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I meditate I am no Buddhist monk or Zen master, but I can relax by body and mind and control my breathing pretty well It comes in handy when you re at the dentist s and they are poking the inside of your mouth with needles and sharp instruments and gagging you with a tray full of goo, all of which they did to me this morning You let go of whatever your body is feeling and your mind is thinking You just breathe.Meditation books used to be esoteric tomes, filled with philosophy and religion Not so any, with several excellent recent additions to the genre see some of my other reviews And it s about time A beginner need not wade through difficult text to ferret out instructions for posture, breathing and thought, as I did many years ago You don t have to experience or even understand enlightenment to start meditating and reaping the benefits of tension reduction, improved physical healing or mental clarity You can grab a cushion, sit down and begin Reading this book feels like having a great teacher at your side all the time, guiding your meditation to connect with your core self Using techniques such as counting breaths or focusing on specific words, images or ideas, Blake leads you through 100 days of meditation practice Newbies and experienced meditators alike can relax into this voice, this gentle reminder of just how to meditate, how to make the most of your meditation and how to progress over time This book stands with the best of the new offerings on making meditation an enriching part of your daily life. Great reference book for meditation Excellent ways to focus your mind and connect with your inner core self This book looked awesome and the part that I read was great Honestly, I am too busy right now to meditate daily or even at all I will read this again when there is time. &DOWNLOAD ⇗ Everyday Meditation ☈ We All Know That Meditation Helps To Lower Stress And Can Even Prevent Disease It Has No Negative Side Effects And No Cost, And Requires Only A Few Minutes A Day So Why Is It So Challenging To Begin And Sustain Tobin Blake Offers Innovative Ways To Start Meditating And To Invigorate An Existing Practice He Begins With The Basics How To Sit, How Long To Practice, And How To Use Various Techniques, Such As Zazen, Mantra, And Visualization And Then Covers Topics Such As Dealing With Thoughts, Restlessness, And Overcoming The Deeper Obstacles To Meditation Written With Our Modern Challenges In Mind, Including Electronic Distractions, Stress, And The Constant Sense Of Overwhelm, Everyday Meditation Will Help You Make Your Mind An Ally Undo Restlessness And Anxiety Build Spiritual Relationships Heal Your Body Overcome Depression And Anxiety Find Balance, Meaning, And Life Purpose