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This book should have been excellent but was anything but The sentences were laboured, it had a very clunky writing style and Pierrepont was reluctant to go into any detail on how he felt about the arduous task he was undertaking I can t recommend it, I m afraid. A very insightful and interesting read but not for those who are squeamish @DOWNLOAD E-PUB Ä Executioner Pierrepoint: An Autobiography â For The First Fifty Six Years Of The Last Century The Name Of Pierrepoint Appeared On The Short Home Office List Of Qualified Executioners For Great Britain And Ireland The List Also Being Accepted By The Irish Republic When It Became Independent For Most Of That Time A Pierrepoint Was Nominated As The Official Executioner The Pierrepoints Have Been, In Succession, Henry Albert Pierrepoint, His Brother Thomas William, And Henry S SonAlbert Pierrepoint Became An Executioner In , At The Age Of , And Resigned His Office As Official Executioner In In He Gave Extensive Evidence To The Royal Commission On Capital Punishment He Stated To The Commission I Have Operated On Behalf Of The State, What I Am Convinced Was The Most Humane And The Most Dignified Of Meting Out Death To A Delinquent However Justified Or Unjustified The Allotment Of Death May Be And On Behalf Of Humanity I Trained Other Nations To Adopt The British System Of Execution It Is Fact Which Is Of No Source Of Pride To Me At All It Is Simply History That I Carried Out The Executions Of Judicial Sentences Of Death Than Any Executioner In Any British Record Or Archive This Autobiography Now Offers A Documentary Record Of His Experience, Which In Retrospect He Summed Up As Follows I Do Not Now Believe That Any Of The Hundreds Of Executions I Carried Out Has In Any Way Acted As A Deterrent Against Further Murder Capital Punishment, In My View, Achieved Nothing Except Revenge Insightful book by a man who seemed to quiet While some have mentioned that this is a little long winded I started to ignore the lyrics of songs that are intermittently strewn about the narrative it was still an interesting read because of the perspective that it came from.It s interesting to note that Pierrepoint didn t relish in what he did and looked to treat his victims with as much humanity and dignity as he could and finally came to believe that there was no deterrent effect in capital punishment and that once people started using it as a means of revenge rather than justice that it should no longer be carried out.He was also partically caustic about the American method of hanging which he stated led to a slow stragulation rather than a clean break.Recommended reading for those who argue that the state should be allowed to kill it s own citizens. This is a curious but by no means uninteresting book Nobody would succeed in getting a book like this commercially published nowadays a very different style and structure would be required and this shows how the industry has changed in the 40 years or so since it was first published However, by avoiding the tricks and tropes of the trade that tend to bedevil modern day writing Pierrepoint s simple, straightforward approach brings its own rewards.By and large, this is a chronological account of Albert Pierrepoint s 25 year career as a public hangman It starts with a long and rather unnecessary in my opinion account of his childhood but in the process we are introduced to Albert s father and Uncle Tom, both of whom served as an executioner before Albert and from whom the younger man learned the rudiments of his trade whilst serving as an executioner s assistant In parts, the period detail is both fascinating and highly revealing.The middle section of the book was the most interesting to me, although one has to point out that it is understandably pretty grim in places given the subject matter Pierrepoint dispenses some fascinating facts For example, an executioner s pay remained the same 10 per killing for 40 years if a man was reprieved at the last moment then Pierrepoint received no pay at all, even if he had travelled from one end of the country to the other in expectation of performing a hanging it s not clear from the text but I don t think he even received his travel expenses Ireland had no public hangmen at all and so used to borrow Pierrepoint or a colleague if capital punishment was required, etc Also, thanks to this book, I am now able to calculate the approximate length of drop required should I ever have occasion to hang myself Eight foot two inches, should anyone be interested.Sometimes Pierrepoint gets rather too bogged down with the technicalities of his profession, some of which would surely only have been of interest to fellow hangmen His book is quite repetitive and would certainly have benefitted from some editing I also found it strange that he says nothing whatsoever of his life and career after he stood down as a hangman in 1956, especially given the fact that he does include an account of his childhood at the beginning However, the book can certainly be recommended for its unusualness, its valuable insight into a relatively unknown profession and the light it shines on a barbaric period in British history Pierrepoint constructs a powerful case against the death penalty Capital punishment, in my view, achieved nothing except revenge. A strange book but fascinating both for the job he did and the way it captures this period of British history His way of describing events and his role of executioner are low key but no less facinating for that One of the events I wish he had touched on was the fact that he hung Timothy Evans who was innocent and then hung Christie who had really committed the murders Would have been interesting to know whether it caused him any sleepless nights I think anyone who wants an informed view on the death penalty would do well to read it. fascinating autobiography of Albert Pierrepoint who was hangman in the U.K for over 25 years.Great read on a macabre subject from the day to day technicalities to the moral issues of execution in which Albert reveals that he resigned from his post because he concluded that execution solved nothing and was not a deterrent to murder. One of the most interesting reads I have ever come across An idea of how different society was in the 1st half of the 20th century Britains most infamous executioner shares his experiences from an extremely professional point of view. A highly insightful read into the British judicial execution system especially after WWII, and a fascinating look into the life of the author, and how he managed to juggle being a high profile executioner along with having a regular life Absolutely enthralling and fascinating as well.