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I think this is the best teenage book that I have ever read Throughout the novel I was rapt and was constantly worrying about whether Eva and Seth would get together This book is set to outsell Twilight. 3.5 starsWhile I read this pretty fast 6 8 hours or less it was not the best time traveling, view spoiler deathly viruses hide spoiler #FREE DOWNLOAD â Fever (Parallon Trilogy, #1) º Fever Is First Book In The Gripping Parallon Trilogy By Award Winning Author And Illustrator Dee ShulmanTwo Worlds Two Millennia One Love A Fearless Roman Gladiator A Reckless Twenty First Century Girl A Mysterious Virus Unites Them AD Sethos Leontis, A Skilled And Mesmerising Fighter, Is Unexpectedly Wounded And Lies Dangerously Close To Death AD Eva Is Brilliant But Troubled Starting Her New Life At A School For The Gifted, A Single Moment In The Lab Has Terrifying ResultsAn Extraordinary Link Brings Sethos And Eva Together, But It Could Force Them Apart Because The Fever That Grips Them Cannot Be Cured And Falling In Love Could Be LethalCan Love Survive When Worlds Collide And Threaten Time Itself Feverbook Full Of Twists, Immaculately Researched, It Is Very Exciting And Unpredictable Independent On Sunday It S A Great Ride With Evocative Settings And Intense Emotion SFX Stars WOW That Rare Gem Of A Book That I Can T Stop Thinking About And Will Read Again And AgainOutstanding It S Times Better Than Twilight Waterstones, Cardiff Vivid Captivating And Passionate London And South East Libraries It S A Page Turning Intellectual Teen Read That ANY Adult Would Enjoy Open The Page, Open Your Mind And Go With The Flow TIP TOP TERRIFIC Waterstones, Thanett Completely Addictive And If I Could Have Read It In One Sitting I Would Have Done An Excellent And Compulsive Read Which Has Left Me Wanting Goodreads Stars Oh My God What A Book This Is One Of The Best Love Stories I Have Read Best Books Stars I Had My Socks Blown Off By This Book It Was So Addictive And Just So Much Fun I Stormed Through It, Loving Every Second The Book Addicted GirlDon T Miss Delirium The Next Instalment In The Parallon TrilogyAbout The Author Dee Shulman Writes In A Studio Overlooking A School Quadrangle That Bears A Striking Resemblance To The One At St Magdalene S She Has A Degree In English From York University And Went On To Study Illustration At Harrow School Of ArtShe Has Written And Or Illustrated About Books, Including The Popular, Highly Original My Totally Secret Diary Series She Has Been Translated Into Many Languages, Including Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Welsh, Dutch, And Finnish Her Books Have Frequently Been Highly Recommended In The Press And On Radio And She S Been Shortlisted For Numerous Awards Fever Is Her First Book For TeenagersDee Is Based In London And Is Available For School, Bookshop, Online And Festival Events In The UK I dont think I had gotten far enough into the book to say anything about the plot, but characters I can do.Eva is the main reason I abandoned this book 50 pages in I hate to DNF, but sometimes, a book doesn t leave you a choice I have waaay better books to read, so I don t want to waste my time on this one Eva is the Mary Sue of Mary Sues Good at everything she does, great at things even though it may have been her first time doing it, a master hacker, blah blah blah Like I give a crap.She intentionally gets expelled from all her previous schools since she wasn t feeling it What kind of pathetic excuse is that She was just like, Oh, my Mom and Stepdad are like the worst My stepdad is always so angry at me just because I keep hacking my principal s email IDs to get expelled, cuz its not like admission fees cost a fortune or anything Psht I m not shitting you She dropped out of 2 schools by hacking into her Principal s email address so that she gets expelled Just because she feels mad at her mother for having a life and being happy.And then BAM out of nowhere, she feels the sudden urge to use a large microscope or something She looks it up online and finds that St Magdalene s recently got a new microscope, so she thinks, HmmWhy not check this shit outShe goes to their website, only find the huge tuition fee She briefly considers stealing from a bank when she sees the scholarship option And guess what She freaking gets in. Dont ask me how Its not like you need parental signature and permission which she doesnt have since she doesn t tell her mom that she is applying for this crap or anything Nor an interview with your parents Then Sethos I only read one chapter from this guy to know he is the kind of guy who turns into a pile of mush when he meets the MC Hell, he even falls in insta love with a girl who I can bet good money, looks like Eva, even though they only describe the girl and not Eva I m not a fan of the writing, which was frankly, the cherry on top Nope Cannot do it any. This book was a fantastic read and an absolute page turner I completely fell in love with the characters which I didn t expect as I normally am not crazy for romance books, this one however was different The way it carried the time travelling element and the mystery of their pasts, for me made it a much interesting book than your average romance This book, I believe can appeal to a whole range of readers It s got some of everything action, romance, tragedy, sci fi , and for this reason and the great skill with which it has been written by the author Dee Shulman who I believe will soon be a household name, globally , I predict that this book will soon be a bestselling novel so read it fast now when less people have heard of it so in the future you can say you read it when no one knew about it My only problem with this book, is that the rest of the series isn t out yet.Peace and love x This book started of pretty interesting A girl who has a problem to fit in and is really smart I liked the fact that she was sort of a hacker Then I learned that she didn t fit in because all the boys in her previous schools were in love with her and girls were jealous because of it So Eva main character had to break into school s system and make sure she was caught doing that so she could get expelled Yeah, no Then we meet Seth A gladiator who insantly falls in love with a beautiful young women and accidentally gets injured in a combat because of her He then gets treated in her house and they madly fall in love Of course, then they dieInsta love, a fever that has AIDS symptoms, time travelling, reincarnation What a mess this book was I somewhat liked Eva and how she was misunderstood and, seriously, I found it rather amusing how she would fangirl over scientific things Who I found annoying was Seth From the fact that he was insanely beautiful, but he still didn t know why all those women throw themselves at him, to the insta love thing where he wishes to die because of losing his beloved one, whom he didn t even properly get to know, might I add I just couldn t find anything lovable about him Can I just mention that he got all the knowledge in the world just by touching a TV screen in Parallon Third part of the book was the most painful one That s the part in which these two meet And then along comes the well known I m too dangerous for you and because of it I can t be with you part Of course that all goes down in flames on the last page of the book Of course That ending was so bad All ended so abruptly that I didn t have a feeling it was actually the end of the book It was ridiculous Side characters were so flat and no one stood out Usually I have at least one side character or two to make up for hating the main characters, but not in this case Everyone was so flat and everything was revolving around Eva and Seth, when he appeared And where the hell that professor came from I didn t really get all that Parallon thing Why is that such a special place I get that you go there when you get that fever thing and die or just disappear But why hadn t that happened to Eva too And its similarities with AIDS are rather disturbing.I don t think I ll be continuing this series because I couldn t find anything appealing about it. I found Fever to be completely addictive and if I could have read it in one sitting I would have done shakes fist as full time job and the need to sleep i was completely drawn in by the story, the characters and didn t want it to end.I absolutely loved the two main characters I really loved Eve and thought she was a brilliantly strong character I loved that she was super clever and cool with it and I loved seeing her geek out about a whole variety of things I enjoyed seeing her develop as a person as the story went on and she started to become comfortable in who she was and the person she was had the potential to be.Seth on the other hand was pure gorgeousness I loved him for his grr rough gorgeous edge and I can t wait to see of him.What I thought this book did particularly well was the way in which is portrayed the relationship between Eve and her so called best friend who later turns against her The bitchy girliness that was portrayed was spot on as I know all too well how girl can be best friends and then suddenly awful to each other with a click of the fingers.The time travelling element fascinated me in this book I can t wait to see if it is explored in the next instalment.The only thing I have to complain about is I thought the romance between Seth and Eve was both forced and rushed I would have liked to have seen a slower build up to them becoming a couple and then of them together I m hoping book two will sort it for me long term.All in all an excellent and compulsive read which has left me wanting. God this book just had me shouting a very long, very exasperated NOOO I hated it I truly just couldn t like itFor starters.Eva was a pain I meanfirst she decided that because she was gifted with super intelligence,normal school wasn t good enough for herand then there was this thing where guys just had to fancy her and she couldn t cope with telling them no She had to get expelled to get away from the torture of mundane teaching and being an object of attraction for apparently every male in her schools And then Sethos Leontis.sigh,nice guyI just couldn t take the world of the gladiators seriously I mean yes, he was a slave but I feel like the reality of that could have been portrayed a little bit And Liviasuddenly they are irrevocably in love without ever having a decent conversation All she did was mop some sweat off his browgive me something here man..And here it isthis book is about Eva and Seth falling in love apparently without ever having an actual conversation and just sharing a few burning looks across rooms Eva and Sethnot Livia and Seth and yes she may be the reincarnated version but she is still Eva and not Livia in 2013 And they didn t even meet until page 271 PAGE 271 And the mysterious Fever and Parallon and all of that was never explained at allI know there is going to be another book but the author could have given us a little bit to go on.So to sum it all up in one word.just no. 1.5 stars I will fully admit that this book was a OMG THIS LOOKS AND SOUNDS TERRRRRRRRRRRRIBLE I HAVE TO FIND OUT IF IT S REALLY AS BAD AS I THINK IT IS read So, like, it was never going to end well for me But this was probably even worse than I thought it was going to be I mean, it wasn t so bad that I DNFed it, which is why it gets the extra half star But everything else was justawful The main character, Eva Yeah, she s the biggest Mary Sue to ever Mary Sue She s an amazing computer hacker She gets into a genius high school and starts taking as many classes as possible because SHE JUST WANTS TO LEARN and then she s instantly top of the class in all of them She half heartedly plays the guitar once and is suddenly the lead guitarist in a band with all the popular kids All the boys want to date her She gets dragged along to an acting audition and suddenly she s cast as Ophelia in the school production of Hamlet She s never ridden a horse before, but she can gallop instantly In short She Is The Worst Especially when you add in the why did this girl want to be my friend stuff that she does any time a female character is nice to her Sethos is a gladiator in 1st century Londinium He dies of a fever and finds himself in this mysterious in between London where he can apparently just have knowledge instantly dropped into his head Including how to develop a scientific research methodology IDEK, you guys And he can travel to modern London Anyway The characters sucked The writing was bleh The first two thirds of the book was set up The relationship between them was instalove, whether it was in Eva s past life as Livia or in the present day And in person, the cover looks like they re holding hands in a circle made of sperm But, you know I finished it. Video review found here where to start What I will say is that if you are Dee Shulman, look away now I am doing this for your own good And apologies, this is going to be long I will do my best to avoid spoilers though it ll be difficult as there are a lot of specific bits that I really want to moan about I really did try to find some positives, as I don t like giving a completely negative review It s not really fair or constructive, but it was difficult The only thing I could find, was that the author can put a sentence together well, and technically speaking, her writing is pretty, well, readable The problem that I had then, was with what the words were saying So lets start with her characters I don t think I have ever instantly disliked a character as much as I did Eva She s just too perfect It s never really spelt out for us, as Eva s storyline is written in first person perspective, and being so humble and self deprecating which gets really annoying she never says I m stupidly intelligent , but when we discover she can hack into computers at the age of 8, it s kind of implied Then once she hits her teens, she suddenly becomes some kind of radiant goddess that boys can t seem to resist, which girls hate her for So far she has brains and beauty What are we missing oh yes, talent She can play guitar and sing There we go, the perfect package To be fair to the author, she did try to balance Eva out by giving her family friend issues, but by that point my dislike was so firmly cemented, I just couldn t bring myself to sympathise or care and I just wished she d stop whining and get over it You can t have everything.Her family doesn t understand her, which she often reminds us of, and she has no friends because she can t let anyone know her secret super duper brain powers All the boys want to date her because she is so beautiful and all the girls loath her because they are riddled with jealousy Later on though, she meets Ruby who becomes her first friend But when they fall big style not Eva s fault of course, and yes, that was sarcasm she becomes a stereotypical jealous, teenage villain, calling Eva lots of nasty names very publically But don t worry, Eva s not alone, and the friends she doesn t even realise she has come to her rescue in the most cheesy fashion you could imagine Yay.A lot of my criticisms are probably just me being a bitch though, as I find people like Eva extremely hard to relate to and empathize with It didn t help much that wasn t particularly believable either It soon becomes obvious to all that she s a brain box, gorgeous and a mean musician, but it s the fact that she s so modest about it to the point of denial, that irritates me so much How can she not know that she s stupidly attractive, when every guy who takes one look at her instantly seems to throw themselves at her feet, or how intelligent she is by the fact she gets accepted into the Boffin Institute actual name St Magdalene s It all comes across, to me, as a bit false Just a little self acknowledgement of her many gifts, and some simple honesty would have made me like her.Then there s Seth, the male lead A gladiator He s strong, agile, quick and has this uncanny ability to pre empt an opponent s next move before even they do facts that we are reminded of constantly Basically the perfect fighter Then there s the fact that the poor dear, has to be beautiful and ooze charm that seems to draw in the opposite sex like a magnet It s a hard life But like with Eva, the author has tried to balance him out with being a slave and lacking in the freedom department I actually found that I liked him to start with, but then his love interest, Livia, appears and he becomes a bit of a simpering romantic obsessed with love and the need to be with this girl he barely knows I m afraid I lost all respect for him Again, this is probably just be my own personal failings when it comes to matters of the heart, but it started to get a little cheesy.So within a few chapters, I was already finding this book a bit of a struggle, as I wasn t really invested in the characters But I will say, which can be viewed as the second positive, is that though I personally didn t get on with her characters, the author has admirable character building skills, as through the course of the book, you really get to know them inside and out You may at this point, be wondering why I continued reading The answer is the plot, as I was interested in finding out how she was going combine the two very different story lines together The book makes it clear that time travel is involved, but it takes a while for that particular plot point to develop as there is a lot of initial back story to wade through Unfortunately, I was to be disappointed as the whole thing becomes a little silly We are introduced to the concept of Parallon, an alternate dimension I think that exists outside of timeand that s about all we get There is very little explanation as to what it is, why it s there or even where it got it s name and although there s a character in Parallon who seems like he might have the answers, he is too irritatingly evasive and vague to be of any use It is from this point Eva and Seth finally meet, and it all seems a bit patched together, erring on the side of random A series of events that don t really fit together or flow, leaving the whole thing disjointed Towards the end of the book, I waited for a climax to the plot and maybe a few answers to some of the many mysteries hinted at, as, though this seems to be the start of a series, usually there is some sort of sense closure and of wrapping up However, as there was no real focus to the story, this was absent Instead we got some technical jargon about the fever for which the book is named, and although high lights the research the author must have done, was detailed to the point of being boring and I m afraid I began to skip chunks Then we finish on a scene that was missing from the earlier narrative, and should have been the grand finale, in which we discover the key details of a pinnacle event that occurred previously and that links, Seth, Eva and Livia together badly and tenuously Yet alas, by this point, I had lost all interest and just wanted to finish the book.So, in conclusion, not good Characters that are hard to like and unrealistic A plot with too many holes and deep breath missing explanations that leaves the whole thing feeling like lots of random ideas just thrown at each with no real effort to linking them together, and too many mysteries that are left unresolved and therefore make no sense A lot of this as I always say in my reviews is of course personal preference so I won t tell you not to read it, as you may miss out on a book that you may in fact, like.My goodness, that s the longest review EVER If you made it this far, I commend, congratulate and thank you You are super.