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!Download Book ☨ Imperium: A Caulborn Novel ⚐ Vincent Corinthos Leads A Triple Life As A Secret Agent, He Handles Paranormal Threats As A God, He Protects His Followers From Evil Forces As A Stock Clerk, He Keeps The Back Room Of An Antique Store TidyWhen One Of His Fellow Agents Goes Missing, Vincent Begins With The Usual Suspects His Investigation Reveals That Boston S Latest Supernatural Threat Is Also Waging War On His Followers, And Has Diabolic Intentions For The City S Paranormal CitizensNow, With The Aid Of A New Partner And A Gremlin, Vincent Must Locate The Missing Agent, Defend His Followers And Learn The Identity Of His Adversaries Before They Can Revive A Malevolent Force That S Been Dormant Since World War II Fun fast read I will probably read 2, but not right away. Well, I just ate this one up It s hard to find an urban fantasy series with a fresh take on things these days, but Nicholas Olivo definitely pulled it off Awesomely I loved the main character, he s just a good guy to the core It s something that some author s try to create with their characters, but don t typically succeed in I was impressed with how the magic was handled, especially since Corinthos is a god You d think at first that this would mean he d just be an overpowered badass tearing everything apart, but that s not the case at all He s limited The compassion for his people was written well You could tell he cared for his people and truly wanted to do good by them I look forward to seeingof this relationship even though it seems like there could, and will, be a lot of heartache attached The side characters were thoroughly enjoyable as well I didn t like this perfection that was shaping around Corinthos partner at first, but a bit was explained and she definitely becamehuman The magical shoe box is awesome I m still remembering all the characters names I enjoyed them so much Usually those side guys are forgettable until scenes pop up with them, but not with these guys The story was pretty darn good too It was self contained so everything was resolved in the end, but there are pieces that ll definitely come back later in the series I appreciate that every idea Olivo had wasn t just thrown in here for the sake of getting it out He held back, which is another thing a lot of authors seem to have trouble with The beginning passages of each chapter, or almost every chapter, were interesting They definitely had me lead in one direction until things became clearer around the middle of the book Kudos to Olivo on that one The creativity is definitely there for this series to survive and I m looking forward to it One last thing, I have to express my deepest appreciation for not having to read some ill placed sex scene in this book It was there in the book, but it was done in a similar manner to how Patricia Briggs handled it we don t have to read some stupidly long description of the sex The characters do their thing off page Now, when s the sequel coming out 2 25 2013 Update I wish I had never read this The terribleness of waiting for the sequel outweighs the joy of reading such and awesome book TT Hmmmmmm..this must be a trend, this year I am reading books that are 300 pages or less, but I am quite surprised, some of them are quite good, like this gem by Mr Olivo Ok, I am truly fond of deities, demons and dragons, unfortunately this one is missing the dragon part or the author has not yet started , Demigods, some are powerful, some are not, in this case Corinthos is less powerful in our reality than in the reality that he is worshiped as a god, I like the way Mr Olivo portrayed our protagonists and antagonists, knowing your opponent is a deity or son of a deity, does not necessarily mean the day is won, our characters in this story, not only were they the underdogs, they have been manipulated and were one step behind throughout, the saving grace for this company is the rather fast thinking of some of their members.I sincerely think this series, deserves a lot of praise andcommercialism to make it known to other book readers So PLEASE READ THIS IMPERIUM BY Nicholas Olivo There is something different to it Enjoy The cover doesn t greatly inspire me but the story inside is really good and well worth looking at.In Boston, Vincent is a part time clerk in a book store and a secret agent with magical powers In another realm he is a God, where he keeps his people safe from disaster and their prayers replenish his magic When a fellow agent goes missing while investigating missing supernaturals, Vincent s team including a tech genius gremlin and an eager newbie with lots of gadgets set out to rescue the missing But with his powers diminishing and his followers under constant attack, Vincent may not have the power to even save himself.I loved the characters Vincent is a smart and funny guy who is the ideal MC He has powers but they are limited and need constant recharging and of course his power runs out when he needs it the most I love the way he needs his followers in the other realm to chant prayers for him to help replenish the powers this was totally different from anything I ve read in the genre Vincent loves his followers and will do anything to save and protect them, while he juggles taking care of new partner Megan She is new to the team and is enthusiastic and funny, working well with Vincent without any dumb romance getting in the way We also have Vincent s girlfriend Petra who is made of stone and is quite sweet in a dumb kind of way, and Gearstripper the gremlin who is like a technology junkie version of Dobby the House Elf in Harry Potter I love Gearstripper he is totally adorable and scenes involving him are entertaining There are also great cameo characters who pop up from time to time like Orcus the God of Oaths As Vincent is a God, every rash promise he makes is logged in a book by Orcus, and if Vincent breaks the promise, the punishment is imprisonment in Tartarus Orcus is a very funny guy that Vincent never likes to see Vincent starts losing the plot when another promise is made and the grinning Orcus shows up again I also enjoyed the scenes where Vincent interacts with or visits his followers in the other realm They are a great bunch of people who will do anything for Vincent, however dangerous it is to them There are also encounters with the Grim Reaper and the Four Horsemen to enjoy.There is a lot of action in the book as Vincent has to deal with incidents in two different realms, a complex investigation into the missing, and constant attacks by the bad guys There is nothing dull or boring in this book, with the added humour and interesting interaction between the characters, who are all nicely developed I really enjoyed the entire adventure There were fights, magic, evil experiments, attempted rescues, monsters of all kinds, realms and portals, mythology, and a Nazi storyline featuring the Gremlins activity during World War 2 That was an added bonus that was great for the plot This plot was so different from any I ve read in the genre and it was a lot of fun to read I really like the imagination that the author has and the way everything was tied together nicely.Having stumbled onto this book by accident, I was really happy with how good it turned out to be I might even raise the rating on it once I get the chance to reread it I have the next book in the series and I am certainly looking forward to seeing what happens next I hope there is a lotof Gearstripper to come Recommended for fans of urban fantasy and fantasy. Full review originally at Fantasy Book Critic ANALYSIS I was clueless about the book when it was released however my ignorance was rectified by Bastard He told me about the book and the blurb hooked me in, I also read the chapter excerpt which ends on quite a pivotal point to grab the reader s interest The book is an urban fantasy however it has muchin store for the reader.The book begins with Vincent Corinthos saving his people the Urisk from an attack by the Hobgoblins and Trolls He basks in the Urisk s faith and is able to easily repeal the attack and make his way back to Boston He s a mild mannered person who works in an antique store called Antiquated Treasures He s also the part of a secret organization called the Caulborns and who regularly keep the streets of Boston and the neighboring areas safe from supernatural threats Things however haven t been going smoothly as someone seems to be hunting the paranormals and one of the missing is Miguel Gomez, Vincent s friend and comrade Caulborn He is then paired up with a new Caulborn agent called Megan Hayes Together they set out to find out what is indeed happening on the streets of Boston and why are the Urisk being regularly attacked all of a sudden.Thus with such an upheaval occurring in a very short period of time, it will be up to Vincent and his fellow caulborn agents to save the various worlds and also try to find out who is behind it all The plot revealed so far is only one tenth of the entirety of events and the beauty of it all is that the author has many tricks up his sleeve The story begins from a standpoint wherein few details are revealed and the reader is just dropped into the action and then info fed as per the requirement of the scene and plot twists The list of characters introduced in this book is a slightly long one and a couple of them quickly became very endearing Chiefly the gremlin Gears with his fondness for things of a mechanical nature and high calorie foods, Gears is a character who I very much liked reading about and I hope the author increases his role in the future books The remaining characters such as Megan, Petra, Galahad etc are given enigmatic entries and while feeding the reader some information about them,is withheld tantalizingly to make the future storiesmysterious The action and pace of the story is of top quality and is a major positive for the book as the author has multiple twists lined up in the story and thus with them popping up one after the another, the reader isn t given much time to figure them out completely before the next one surprises the reader.The book while having all these plus points has a rather funny drawback, the book is of a shorter length and while this adds to the compactness of the story, it also robs it of its depth The book has a lot of things revealed in it however the author doesn t necessarily explain wholly or completely This certainly takes some of the sheen of the classy parts I think that the author purposefully introduced them to lay the groundwork for the future books The author also has never quite properly explained the mythology of the world and while it has shades of the Greek Roman mythos, it also has the author s own variations A bitexplanation would have certainly helped to deepen the overall world.CONCLUSION A surprising and rather clever urban fantasy which manages to combine the commonalities of the sub genre along with certain authorial additions to give the readers a rather fresh take in this rather crowded literary environment Heartily recommended for urban fantasy fans as well as a thriller readers, Nicholas Olivo is a an intelligent author and it certainly shows in his debut and from here I hope he goes onto to better the deficiencies and improve his craft to give the readers some enthralling tales. I really enjoyed this story of Vincent Vinnie , a half god who works for a paranormal agency fighting the bad guys The story was a highly original mix of sci fi and urban fantasy with a little religion mixed in , with golems, gremlins, vampires, werewolves, zombies, and other worlds Vincent was really likable, and so were his friends and coworkers I especially loved his new human partner, Megan She proved that you don t have to be a god or paranormal to be a badass What a great find 2.99 on Kindle First comment Two thumbs up What else can you say about a novel that has demi gods, fae, zombies, vampires, werewolves, demons, gremlins, ghosts, trolls, hobgoblins, crystal soldiers, talking portals, rats, golems, a Horseman of the Apocalypse, the Grim Reaper, and feather headed beings from another dimension Oh, and Nazis Imperium is an urban fantasy presented from the point of view of Vincent Corinthos a very interesting hero to be sure Vincent is a demi god with his own group of followers, but that seems almost like a side job to his primary one as an investigator for an agency comprised of humans born with the ability to see the reality of the paranormals, not just the glamour that normal humans see This organization, the Caulborn, serves as a line of protection between humans and paranormal entities The author s summary also mentions that Vincent works as a stock clerk, but I only saw one or two references to that in the book I honestly forgot about that until I reread the summary It seemed like Vincent already had enough to do without having that third job thrown in The story begins with Vincent rescuing his followers the Urisk who live in another dimension from an army of trolls and hobgoblins Some of my favourite lines from the book comes from this section Now pardon me for a moment, I have some swooping and saving to do.And that brought me to my second goal for today spank the enemy and spank them hard.I concentrated, willing the avatar to raise its giant foot and crush a cluster of soldiers beneath a size three hundred Reebok high top This just show s Olivo s rather dry and at the same time cheeky sense of humour, which I definitely enjoyed I d actually like to have seen evenof this in the story I would like to knowabout the Urisk, and especially the high priest Lotholio there seems to be an interesting backstory involving Loth and Vincent that is only touched on in this book that I d likedetail about The story goes on when a fellow agent and a number of paranormal beings go missing and Vincent, along with new partner Megan, is tasked to solve the mystery The action seems almost non stop, and I started feeling sorry for Vincent even a demi god needs rest and a decent meal some times, right At first I thought Megan would be a romantic interest, but I m not sad to say I was wrong there She seems like a pretty cool character that I wouldn t mind being for a while, but there was enough in this novel already, we didn t need a romance thrown in, too Sure, Vincent does have a love interest and wow, Petra took me by surprise, I really want to know her story now but this is not a romance novel, so if you are a reader looking for action of that sort this is not the novel for you There are a few points in the writing that were a little confusing Reference to the Commander in this first chapter is an example It is not explained who the Commander is or why he is giving Vincent advice until later in the book and I must say that I was amused when it was revealed Another element that was confusing at first is how each chapter opens with either a coded transmission from RM or NS , or an email recovered from another character s computer The purpose of these messages are never explicitly explained, and it took me about half the book before it clicked as to who the senders of these transmissions were I did like that they presented information and backstory on Vincent and helped move along some of the events in the story After finishing the novel, I went back through and read just these and they had a whole new meaning OK, I simply cannot write this review without mentioning my favourite character yup, I m now in love with a gremlin named Gearstripper Not the cute little Gizmo here, Gearstripper is described as a Muppet gone horribly wrong He is the ultimate geek technical abilities beyond any computer genius I ve read about and with a penchant for twinkies, videogames and watching Firefly one of my favourite old TV shows I must give Olivo special credit for how he incorporates the old WWII legends of gremlins sabotaging Allied aircraft into this novel but have to admit I kept having visions of the old Twilight Zone episode Nightmare at 20,000 running through my head OK, realizing the length of this review is getting out of hand There is so muchto talk about in this novel At times it seems as if there is almost too much going on There are so many different paranormal entities mentioned that some seem to only receive a cursory mention But then I remind myself this is a first book in what hopefully will be a long series First books always involve a lot of world building and it s difficult to get much depth tothan just a few characters I m hoping that we will getcharacter development and backstory on the Urisk, Petra, Galahad XI and the Caulborn organization I feel that there is a lot unsaid about Megan at times I felt suspicious about what she is, not just who she is hope there s a story there I d like to see Olivo putemotion and humour into future books as he develops the charactersBottomline I definitely recommend this book for anyone that likes paranormal urban fantasy novels And when I consider this is the author s debut novel, all I can think is that it will be very interesting to see how his writing gets refined over time Except for a very few oblique references to sex, jokes about a wet t shirt, and a couple of uses of colourful language this novel would be fine for a teen audience used to graphic depiction of blood and gore No, not passing this one on to my teenager now, but might in a few years. 4.5 5 Grade AAuthor Requested Review and I am so happy I can give a good one I m always scared when I am sent a book from the Author.I am so impressed and completely enad with this dark urban fantasy novel by Nick Olivo Urban Fantasy fans stand up and take notice There is a new voice in town It s not everyday that I find an original story premise so it s with great pleasure that I review Imperium by Nicholas Olivo.Nicholas Olivo crafted such an awesome novel in Imperium I was instantly captivated and tore threw the pages erm, frantically hit the next page button on my kindle anyways This is a darker, seedier Fantasy book full of Gremlins, Golems, Fae, Werewolves, Vampires and even a Godling That isn t even the coolest part There were other creatures in this novel as well, but I ll let you read it to see who else Nick Olivo brings to the table cough Horses, cough Rats cough Nazi s wait, say what now you gotta read this Our hero, Vincent Corinthos, is a Godling Now, I know you must be thinking along the lines of Great, a God insert any negatives about Gods here but let me tell you, Vincent is nothing like I expected As a Godling, he does have powers, but he is not indestructible, nor is he infallible I loved him He was a very complex character, and I loved his voice It was truly a pleasure being in his head.There really isn t a heroine per say There are two main females in Nicholas Olivo s Imperium Petra, Vincents lady love Let me make a note here, that I have NEVER read a female quite like Petra EVER It is very hard to surprise me these days, but boy was I surprised when we learn about Petra Talk about some serious awesome Bravo Nick, Bravo.The other female lead belongs to Megan, Vincent s new partner at the Agency of Caulborn Caulborn Agents all were born in the Caul In the sack and possess unique gifts as a result These gifts range from person to person, but all can withstand most mind domination Megan was cool I loved the shoe box detail I so could use a magical shoebox myself.The premise real quick is there are supernaturals who have gone missing Everyone is blaming the other, and when one of the Caulborn Agents goes missing too, the Caulborn investigate.Side note here, the villains were totally cool and unique They reminded me of Ilona and Gordon Andrews Edge series Bayou Moon They were very imaginative and aptly described The Villains creator ugh What a piece of work I would have liked to delve a bitinto the Creators motivations, but that is me nitpicking Imperium reminds me of a Harry Dresden novel, in that the action never let s up and Vincent never can catch a breath However, for as much chaos as there was, it was shockingly easy to read and follow What a breath of fresh air I haven t even gotten to my favorite character yet Gears I absolutely loved Gears He is now up there as one my favorite sidekicks ever Such a unique character, and very complex Imperium s story arc was finished, but Nicholas Olivo left a little unfinished to hopefully write a sequel Nick, if your reading Can I be a reviewer Please, please, please LOL I really enjoyed this urban fantasy novel It had the right amount of Gore, Humor, Love and Good vs Evil.Also, a side note for my romance fans, the romance is there, but is in the background and the sex scenes are fade to black, and done off screen.I ll be back with a few note worthy quotes Imperium has been on my wishlist ever since I read the review for the book at FBC by Mihir.The blurb of the book was quite exciting and original in that the protagonist Vincent Corinthos son of Janus and half god was not only an agent handling supernatural threats in Boston, but is also a God of the Urisks in an alternate world universe known only as the Bright Side Being their God grants some special powers to Vinnie including quick healing, telepathy and telekinesis When one of his fellow agents goes missing, Vinnie quickly find out that the person responsible for the mayhem in Boston is the same one attacking the Urisks on The Bright Side.There are a host of characters that the author has included in the book including hobgoblins, trolls, ghosts, vampires, weres, zombies, fae, golems and gremlins To the author s credit, this list is not exhaustive and none of the races seem to be force fitted into the story line The book, however, is written from the protagonist s viewpoint and lacks depth in some areas in my honest opinion This could possibly be due to the comparatively short length of the novel The short length of the novel, however, also worked in its favor since the story never seemed stretched and the pacing felt correct.While Gears a gremlin friend characterization seems cute enough, not much is revealed about Vinnie s love, Petra or his new partner agent, Megan There are a few glimpses provided though, and I hope that the author revealsabout them as the series progresses I am especially looking forward to read a littleabout Galahad s the eleventh Galahad and also the head of the Caulborn agents background and how he came to lead the Caulborn agents.While the novel would fit in the urban fantasy genre, there are a few traces of science fiction also included.I would be looking forward to read the next book in the series and would heartily recommend it to anyone who loves a fast paced urban fantasy with a lot of races inhabiting the world.