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Wow Blew through this in a weekend Dropped off by a local author yes, self published and surprise, surprise very well done Womens fiction, bold, witty and sincere I found myself moved by Julia s plight, her acidic yet spot on observations of self and friends and the steps she was willing to take risk to grow emotionally into a mature adult Or maybe I m projecting they tell me. #Epub õ Searching for Julia Stone ⚣ The Hardest Truth To Face Is The One Inside Throughout Her Life, Julia Stone Has Used Her Passion For Dancing As A Communication Between Her Body And Soul To Express Her Feelings About Life And Her Place In The Scheme Of Things But What Happens When You Lose Touch With The One Thing That Once Made You Whole To Everyone Who Knew Her, Julia Stone Appears To Live The Picture Perfect Life She Owns A Successful Dance Studio, Enjoys The Love Of A Much Younger And Sexy Man, And Bursts With Pride Over Her Beautiful Teenage Daughter But Inside Julia Is Falling Apart Hiding A Terrible Secret And Fighting Self Hatred, Julia Faces A Huge Personal Crisis Can She Overcome The Demons From Her Past, Forgive Herself And Save The Important Relationship Of Her Life Or Will Her Painful Secret Rip Her World Apart Searching For Julia Stone Chronicles Julia S Search For The Answers To These Questions, And Her Coming To Terms With Who She Was, Who She Is, And Who She Hopes To Become Praise For Searching For Julia Stone Searching For Julia Stone Carries Its Funny, Frenzied Heroine From Despair To Serenity As She Learns To Dance The Song In Her Heart Julia S Dance Is At Times Hilarious, At Times Heartbreaking, But Always Enthralling Sharing Her Journey Is A Privilege And A Joy Judith Arnold, Bestselling Author Of Safe Harbor I found this book amazing It was a relevant honest take of a woman s search for herself amongst titles Although the title character was a bit whiny I was routing for her all the way Deborah Monk has the magical ability of bringing you on the journey with her characters They were relatable and easy to connect with. Wow, how did this author know to write a book about me Every woman who has teenaged children and is taking stock of her life should read this exploration of heart Very intense, heartwrenching at times, portrayal of a woman looking for meaning and direction in her life. Embarking on a mid life crisis Julia stone has lost her way in life, she feels tossed in a rowboat in a hurricane with now where to go, is bewildered and cannot find her motivation to carry on and cannot see sense in how people can do the smallest of things and get great joy out of them.Sometimes in our lives we get lost or bewildered and this book is so amazing, how there are parts in it we ourselves can relate to and understand the reasoning behind it.She has lost herself and dosent love her self any which is why rationality has gone out of the window, even though she is a successful business woman and has an adoring family who love her, still this is not enough to sustain her life.A COMPELLING AND MUST READ