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i only read the prince and the pauper but it was excellent I am currently reading tom sawyer Tom Sawyer is, without a doubt, one of my favorite books I read it when I was in my early teens and it s still tops on my list of personal favorites It is rich with so much of what living a full life is all about It has adventure, love, duty, friendship, family, loyalty, freedom, not to mention the innocence and experience of growing up in a small town in the Deep South, during the time of slavery It s a genuine treasure. The Prince and the Pauper is one of those books that I started reading in childhood Since then, I bet I ve read it twenty ortimes Most recently, I read it out loud to my husband as we traveled, earlier this year It s a challenging out loud read, but an enduring and endearing story.If I m feeling in a hurry when I read it, then I do a sort of good parts read I read the early stuff about Tom, about his meeting with the prince, and then mainly about Tom s adventures after that I tend to read less of the prince s part of the book although I really like the character of Miles Hendon.I highly recommend it for anyone of any age I think I read it first when I was eight or nine I had to ask for help with a fair amount of the archaic words, but that didn t stop me In fact, I need a new copy Mine is falling apart Huckleberry Finn was a adventures boy with six thousand dollars he found with his best friend Tom Sawyer who wanted to explore the Mississippi river, but was trapped in his drunken evil father s dungeon After a few days he escaped, the town s people thought he was kidnapped Huckleberry and Jim, a runaway slave that he was friends with go on to a raft to search for thier freedom While Huckleberry s father searches for him so he can have huckleberry s money all to himself.READ THE BOOK if you want to know what happens next Matteo Finished Book On 9 7 10 I have my mom s copy that she had as a kid Lots of scribbles A lot of subtle humor I liked the treatment of poverty and extravagant wealth, no pity and brutally honest Intense for a kids book but a good book for kids none the less Good book to read aloud. I read this in a Am Lit college course This is a great book The story, the plot, the characters, everything The dialogue in this book is based on local dialects found in that region of the country in that era.Twain worked on riverboats along the Mississippi River for several years when he was a young man He gives us brief glimpses into life in that era. The beginning and middle of this book were very hard to get through because it only about Tom s everyday adventures Once I got near the end, it becameexciting I m very happy I managed to finish this book. This is only supposed to refer to The Prince and the Pauper, but this was all they had What would it be like to live in royalty, then live as a tramp What would it be like to live as a tramp, then become the Prince of England, soon to be King advanced 4th grade to 6th gradeAlthough nothing beats the full versions of these classic novels, the Great Illustrated Classic format is a good way for young readers to become familiar with the story of the originals The illustrated classic version has about 21 lines of 18 point font on every page There is a black and white ink picture on the right side of every page that helps to illustrate the story The sentence structure iscomplex than early transitional readers Compared to the original text of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the illustrated classic version is muchmanageable for an elementary child Content Area Social Studies U.S History Language ArtsLesson Plan Focusing on the historical aspect of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, one can notice many references to the way that people thought, acted and lived pre civil war Students can read the illustrated classic version and compare this to what they are learning about the civil war. ^FREE DOWNLOAD ↴ The Adventures of Tom Sawyer/Adventures of Huckleberry Finn/The Prince and the Pauper ☛ Famous During His Lifetime As A Humourist And For His Incandescent Social Satires, Mark Twain Is Most Often Thought Of Today As A Novelist Whose Precise Language And Vividly Drawn Characters Introduce Readers To Tales Steeped In Concern With Personal Freedom This Volume Brings Together A Selection Of His Work