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If this is the first Sunfire book by Vivian Schurfranz you ve read, then you re bound to like it, or at least think it s ok If, like me, this is one of the last, you already know what s going to happen, and when, before you even open it up.To wit Girl longs for adventure in boring town Girl has Solid Reliable Boyfriend whom she believes she loves ButDashing Exciting Boy comes into her life and she immediately forgets Boyfriend 1 because Mr Dashy is confident i.e., a brash asshat and so handsome and arrogantly knows it That is, until the next chapter, where Boyfriend 1 does something Nice Considerate, and she finds herself Torn Between Two Lovers for the next several chapters Schurfranz heroines literally seesaw between two boys for pages upon pages for the stupidest of reasons, driving the poor reader bugnuts Schurfranz always gives her heroine Something That Others Cannot Do, which she attempts with differing degrees of success, and that usually creates a Moment Of Truth for the two boyfriends Depending on how they treat the heroine in Her Moment of Triumph, the heroine has an epiphany in the last two pages and she goes with the same type of boy Schurfranz always has her heroines choose G wan.GUESS which one The review here by Edallia pretty much says it all I have rarely enjoyed a Schurfranz Sunfire I think Danielle was the only one I marginally enjoyed Perhaps because it was the first one of hers I read and I had no idea she had one formula and never deviated from it Her entries and Ransom s Nicole have been the worst of a very uneven series Why can t all of them be like Jennie or Darcy sigh I wish I had a scale of 1 10 to rate books, because 1 is too low and 2 is too high But 1 might only be too low because of nostalgia Sigh I rarely find a book too juvenile for me Bear Snores On, There s a Wocket in My Pocket, The Babysitter s Club 7 Claudia and Mean Janine yes, I pulled that off the top of my head This book, however, is just too juvenile Sigh Hard facts, 1 Nostalgia, 0. I brought out an old box of books for my daughter the other day and found a whole bunch of my teenage favs, the Sunfire series I decided to wax nostalgic and read them all again I have always been a sucker for YA romance These books are set in a momentous historical time period, feature a young women coming of age, and two love interests Who will she choose Will she survive the threats of the given time period Lots of great fun for a young teenage reader or mother of three Darcy is about the Pony express I did find the facts about the express interesting but I could easily see which beau she was going to choose Safe and steady for Josie, even though she does have her adventure in the Nevada desert. Please remember these books are for the young girl not really written for adults but as a teen this was my absolute favorite book, not sure why but I seriously about had the whole thing memorized, sure its not a deep book but I loved it and its perfect for your young teen that you want to keep away from the smutty romance books and they can learn a little about the pony express in the mean time A good Read, though extremely predictable Set in Carson City during the era of telegraph lines and the pony express, it added some variety to the common prairie fiction. I am reading rereading all the Sunfires I almost liked this as a historical, but the romance stunk I wonder if I would have liked it at age 12 Maybe, but it would not have been my favorite in this seriesm .E-PUB ♷ Josie (Sunfire, #28) ⚖ Fifteen Year Old Josie Longs For Romance And Adventure But Ignores Kind James, Head Of The Carson City Pony Express When Mike, A Dashing New Rider, Joins The Express, Josie Thinks She Has Found Her True Love But An Encounter With A Notorious Woman Outlaw Shows Her The Dark Side Of Adventure This is a great book to read if you have some extra time, it has the perfect balance of romance, suspence, and myserty Very cool. One of the worst Sunfires out there Seriously over the top bizarre actions and drama The historical event is the Pony Express, with bonus kidnapping. Ugh Absolute dreck Skimmed most of this awful thing.