the classic books of my childhood and I fully intend to pass these gems on to my children This book, written by Bob Brooks, is one of those old school books No bogies, aliens, or superheroes This is a classic book that reads like it could have been sat in a dust cover for 30 years It s amazing Very Animals of Farthing Wood remember that this immense book tells the tales of a collection, no, a community of animals, all watched over by the adorable, grandfather like Bartholomew Owl He is my favourite, I loved him from the start All of the creatures have their quirks and lovable traits, Grenby is hilarious, mad as a box of frogs The illustrations in this book really fit the tone of the book and add credence to the classic yesteryear feel My children both being under 4 are both too young for this book as yet, but my 8 year old self would have dived in I will definitely read it to my boys when the time comes I can t pick a fault with this children s book, it is well presented and formatted, the characters interact well, the story is light with a strong message woven in, as all children s tales should be.Bob Brooks, I take my hat off to you My 8 year old self would no doubt have plagued you with fan mail Rachel Dove, The Kindle Book Review A really charming book, old fashioned in the best way I could see it becoming a much loved classic in the future. A TREASUREI just loved this book written for children, based on The Golden Rule With my love of animals, this was a perfect read for me I like how the unofficial and beloved councilor of Bally , Bartholomew Owl, always seems to remind the others of what is right and what is wrong The nice part about this is that they listen to him This will be very easy for children to grasp and with the beautiful illustrations, the children will be delighted.The ducks are so cute delivering wanted items to the residents of Bally by raft I had to laugh where it states that when the items requested were needed right away, the ducks delivered by air mail.I could just picture the weasels, Wilde and Wilder, the unofficial security guards of Bally, carrying their sturdy cloth bags, dressed in their green splotched tan military style outfits and black boots I could also picture the squirrels in their walking boots, needed for long hikes in the spring.The search for a gift held my attention The adventures many of the animals go on to find the puzzle pieces in order to acquire the gift, all have underlying messages These messages, as I said above, will be easily understood.With adult sayings such as, You can catch flies with honey than with vinegar , the children will easily grasp the meanings.I can t think of any child who would not love this book It gently teaches fairness, kindness and the value of working together as a community Rebecca Scarberry Can t wait for this book to come out Karen is an AMAZING illustrator A wonderful book for all ages It reminded me of the wind in the willows a great story. My review is here totally didn t enjoy