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!Download ♝ If You Only Knew (Friendship Ring, #1) ⚓ Best Book, If You Only Knew Friendship Ring, 1 By Rachel Vail This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book If You Only Knew Friendship Ring, 1 , Essay By Rachel Vail Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Best scholastic book fair pickup NOSTALGIA I read If You Only Knew in about the 6th or 7th grade, probably For reference, I m now 27 For a long time, all I could remember about it was a few vague character details, and that it was smaller than a standard size book.But then I found it again, thanks to this lovely group What s the Name of That Book If you only read excerpts of If You Only Knew, you might think it was a couple different things.Is it a coming of age tale about a girl desperately trying to convince herself that she isn t attracted to other girls In the back of my mind I was thinking I should probably just relax and let CJ tell me a funny story for once, but it feels so good to make her laugh I wanted to prepare something pg 80 She shivered a little in her flimsy t shirt You can see her collarbones, she s so thin They made me mad Skinny girls get the boys Graceful, cute, sweet girls who are so good they ll ride five miles in cool weather to tell a friend terrible, exciting news pg 202 No, sadly It s not.Could it perhaps be the story of five sisters who protect each other from their controlling, slut shaming father No Colette pulled her shirt back down over her stomach It s my body Not while it lives in my house, it s not Dad screamed pg 86 I am not mutilated She screamed I like how I look You look like a whore Daddy yelled pg 134 Disappointingly, no As far as I can tell, this is all the father does And the plot thread never really goes anywhere Alas, this is merely the story of a very whiny pre teen girl, upset because she s a tomboy with no close female friends, she has four older sisters, and she s tall They had a kid every year for four years, I explained A B C D Anne Marie, Bay, Colette, and Devin Then the next year a dog, Elvis And then me But my mom was like, no way is this one Fiona, don t even think I m going through this twenty times this kid is named Zoe As in, The End Well, it is sort of alphabetical, CJ said No You get it Z Just with a lot of letters skipped Oh I could see what she meant Thanks for pointing that out I m sorry Great, I said, the one thing I thought was my own pgs 7 8 Whomp, whomp.I mean, I m aware that she s going through puberty, but I want to point out that I remember thinking she was an overreacting whiner when I originally read this as a preteen And while it s been a fun trip down memory lane, I don t think I ll be revisiting any of the rest of the series.Two Stars This book was not good for me I can probably understand why someone else might like it, but I didn t I won t be recommending it to anyone. I can t believe it I just can t If there is something I hate that happens on books series is when the protagonist, even when he she knows that their love interest returns the feeling, forces the other person return somebody else s feelings just because they feel sorry for them It is simply stupid In which world would that work It will make the tree of them unhappy Ugh Sorry, I needed to spill out.The book is cool, but sometimes Zoe s lack of personality is annoying, but it s a teenager thing I guess I m looking foward for the next book 3 If You Only KnewRachel Vail600LStar Rating 3.5 Stars 1 I actually enjoyed the book I think it was because it was realistic fiction so I can better relate to the book Also the book was about an average girl, Zoe, who was trying to become best friends with someone who she could talk about with anything Zoe hopes that her friendship will last with CJ without breaking up CJ s friendship with Morgan, her previous best friend 2 My favorite part of the book was when Zoe asked Tommy, her crush, who he likes She was trying to set him up with CJ but then he said that he likes Zoe She wanted to say that she likes him too but she wanted to be best friends with CJ so she told him that he should ask out CJ One thing I didn t like was that the next books in the series are just the exact same stories but in a different person in the story as the narrator I would recommend this book to people that enjoy teenage drama and girly stuff I m not saying it is strictly for girls, but it is for girls than boys. A journey back to 7th grade, which was not good for me My sixth grade friends had recently dumped me and told me I didn t have any spunk Seriously So I entered 7th grade the first grade in my middle school without any close friends Thank the powers that be for sending me Alyson Anyway, 7th grade is full of hormones and boys and homework and boys and trying to fit in and boys This story did a fine job of taking me back 30 years. I purchased the first and second book in this series as part of the scholastic book club in elementary school It came with a replica of the friendship ring, a granny knot in silver, which I wore well into high school The characters in these books aren t all that different from many young adult characters They re unsure of themselves, they want friends, they re curious about new things, etc However, I enjoyed reading about them and they passed the time nicely. I bought this book in middle school and something about it resonated with me to the point that it s still one of my favorite reads I love the simplicity of the writing style and the way that it perfectly captures that weird, confusing time middle school is for girls Love, love, love this. Feels pretty authentic 7th grader needs to navigate friendships and how they change as hormones start to kick in Zoe Very likable protagonist Tommy good pal from childhood possible love interest CJ pretty, popular girl possible BFF Morgan pretty, popular, in competition to be CJ s BFF Jonas Tommy s twin.