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Black Lace novels are never realistic but that doesn t bother me, as it goes with the territory, so to speak But this one was a bit over the top It was just too much extravagant sex, almost page after page, and there was even less of a story line than usual And nothing to make me chuckle or grin either A decent amount of humour is what I sort of expect in a Black Lace novel after all, it is one of the reasons I read them |Download Book ♒ The Stallion (Black Lace) ⚑ One Thing Is Lacking In Penny S Life A Fine Throughbred Stallion Ariadne Is Willing To Give Her One On Condition That She Beds The Hunky Showjumper Alaistair Penny Joins His Riding School Where She Is Required To Wear Bizarre Clothes, And The Kinky Clothes And Rituals Soon Become Fun