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!READ KINDLE ☺ No Offense Intended ♛ A Former Substance Abuser, Expert Mechanic Munch Mancini Is Doing Her Best To Stay Clean, But There S Always Some Temptation To Make It Hard, Like Her Ex Lover, Sleaze Garillo, A Hustler In Need Of A Favor When Sleaze Drops Out Of Sight Under Troubling Circumstances, Munch Can T Help Hut Get Involved The Cops Want Her For Answers, But Munch Doesn T Have Any Yet And She S The Only One With The Connections To Find The Truth, A Search That Leads Her To The Past She S Trying To Overcome There S No Turning Back Though Used To Battling Shady Characters And The Law, This Time, Munch Is Facing The Hardest Fight Of Her Life Protecting The Baby Daughter Sleaze Left Behind A new author to me copyright date 1999.Former alcoholic 8 months into recovery, on probation with LA County, Miranda Munch Mancini works as a auto mechanic at a gas station in the San Fernando valley An old friend from her past life stops by the station and asks Munch for a couple of favors Wary of his continuing drinking she reluctantly agrees By nightfall her friend John Sleaze is dead in a drive by, leaving his infant daughter an orphan and in the care of his alcoholic sister and her husband is the person who set up Sleaze for his execution.The story continues in the style of The Perils of Pauline, an early 20th century serial where the heroine frequently winds up in perilous situations and somehow manages to work her way through at the end of each episode.I hope to find volumes by this author Writing is clear, unambiguous, and the heroine works through the mystery with admirable character and the right contacts at the right time. 3,5 No Offense Intended, by Barbara Seranella, a minus,Narrated by Paul Boehmer, Produced by audible inc and downloaded from audible.com.This is the second in the series Munch Mansini has, in the past year, put together a reasonably good life for herself She is employed full time as a mechanic, and is good at her job But she does have one problem People keep appearing from her old life, wanting a favor, to borrow money, to try to get her to use drugs or alcohol again The latest in this run of old friends was a former lover, known as Sleeze who comes to her for a favor He wants her to pick up his baby daughter, the mother is dead and take the baby plus her belongings to his sister When Munch goes to pick up the baby, she finds the neighbors dead Sleeze has been shot to death by a sniper on the highway Munch hates to leave the baby with Sleeze s sister who has children of her own which she isn t raising very well The FBI are involved as well, and Munch starts to believe that they deliberately set Sleeze up as a snitch, which he would not have done So she decides to help the police find the killers, and she wants to take the baby who now is an orphan She must deal with drug dealers and post hippies, and hell s angels to finally reach a solution. A workmanlike thriller Though ostensibly set in 1977, there s nothing that marks the story as being of that period and several errors the nuclear reaction statue in Santa Monica dates only back to 1991, but that s just one example There s a distracting use of the word lad throughout, too I read the Kindle version which was also rife with typos The best part of the book is that the main character, a young woman, is a mechanic really, the author only hits her stride when explaining how to fix cars, but those bits are pretty fun. I have never seen a bad review of a Seranella book, and I can t figure out precisely why this series does not work for me Perhaps it s the constant feeling of impending violence, even though it mostly does not happen I disliked the first Munch Mancini novel so much that I never finished it and it s been years since I did that This is my second try and I had to make myself finish it Mancini seems a bit flat as a character for me, as do most of the book s other characters, the plot focuses heavily on drugs which does not interest me much , and the writing is not engaging I realize I am out of step, but this is my last read in this series Really 2.5 stars. No Offense Intended VGBarbara Saranella 2nd in seriesIt sounds simple enough Just pick up Sleaze John Garillo s baby Asia from the neighbor who s been watching her while Sleaze has been, uh, busy, and deliver her together with her baby gear to Sleaze s sister Lisa Slokum But nothing is simple when you re a recovering alcohol and drug abuser on probation, like Venice car mechanic Munch Mancini, and nothing is simple when it involves Sleaze, who can t even make it through the day he turns up at Happy Jack s Auto Repair without getting himself shot on the freeway.Very well done This was a solid second outing for Seranella s Munch Mancini Although I didn t enjoy it as much as the first Munch novel, NO HUMAN INVOLVED, it was still an incredibly fast read My diminished enthusiasm for this novel was due to the amount of other characters brought in which lessened the time spent with Munch She s a fascinating character and I really wanted to spend time viewing life from her perspective.Outside of that, the story was good and the pace was quick If you liked the first novel, it s definitely worth jumping into the story. Missed the dective from the first book I thought he might be in this one However I did like Dective Blackstone I also liked that Munch stayed true to giving up drugs and her loyalty yo her friends. Munch Mancini is a ex druggie, recovering alcoholic, who is trying her best to stay out of trouble when someone from her pas at comes back into her life The rivalry between FBI and local law adds to her troubles.Munch is a surprisingly smart heroine, an ace mechanic who knows Shakepeare Overall enjoyable reread