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I looked forward to this volume with great anticipation and expectation, and I wasn t disappointed Again, David Woolley has produced a great story that keeps the reader engaged and involved As with previous volumes, I began the novel with a bit of rebellion that my pre conceived notions about aspects of scriptural history were being challenged such as the premise that the Liahona was passed down through the generations , but, as usual, I found myself agreeing that the Lord does work in mysterious ways, and the means Brother Woolley described in the novel could very well be the way things happened He has a talent for making the scriptures, and the people and situations in them, so very real, and his amazing knowledge of the areas, peoples, and cultures in this time period only make it all theinteresting and familiar Some of the loose ends from the other novels are tied up in this one, many with a very satisfying, rewarding conclusion, and others quite surprising and thought provoking Brother Woolley s books have served to strengthen and enhance my testimony of the scriptures particularly the Book of Mormon and the Old Testament and the prophets Lehi, Nephi, Jeremiah, etc I already know the scriptures are true, but I have appreciated the increased understanding and insights I have gained through reading this series The Lord truly has a plan for us, and if we follow it, everything works out for the best good. What a great book I love how David Woolley pulls you into the story from the first page I had a hard time putting the book down The chapters bounce back and forth between characters Mulek, Lehi and his family in the wilderness, Jonathan the blacksmith s family, Ishmael s family, the Royal family of Zedikiah and the chief elder Zadock In the back of the book are Historical Notes listed by chapters so you can review as you read It is amazing how much I remember from the other four books, although I wouldn t mind reading the whole series back to back sometime I hope it doesn t take three years until the next one comes out, that is too long to wait It had been awhile since I had read the previous book in the series so I was trying in my mind to pick up where the story had left off But once I got the story line again I quickly became interested in what was going to happen It is an authors story that follows the Book of Mormon in a fictional since Some of the characters in the book are in the Book of Mormon and others are made up I enjoy reading historical fiction because it brings real people into the story who have life backgrounds The families come to life for me In fact I feel sorry for Nora and Hannah in this book as to in the end that they wind up with Laman and Lemuel This book takes place in 592 600 years before Christ was born Jeruselem is on the verge of being destroyed Lehi and his family are still in the wilderness and if you ve read the Book of Mormon you know what the Compass of God refers too I m not sure how many books the author is going to write with this series but this book leaves off with knowing their will be another one to come. This was my very first book by David Woolley With that being said, I would recommend reading the 4 books that come before this novel first Haha Who would ve thought, right Now, you won t be lost if you pick this one up first, but you would probably understand a lotof what was going on if you read the other books in the series first This book tells the story of the liahona it s importance and how it came to be found outside the tent of Lehi , the daughters of Ishmael how difficult it could have been for them to leave all they know and love and follow marry the sons of Lehi , King Zedekiah all things political that come with ruling a nation , and the Blacksmith family the importance of family and forgiveness.All in all, it was a great read. I really enjoyed reading Compass of God Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres of books because I like to get a sense of what the lives of real people may have been like in the past I appreciate the extensive research the author did and the notes at the end of the book were interesting and helpful I am looking forward to the next book. I love this series and Compass of God is a wonderful addition Romance, intrigue, suspense, and sprinkles of humor throughout make it a terrific read.It s a carefully crafted story that really satisfies I read these books with two bookmarks because I love the historical notes as much as I love the story. .Free Kindle ♀ Compass of God (The Promised Land, #5) ⚇ When Mulek, Son Of King Zedekiah, Secretly Surfaces In Jerusalem Some Years After His Escape, He Brings With Him A Mysterious And Legendary Object The Curious Compass Reputed To Have Guided Noah S Ark To Safety As Mulek Seeks To Conceal The Coveted Treasure, Four Other Exiles Approach The City The Sons Of Lehi, Who Fled Their Homeland With The Brass Plates Only To Receive God S Decree To Return And Claim Their Intended Wives, The Four Daughters Of Ishmael Sariah Joyfully Begins Planning A Wedding In The Desert, But The Long Absent Brothers Are Hardly Received With Open Arms, And Securing Their Brides To Be Becomes A Challenge As Formidable As Eluding The Officials Enraged By Laban S Recent Murder As Persecution Rages Under The Hand Of Laban S Cruel Successor And Babylonian Armies Gather For War, A Young Woman Must Risk Her Life To Protect The Liahona, The Compass That Will Lead God S Chosen People To The Land Of Promise Beautifully Written, Deeply Moving, And Highly Intense, Compass Of God Is A Novel About A Tumultuous And Spiritually Significant Period Of History That Sweeps The Reader Along In The Events That Take A Book Of Mormon Prophet And His Family Into Uncharted Regions Of Time, Place, And The Human HeartThe Cast Of Characters Is Richly Diverse And Compelling In This Story Of Political Intrigue, Intricate Family Dynamics, And Spiritual Awakenings Author David Woolley Has Once Again Created A Masterful Blend Of Intensely Researched Details, Adventure, And Drama, And He Has An Unerring Grasp Of The Complexity Of Human Relationships In This Unforgettable Story Of Love, Betrayal, Faith, And ForgivenessFilled With Page Turning Action, This Superb Fifth Volume In The Promised Land Series Has All The Elements That Make For Outstanding Historical Fiction It Is A Well Orchestrated, Breathtaking Symphony Of Adventure, Romance, And A Fever Pitched Battle Between The Forces Of Good And Evil I had heard that there weren t anyof this series being written I am so happy to hear that this isn t true I can hardly wait to begin again so that I can read Volumes 4 5 Yeah I m so excited YAY So glad this is out I ve been waiting for this series to keep going for years I finished the 3rd book in 2003 and the 4th in 2009 I m excited to see what happens after the ending of the last one I was so sad at the cliffhanger My sister convinced me that wasn t the end LOL D Been waiting for this Love this series.