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Jody and her friends, Giselle and Vivian, can t believe their music teacher has to cancel their trip to Paris for a musical competition It was supposed to be the last chance they would have to play together before Jody and Giselle leave the U.S Army base in Berlin and return to the U.S.Then they witness the attempted murder of a Soviet soldier by his own officers The girls realize the only way they can truly save his life is to smuggle him out of Berlin And that trip to Paris may be just the way to do it if they can figure out how to pull it off.Second Fiddle by Rosanne Parry is set just after the fall of the Berlin Wall As children of military or diplomatic parents, the girls in the story all live in homes that are highly disciplined They re good kids, and because they ve moved often they know how to adapt to different environments But Giselle and Jody are nervous about their impending move They re not sure they will fit in with the kids at school in the states, and they don t want to lose their friendship in the process.Their decision to take the soldier to Paris, and the events that follow, can provide great things to discuss in a mother daughter book club with girls aged 9 to 13 Issues to talk about include kids taking on responsibility, becoming independent, contributing to important family decisions, and deciding whom they can trust There s also plenty to talk about in regards to the Soviet Union, the Berlin Wall, military family life, and visiting Paris I highly recommend it. In her second novel for young people, Rosanne Parry takes us back to Berlin in 1990, at the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of communism in Eastern Europe The novel has a terrific opening line If we had known it would eventually involve the KGB, the French National Police, and the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, we would have left that body in the river and called the Polizei like an normal German citizen Our narrator, Jody, is a army kid, used to moving constantly and not forming bonds that are too tight But she s made two really good friends in Berlin at the American school Giselle and Vivian and the three take music lessons together As the novel opens, Jody will soon be moving back to the States since her father is retiring from the army In the meantime, she and her friends are preparing for a chamber music ensemble contest in Paris when their teacher falls ill and tells them he can t be their chaperone on the trip from Berlin to France On their way home from the lesson, the girls witness a terrible crime in East Berlin, and save a Soviet soldier from drowning in the river When they get the idea to have him impersonate their music teacher providing them with a chaperone and getting the young Estonian away from the Russian army in one fell swoop they can t foresee what the consequences will be, nor who exactly the young Estonian might be Is he friend or foe Are the Russians following them on the train to Paris, looking for the Russian sergeant The three girls have the adventure of a lifetime in Paris, with lots of local color thrown in, including a stay at Shakespeare and Co., the famous English language bookstore in Paris This is an engaging story of friendship, music, and freedom set in what s a long ago era for today s tweens the end of the Cold War A time before kids were constantly checking in via texting and phone with their parents positively the Middle Ages for today s kids [Free E-pub] ⚖ Second Fiddle ♉ When Year Old Jody And Her Friends Save A Badly Beaten Russian Soldier From Drowning, They Put Into Motion A Chain Of Events That Will Take Them From Berlin To Paris And Straight Into Danger Jody Must Quickly Learn To Trust Herself, Because In The Time Directly After The Fall Of The Berlin Wall, The Border Between Friend And Enemy Is Not As Clear As It Once Was Award Winning Author Of Heart Of A Shepherd, Rosanne Parry, Offers A Fast Paced, Coming Of Age Story Filled With Adventure, Music, Friendship, And Intrigue If we had known it would eventually involve the KGB, the French National Police, and the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, we would have left that body in the river and called the Polizei like any normal German citizen but we were Americans and addicted to solving other people s problems, so naturally, we got involved. Synopsis Berlin in 1990 a city in transition The Wall has just come down, people have fled from East Berlin in search of better lives, and the Soviet Army is facing some serious problems of its own For American Army brat Jody and her best friends, Giselle and Vivian, Berlin is also home For a while, at least Jody s three year stay is about to come to an end with her family s upcoming move to Texas, while Giselle s family is headed to California The girls are in the final days of preparing for one last competition as a string trio in Paris when their teacher tells them he cannot take them after all On their way home from receiving that disappointing news, the girls save a drowning Estonian soldier, beaten and thrown off a bridge by officers of his own Soviet Army He needs to escape Berlin before the Russians find him The girls need a chaperon to Paris before their parents find out their teacher canceled What could possibly go wrong Review In Parry s second book for young readers, she takes us back to a time that seems too recent to really be called historical fiction, but it is She sketches the reality of teens of the time no cell phones, no e mail with specific details without waxing overly nostalgic an easy trap when writing historical fiction set in your own lifetime For today s tweens, the days of the Soviet Union are ancient history The story is told through Jody s eyes, but all three girls are strong characters Their bond, and the way it sustains them through thick and thin, forms the core of the novel Parry keeps their madcap antics in Paris just this side of unbelievable, giving both a thrilling adventure tale and a sweet story of friendship, loyalty, and discovering one s own strength.Final Word Set in the waning days of the Cold War, this is a fine adventure story with a warm heart.Source Checked out from my public library. This is my childhood Minus the attempted murder of a foreign soldier. An American military base in 1990s Germany is home to three friends, Jody, Giselle and Vivian, who are also in a stringed trio The friends will be separated soon because Jody s father will be moving the family to Texas, so a final musical competition in Paris is something the girls have been looking forward to When they have a final rehearsal at their music teacher s house, they learn their teacher,Herr Muller, won t be able to accompany them The girls try to come up with another solution while walking through an East German neighborhood when they witness two officers with red stars in a gold circle on their caps throwing a third man into the river When the officers leave the scene, Jody goes into the river to retrieve the man with her friends help The man is not dead but is hurt badly and the girls learn his name is Arvo Kross, a soldier who begs the girls to hide him from his Russian unit, because he s an Estonian who went against the Russian army Arvo convinces the girls that he must leave Berlin to be safe The girls come up with a plan to help Arvo leave Berlin for Paris, with him posing as their music teacher especially since their parents don t know the real Herr Muller is unable to accompany the girls This way Arvo can be safe and the girls can compete in their last musical competition together with an adult to register them at the competition Paris holds adventure for the trio then what they planned and again they must use their creativity to solve problems, especially Jody s creative composing abilities. Loved the sense of adventure and place in this book Had issues with the lying, but the author resolved those by the end. Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka Readingjunky for TeensReadToo.comJody, Giselle, and Vivian live on a military base in Germany The three girls have one thing in common music They have been taking lessons from Herr Muller for years and are about to attend another competition Their string trio has played well in the past, but this year they ve practiced hard and are hoping to win However, they will soon learn about much than their music.While the girls have been busy practicing, history has been changing around them It s 1990 and the Berlin Wall between East and West Germany has crumbled The changes in Germany mean that Jody s father will be retiring and moving them back to the United States Because of this, she is especially excited about playing with her friends for perhaps the last time.One thing Jody is not expecting is to see a young soldier thrown off a bridge As her friends watch, she rescues the soldier, and they drag him to safety Once he is out of danger, the girls learn his name is Arvo Kross He explains that he is an Estonian, and that he was attempting to leave his regiment because he was being ordered to complete a dangerous mission he believed was wrong.Arvo convinces the girls that his life is in danger if he remains in Berlin, and he insists that even the Americans at the German base will not be able to help him Jody is determined to help Arvo find a safe haven.When the girls find out their music teacher won t be able to take them to their competition in Paris as scheduled, Jody sees a chance to help Arvo Since their parents don t know about the cancelled performance, Jody explains how they can pool their resources and help Arvo leave Berlin to seek help in Paris Besides saving their new friend, the three girls think he will be able to act as the adult necessary to get them registered for the music competition.What follows is an exciting journey to the city of Paris The girls do make an appearance at the competition, but that s just the beginning of their musical adventure.Rosanne Parry is the author of SECOND FIDDLE, as well as an earlier novel titled HEART OF A SHEPHERD In her author s note for this book, she explains that her own experiences in Germany from 1990 1992 inspired her story SECOND FIDDLE features three strong characters who take matters into their own hands, and through creative problem solving manage to take care of themselves and at the same time uncover a bit of espionage. Wow, that was impressive Parry has crafted insightful historical fiction from a period that I ve read very little about, I learned so much even from the Author s note at the end It s also a beautiful story of friendship, of heroism, of art, music, culture and creativity all threaded together in one gigantic adventure.It is set in Germany in 1990, just after the fall of the Berlin Wall Three 13 year old ex pat friends are disappointed that their music teacher has to cancel their trip to perform in a competition in Paris But when they witness the attempted murder of a Soviet soldier by his comrades they devise an extraordinary plan to try to get him to safety, which of course involves travelling to Paris and participating in the concert after all.As historical fiction the plot is rather too extraordinary to be believed, but it weaves around people, places and events that are entirely real and gives you a sense of having experienced them yourself You understand how transitional post wall Berlin would have felt, as well as the cultural craziness of Paris from the perspective of street musicians, fine artists and the humble writers who camp at Shakespeare and Company.There is much to talk about with young readers, from the attempted murder due to the soldier s reluctance to do something which could harm civilians and his reporting it to the allies , to trusting strangers and how to go about trying to do the right thing The girls keep their dangerous adventure a secret from their parents because the soldier fears that if he is handed over he will be sent back to his regiment who will attempt to kill him again They also meet an unsavoury character at Shakespeare and Co whom they send on his way in no uncertain terms And after hearing the soldier talk of the brutality of Communism in his native Estonia, there is a softer view of the ideals of Socialism from the owner of Shakespeare and Co, though his motto Be not inhospitable to strangers lest they be angels in disguise is actually a variation on a passage from the Bible.Overall, however, there is a perfect balance between the unrealism of fiction which takes reality that little bit further than it goes and the truth and goodness of acting with the right intention, taking responsibility for one s actions, rising to new challenges, doing one s best to help oneself, being open to receiving help from good hearted strangers and facing the consequences of keeping secrets from parents especially when it involves being broadcast all over national television I don t expect many readers would take it all literally and try to do it themselves.This story is short and uncomplicated but highly original, and entertaining enough to make you want to get through the whole thing in one sitting www.GoodReadingGuide.com Fast paced historical fiction that I couldn t put down and read in one sitting I loved the three girls and their relationship and loyalty to each other They knew they needed to do what was right and just, no matter the cost or the difficulty It took a lot of grit, intelligence, and determination to do what they were able to accomplish And what an adventure it was on top of all that Loved the setting in Berlin and Paris, especially the time they spent in Shakespeare and Company Bookshop, an actual place that is still there to this day.