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This pretty much sums up my feelings towards this book I recently read a similarly surreal book which takes place partially within dreams One of my complaints about that book was that the dreams didn t feel authentic The dreams were too streamlined those dreams had plot, those dreams made too much sense After reading this book, I would have been glad to have gone back to that sort of surrealism I ve never taken drugs, and consequently I ve never had any experience with hallucinogens After reading this book, I do not feel the need to experiment with drugs, ever, because this is probably what a bad acid trip probably feels like when written down Franz Kafka Nah Naked Lunch Nah This book is confusing than any surrealistic genre or chemically influenced works of literature I can recall readingDo you have any idea how many brains I have studied in my career Seven hundred Pause And fifty two Out of those seven hundred and fifty two brains, only four have behaved in ways that I could not understand In all four of those cases, I determined after extensive testing that those brains were aberrations to the point of no longer being technically humanyours is the fourth brain And that makes you my first living monsterThe summary given in the book blurb is simple, deceptively simple Read it again because I can t summarize it for you because I have no idea what I just read Don t trust it Don t trust anything in this book I can t even tell you how it ends if my life is dependent upon it, because I am so utterly, completely confused.To say that our narrator, Annaliese, is an unreliable one is like saying rotting roadkill is rather unappetizing It s a vast, vast understatement I didn t know half the time whether I should feel sympathetic for her, or hate her, or just not believe in anything she s saying or experiencing because she is clearly crazier than the Mad Hatter, probably even than the Johnny Depp portrayal of such, and nowhere near as colorful Annaliese is such a detached narrator She can t remember who she is, she has flashes of memory of her old self, but yet is not her, because she might be someone else Or many someone else s I m still not quite sure.Annaliese goes back to her original family when she re emerges from her disappearance, but she never feels like she belongs Not uncommon, in her case Extreme trauma and the subsequent amnesia will do that to a person She can t get used to anything She is unattached to her parents the dad, the mom and to herself She s not even sure she s herselfBut how had I gone from Anna to Annaliese And who were those other six girls in betweenAnnaliese meets and had visions of strange people The Physician, the Brujahs She encounters everyday people who aren t who they seem to be People who seem to just be borrowing someone else s skin.Annaliese hates the taste of chocolate She has strange cravings for people And that s when I felt the first hunger pang Even from my spot halfway up the bleachers, I could see the beads of sweat on his golden brown skin Except it didn t resemble sweat so much as the juices dripping from the crisped and crackling skin of a roasted chicken I wanted to sink my teeth into him My stomach growled with hunger at the thought Saliva collected in my mouth I swallowed loudlyThis was all good for the first half of the book Things are ambiguous, strange, I can chalk it up to her trauma from her disappearance, but the second half was an even bigger mess Think the first half is weird Reading the second half makes the first part feel like reading Pat the Bunny More people got thrown into the equation, people who aren t even involved in Annaliese s everyday life It s told through flashbacks, segments of recalled memories, memories of different people, from different times, from decades before I found it incoherent, disjointed, disorienting.The supporting cast of the present Annaliese is not so likeable There is the mother and father, who aren t altogether sure that they re glad to have this daughter back The mom had been better when I was missing The belief that she would find her daughter had fueled her Now that she had me, it was worse I was wrong I d thought an impostor might be better than no daughter at all But the mom had never really lost Annaliese, because she d refused to let her go. There is Logan, Rice Sixteen, the popular jock who is guilt ridden by his role in Annaliese s previous life as herself His need of her, his need to prove himself to her and to make things up to her is sad, pathetic, and altogether pitiful He is like a puppy that just pissed on the carpet for the 14th time He knows he shouldn t do it but he can t help himself and he doesn t know how to make things better.There is Dex, the level A creep whom Annaliese inexplicably likes This was the boy from next door The boy with one red eye, who liked to record and replay people s screams. My skin crawls just thinking about Dex, honestly The author does her best to prove Dex is a good guy, but I just can t think of him without revulsion.This book is just so strange The prose is good but I can t recommend it at all because it is such a mess of a mystery That is, unless you are like Annaliese s mentally ill mother and feel like ripping your hair out, bit by bit. Actual rating is 4.5 stars Unquestionably one of the strangest, most stunning, and original novels I have ever read in my entire life, Another Little Piece seems like it was practically written by Kate Karyus Quinn with me in mind What other readers have said about Another Little Piece is all true reading this novel is an undeniably confusing, mind boggling, and downright ambiguous experience Yet, while those very attributes caused Another Little Piece to be a disappointing read for some readers, the ambiguity of the entire novel, and the brilliant atmosphere deftly crafted by Quinn among the confusion, is in essence what made me love this novel so much Love Another Little Piece or not, there is no doubting the fact that, upon turning the last page, it is a novel that will linger in your mind and likely haunt you, and ultimately, that s all I can ever ask for in a novel Kate Karyus Quinn doesn t shy away from anything that may turn readers off in Another Little Piece and I absolutely love that Throughout Another Little Piece, there are many topics many authors, I feel, would be afraid to cover in a young adult novel, and the fact that Kate Karyus Quinn shows little fear in covering these topics, no matter how heavy they may be, makes this that of a memorable and outstanding read for me If you re not one to cringe upon reading teenagers having sex and what some are willing to give up for it , and gore that was sufficient and detailed enough to make even my stomach churn, Another Little Piece should in no way be a book to avoid.However, one of the most prominent reasons Another Little Piece will not be a novel I will soon forget is that, with each speck of absolute horror in Another Little Piece, there is a thin layer of unyielding beauty to almost counteract the horror Amongst everything that is going awry in the novel, everything that Annaliese and her family are going through, and all of the blood and gore, there is an incontestable undertone of beauty established by Quinn s gorgeous prose, the messages she conveys with the horror, and the character development of Annaliese and her experiences with building her past relationships before she had disappeared, all within a strict time limit Another Little Piece is a novel one must go in blind for, so that they may unravel each and every one of the beautiful, horrifying, and stunning secrets this book holds on their own Although I found some portions of the novel to be somewhat convoluted and convenient, I still feel that Another Little Piece is an absolutely genius, at times harrowing, and at other times completely magnificent and irrevocably daring debut novel that, although it may not work for some, worked for me and then some. This book was incredibly confusing and I think, ultimately, this was why I struggled to enjoy it The story was all over the place, introducing various past lives right and left until it was impossible to keep up with who had done what at which point Out of the books I ve been lucky enough to receive lately from Edelweiss, this is easily one of the most disappointing, especially because the blurb is fantastic and the beginning opens up what seems at first to be a tense and exciting mystery.The novel opens where Annaliese Rose Gordon wanders down a road hundreds of miles away from home and she is found and taken to the police We then discover that Annaliese went missing from a high school party a year ago and hasn t been seen since Annaliese has no memory of where she s been, she has no memory of her parents, her friends or her life before A few disturbing images come to her in flashbacks memories of wishes and blood and other girls who disappeared If you re anything like me, that description probably sounds like everything you could possibly want from a YA thriller The reality, for me, was very different.For one thing, it is important for you to know this is a paranormal novel something I hadn t been aware of before I started reading As much as I love a good supernatural story, I think it s a weakness in Another Little Piece whose atmosphere and suspense would be much suited to a realistic mystery thriller My initial curiosity over what horrors poor Annaliese had faced I had images of kidnap and assault, I d even dared to hope it would be the story I d wanted from Pretty Girl 13 was quickly extinguished.This may be considered a touch spoilery but we find out about it in the book s first quarter so I don t think it s too bad to talk about this the reason for Annaliese s bargain It didn t sit well with me that this girl had sold her soul for the chance to have sex once with a hot guy from school Granted, she didn t know the extent of the price she would have to pay, but come on If someone made you an offer to fulfill a personal wish for a price but refused to disclose the price would you really accept Only if you re an idiot Sorry, but I wasn t buying into it.Back to what I said at the beginning, I think the worst thing about this book was the mind boggling way it juggled the memories and flashbacks There are the real Annaliese s missing memories and Anna s missing memories combined with flashbacks to various other girl s lives I lost the will to find out what was happening less than half way through and, if this hadn t been a review copy provided by the publisher, I wouldn t have bothered to finish it Very disappointing One final noteworthy point is that the book is full of harsh swear words and graphic sexual content, an uncommon level for the YA genre This doesn t bother me but I know it might be of interest to some who don t like that sort of thing. Before all else, I feel I need to point out is that Another Little Piece is a weird and terrifying read, and surely not for everyone It s unlike anything I ve ever read before, but if I had to find a better known author to compare it to, I d say it s closest to Brenna Yovanoff s works The writing is not as gorgeous, but it is perhaps even disturbing than any of Brenna s books Anneliese has been missing for a whole year, and now that she s back, she remembers nothing of her previous life, or her time away She just knows she doesn t belong her life doesn t seem like her own, her parents are complete strangers, and her skin doesn t quite fit She s uncomfortable around people whose presence should be comforting, and she dislikes things the old Anneliese liked very much All the relationships in this book were done extraordinarily well, be it Anna s relationship with Logan, the boy she was in love with prior to her disappearance her relationship with her best friend Gwen or her growing friendship and romance with her neighbor Dex More than anything else, however, the intricacy of her relationship with the mom and the dad, as she calls them, was simply astounding Oh, but the romance was special, too A bit instalove y, a bit strange, a bit awkward and even a bit disturbing it matched the overall tone of the book perfectly An ordinary boy could never have stood next to Anna, but the boy she ended up choosing had than enough baggage of his own, and I loved seeing the two of them together So what if it wasn t the most realistic of romances I don t think Quinn was aiming for realistic, and I don t think it s what this book needed In this context, awkward and instalove y was nothing short of perfect I thought the poetry between chapters, written by Anneliese before her disappearance, was a really nice touch At first I was a bit ambivalent because I liked the idea, but disliked the poems themselves, but I later realized that teen girl poetry was supposed to be bad and that it had probably been done on purpose, and that realization allowed me to appreciate it The poems offer brief glimpses into the mind of the old Anneliese, before she was irrevocably changed Another Little Piece brings one surprise right after another It seems that Kate Karyus Quinn belongs to that very small group of authors who refuse to pull any punches In fact, after reading this debut, I dare say she s already a force to be reckoned with. Whoa This book has to be one of the strangest reads I ve come across I can see how its eccentric nature will not be for everyone, but for me the beautiful, often disturbing, writing style captivated me and never let go It s not the type of story that just anyone could pull off, the author definitely did some thinking outside the box for this one, and Quinn has my two thumbs up.Calling this book Another Little Piece is quite fitting, as it felt like with every turn of a page, another piece of this mind boggling puzzle was put in place or at least moved a tiny bit closer And this review is especially hard, because in almost every piece lies a spoiler The first of these spoilers comes at the 15% mark, thus I m not able to go into the plot itself, but let me just promise you that you will not have read anything quite like this before I was shocked by what I was taking in at regular intervals in this book and from someone who reads as much as I do, shock is a good thing My advice be very careful what reviews you read beforehand.Annaliese has no recollection of the past year of her life, the year she disappeared The character growth in this novel is substantial we see Annaliese go through a complete remodeling from who we first meet The girl at the start is timid and confused, yet she surprises you with the strength of character she possesses even then As she finds out what happened to her, she transforms into the tough person she needs to be to weather this information, even refusing part of who she is Because she gets to know her old self through flashbacks, and she s learning who she is now, all the while fighting her inner demon, it makes it difficult to connect with this type of disjointed character I wouldn t have changed anything about her, however this strangeness makes her character Due to the nature of the plot, the secondary characters can take some situating, but they all become important players in this mystery I especially liked Dex who has an oddity of his own to add even complexity to this bizarre plot The writing is what makes or breaks a book like this, and this one makes it, completely and thoroughly Quinn s writing is at once terrifying and wonderfully addicting I was haunted by some of the images that she produced, yet I was unable to stop imagining them, in greater detail each time Suffice it to say, those who are easily queasy may have to skip a few passages in this one Aside from her skill for the disturbing, Quinn is also a master at intricately layering her tale It begins as what feels like a jumble of words and events, until, little by little, we begin the deciphering process With her show rather than tell manner, we re left to our devices to bring this story together with what we re given, which I highly appreciate even though I was confused as all heck at the end A re reading of the last chapter and a discussion with a friend amended that, some, but I m still not sure how I feel about it Profoundly original and disturbingly odd, I think everyone should experience Another Little Piece Not because I believe everyone will love it, but because I think everyone should experience the anomaly that it is An advance copy was provided by the publisher for review.For of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads Review posted on The Eater of Books blog Another Little Piece by Kate Karyus QuinnPublisher HarperTeenPublication Date June 11, 2013Rating 4 starsSource Copy won from a giveawaySummary from Goodreads On a cool autumn night, Annaliese Rose Gordon stumbled out of the woods and into a high school party She was screaming Drenched in blood Then she vanished.A year later, Annaliese is found wandering down a road hundreds of miles away She doesn t know who she is She doesn t know how she got there She only knows one thing She is not the real Annaliese Rose Gordon.Now Annaliese is haunted by strange visions and broken memories Memories of a reckless, desperate wish a bloody razor and the faces of other girls who disappeared Piece by piece, Annaliese s fractured memories come together to reveal a violent, endless cycle that she will never escape unless she can unlock the twisted secrets of her past.What I Liked First, I would like to apologize to the author, because I won this book in one of her giveaways around the time of the publication of the book This was just about three years ago No one is required to review or even read the books they win in giveaways, but I still feel a little bad knowing that I won the giveaway and read it three years later, while someone else could have won and might have read it immediately But it is what it is I liked the book which is actually pretty surprising.This is my May Pili Pushed read To see any of my Pili Pushed reads, see the Pili Pushed tag at the bottom of my blog Also, me winning the author s giveaway in no way influenced my opinion of the story I liked it because it was great I honestly would not even know where to begin when trying to describe this novel This books starts with Annaliese making her way over to a girl by a trailer Annaliese has no recollection of where she is, or was As it would turn out, Annaliese is the missing girl on Dateline, who was missing for a year A year ago, Annaliese walked out of a forest covered in blood and screaming, and then she vanished A year later, Annaliese is back, but with no memory Annaliese does not seem like Annaliese though She must rely on her the little memories that come back to slowly piece together what really happened a year ago, and why she s back.What a strange book And incredibly creepy The first couple of passages were bewildering I couldn t get a good feel of what was happening, but I was hooked This book is deceptively contemporary, and paranormal, and horror ish It s heavily paranormal, though I can t really say why without going into spoiler y things It s somewhat horror y, or maybe that s just me and my scaredy cat self The book is CREEPY When you find out why Annaliese isn t exactly Annaliese, and what she s been up to shivers Despite this creepy stuff, I liked Annaliese I m going to call her Anna from now on Anna isn t a kickbutt fighter like we see in so many YA novels She s quiet and contemplative, and she has her quirks She also has no recollection of anything, so she s a clean slate But she s still a teenage girl She doesn t remember anything, and this frustrates her parents, which frustrates Anna She feels trapped and smothered, especially by people she doesn t know.We meet several peers of Anna s fairly quickly Eric, who is flat out creepy Logan, who shoulders some guilt and blame relating to what happened to Anna not his fault though Dex, the next door neighbor who knows a lot than he wants to know, who is quiet and understanding Gwen, who was Anna s best friend Kayla, who is mean.There is a little romance in this book I found it sweet and charming At first it seemed to have caught on very quickly, but I think there was lust first and then the emotional response Which I m fine with I like the pair Anna and someone else No love triangle I don t want to say any about this book, for fear of ruining surprises The author weaves in twist and turn and surprise with ease We don t get to know everything up front, but I love how the author reveals information slowly but sensibly.So, overall, I liked this book I see that there are lots of mixed reviews for this book, but I m glad I liked it It was creepy and haunting two things I generally don t go for but definitely intriguing and it had me hooked And the ending was weird A little open ended, but not really It wrapped up pretty well A very good job by the author What I Did Not Like I can t think of anything specific I liked this book but didn t love it, so it s getting four stars and not five stars It was a good read Would I Recommend It If you like some creepy fiction, I definitely recommend this book It s not really scary unless you re me and are afraid of everything and anything remotely scary , but it has horror ish aspects woven into the story The paranormal is both very present and barely there If you like a good suspense type novel to read it s not a mystery book though , this is a good one Rating 4 stars I m glad I tried this book I had the copy for three years without picking it up Thank you, Pili, for pushing me in the direction of this one See reviews at YA Midnight Reads2.5 stars Thank you HarperTeen for sending me this copy No compensation was given for taken to alter this reviewI realised that while they were strange, being so open about their messy lives, they were not a girl with bare feet and a funny scar, wrapped in a garbage bag, who followed a feeling to their door I was beyond strange Another Little Piece reminded me of Pretty Girl 13 By Liz Coley in numerous ways but did not seem to create the same affect as Pretty Girl 13 With such a promising cover and synopsis, I d expected some form of a contemporary psychological mystery thriller instead, we get a mix of paranormal suspense instead As much as I wanted to enjoy this novel, there were several drawbacks that head to this unfortunate result Ultimately, the main issue that prevented me from liking this book any was the confusion, which was stirred and jittered around here In no way am I implying to say that confusion isn t a good element to infuse into novels, but with such excess No From the synopsis we can expect a gritty YA thriller however when we are introduced to our main character, Annaliese Rose Gordon She has come back from a year of disappearance with no memory of how she got there and what happened in her previous life But slowly, her past unravels in disturbing and abrupt flashes, so do trails of clues and suspicions Without getting too spoilery, Annaliese was last seen at a high school party, hooking up with a jock who was already in a relationship at the time It was rather absurd, to be honest For me, Annaliese was an average character, what I rarely see is when our MC sets the mood of the novel so this was nice for a change Annaliese s tendencies are fairly placid and reserved but still have a distinct tang of thrill and suspense Additionally, Annaliese was a forever changing character, a little difficult to explain but it was relatable from her trauma and sudden flashbacks The other characters were nothing too memorable, like Annaliese, they fetched hints of monotony and unoriginality Logan was adorable but a little too stalkerish for my tastes Eric was arrogant and was ridiculously cryptic And Gwen, Annaliese s best friend, over acted and was a worry wart I didn t completely detest at the beginning, yet as the story progressed, so did my irritation Another Little Piece is one of those books that need to be carefully read As this book didn t quite catch my attention awfully well, I was occasionally missing bits of information and it took some time to fully process the happenings Nonetheless, this novel will come with unfortunate mind fuck and mind boggling confusion All in all, Another Little Piece was a disappointment, from the tone of the book in which I was searching for a thrilling eerie setting to the characters which were bland and washed over If you loved Pretty Girl 13, this may be your poison but may not be as loved or appreciated But of course, you may love this than me, I was expecting horrific mystery but got a romance based novel instead. &Free Kindle ⇹ Another Little Piece ↟ On A Cool Autumn Night, Annaliese Rose Gordon Stumbled Out Of The Woods And Into A High School Party She Was Screaming Drenched In Blood Then She VanishedA Year Later, Annaliese Is Found Wandering Down A Road Hundreds Of Miles Away She Doesn T Know Who She Is She Doesn T Know How She Got There She Only Knows One Thing She Is Not The Real Annaliese Rose GordonNow Annaliese Is Haunted By Strange Visions And Broken Memories Memories Of A Reckless, Desperate Wish A Bloody Razor And The Faces Of Other Girls Who Disappeared Piece By Piece, Annaliese S Fractured Memories Come Together To Reveal A Violent, Endless Cycle That She Will Never Escape Unless She Can Unlock The Twisted Secrets Of Her Past Mother of Mike What did I just read The confusion Slipping from one point of view to the next then not knowing who s talking about what just egged me on instead of frustrating me Especially when whole stretches of said confusion were punctuated by something terrible Pink sneakers, I will never think of you the same way again I m not kidding when I said this was no RIVER FLOWS IN YOU read IT was paying in the background all smooth, mellow, and never failing to get a tear from me the feels because of that song But this one Nope Definitely, not any of those It s dark Then it s darker Plus it s confusing Yet lo I was sucked in It opens with her walking along a road not knowing who she is, taken in then talking to the police Things get confusion as we meet the dad then the mom then all these other people who knew her from before, a boy like Logan, then a boy like Dex, then girl like Gwen all painting her to be not the popular kid, but not the unpopular kid either And just when I thought I had a handle on who s playing what, I d be wrong Because flashbacks and maybe memories of hers maybe not hers popped in A host of memories that explain what may have come to pass, of how there s this thing in her and that she isn t just Annaliese Rose Gordon, or worse, that maybe she s not Annaliese Rose Gordon, after all I liked it because just when things were falling into place, they didn t fall quite right so that I was scrambling to figure out if what I read was what I d just read and if I was imagining things right I also liked how she s not the only odd here Dex has his own brand of specialness that made it easy to see what she saw because the guy is sweet but equally damaged It s just for him, he knew his damage Then those midnight road trips and scary people to confront then scarier people to return to Interesting but I must admit confusing, too The Physician bit especially, with the lack of information on who he was and all those other elements that had me wanting needing but aware that I was likely not to get those answers A lot like the cigarette smoking guy in X Files, you know his there but don t know why he s there Yes, the Physician is very much like that.I liked this, confusion and all.Thank you, Edelweiss 3.5 I can t talk about the plot of this book in much detail There s a lot to discover, and it s far better to learn the whole truth of Annaliese through reading This is one of those situations where getting spoiled could entirely ruin the experience I should also point out that there are shifting timelines, and those parts of the book can happen very suddenly You have to be ready to roll with the punches in the book For me, the first time it happened I was a bit thrown, but I was ready for it the next time it happened.What I can talk about is the feel of the book, the sense of getting thrown off balance every fifty pages or so Annaliese s memory is a blank as the book begins, so she s learning at the same pace as the reader And it takes nearly the entire length of the book to learn the whole truth of who and what and why she is Not that every question is answered within the pages of the book If you hate loose ends, this is the sort of book that will frustrate you But if you can take and are even intrigued by a book that deliberately leaves things unexplained to the reader they are, after all, unexplained to Annaliese, and we shouldn t expect them to be , then that s a point in this book s favor.More points for the characters, particularly our narrator Annaliese starts from a very vulnerable position, naturally No memory, apparently victim of a horrible crime, and being sent to live with people she is told are her parents but she can t remember nor have any immediate feelings for And she shows that vulnerability, but she is by no means a weak character I would describe her as someone determined to find herself in a stable life, but not someone willing to let others do that work for her As a character, I found her fully believable And the same goes for the secondary characters, particularly her parents Quinn definitely thought about the impact this scenario a vanished child returns after a year missing would have on a loving family.There is romance, of course This is YA Luckily, the romance developed at a believable pace and for believable reasons No instalove I understand what Annaliese sees in Dex, and what he sees in her And it doesn t distract from the main point of the story The romance doesn t take over the rest of the book, which is probably the main reason I like it It s not that I have a problem with romance, I just don t like it taking over stories when I should be able to concentrate on what are, in the context of the book, much important things.I was just riveted by this book, especially towards the end I read it mostly during my lunch break at work, and at the end of my breaks surprised both by how quickly lunch had gone by and how much I d managed to read in that time And that s why I m bumping up this 4.5 star book to 5 stars It isn t perfect, but it is wonderful I won an ARC of this book from The Midnight Garden blog Thanks, guys I loved it