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~BOOK ♨ Sword Song ⚖ Bernard Cornwell Ranks As The Current Alpha Male Of Testoterone Enriched Historical FictionThis Satisfying Tale Leaves You Hungry For Of Uhtred S AdventuresUSA TodayThe Year Is , And England Is At Peace, Divided Between The Danish Kingdom To The North And The Saxon Kingdom Of Wessex In The South Warrior By Instinct And Viking By Nature, Uhtred, The Dispossessed Son Of Northumbrian Lord, Has Land, A Wife And Children And A Duty To King Alfred To Hold The Frontier On The Thames But A Dead Man Has Risen, And New Vikings Have Invaded The Decayed Roman City Of London With Dreams Of Conquering Wessexwith Uhtred S Help Suddenly Forced To Weigh His Oath To The King Against The Dangerous Turning Side Of Shifting Allegiances And Deadly Power Struggles, Uhtred Alfred S Sharpest Sword Must Now Make The Choice That Will Determine England S Future As good as book one of the series I really like the story line and villains in this one. So long as there is a kingdom on this windswept island, there will be war So we cannot flinch from war We cannot hide from its cruelty, its blood, its stench, its vileness or its joy, because war will come to us whether we want it or not War is fate, and wyrd bi ful r d Fate is inescapable The one thing I love most of this series is the beautiful writing Cornwell has such a way with words, how to twist them together to make these beautiful scenes even when its a horrible killing These warriors are warriors, I want to get up and fight and drink with them This book was much slower than the last three and I think it has a lot to do with Uhtred growing up.a little I hate Aethelred, love Aethelflead, Gisela and Alfred is growing on me I guess I can see reason now with him and all he does.I feel like if I say any I will give away than I want to There are so many things that have happened that now I think I m with the Saxons.WHATNOT THE VIKINGS I know But it makes senseright I can t wait to get into the next book. Zu Ende Dun dunn duuuuuuuunn Ich liebe es Ich bin s chtig Ich liebe den Unterhaltsamen Schreibstil Halb poetisch, halb st rrisch, voller eindimensionaler M nnersachen, die ich ebenfalls liebe Keine Moral doch so doppelt so viel Herzblut Ich liebe die Charaktere, die mich zum weinen bringen Leider Sterben zu viele, die ich doch grad erst liebgewonnen hab das liebe ich nicht Es bricht mein Herz Ich liebe diese Reihe Cornwell still hasn t let me down with this series The villains are still easy to hate and there were even characters I wholly liked Pyrlig is great The relative lack of major events in Lords of the North made it a slower read for me than The Pale Horseman, and although this one seemed still primarily focused on the smaller stories of Uhtred and thelfl d there was a ton of action and purposeful movement.I have to say that I m proud of Uhtred A whole 300 pages and he didn t commit a single brutal murder of a defenseless person Either he s getting soft in his old age of twenty eight or that spark of developing character I saw in the other books is slowly coming to fruition Either way it definitely makes me like him a lot and thusly I get a lot invested in his story and ultimate fate.Cornwell s writing still surprises me with not only its vivid depiction of day to day life and war in 10th century Britain but its devotion to describing the beauty and detail of the island I never thought that I would enjoy in depth descriptions of estuaries and inlets and that kind of thing but I definitely did while reading this book He obviously has a strong affection for Britain and it shows with these books.After four books in a row I m still enjoying them a lot and I m excited to start the next one but I have to say I m not sure how Cornwell s going to keep them so entertaining I enjoy his formula but only because he manages to mix up the situations, characters, areas, etc within that formula With each passing book I m sure this is going to get harder and harder, but he hasn t let me down yet Onto the next one and I ll see how he pulls it off. Wyrd bi ful r d Fate is inexorableI had a super long review written for this series but I deleted the document accidentally so let me share with you at least some major points to explain my reasons for loving this series so much Astonishing storytelling skills Bernard Cornwell brought 9th century England alive for me Unforgettable narrator Uhtred of Bebbanburg is unapologetic and ruthless yet lovable and admiration worthy character with brilliant military strategic mind He is a true hero Complex and fascinating side characters that you will love to come back to Constant philosophical battle between paganism and Christianity that depicts given period precisely Well thought out storyline and twists War and fight scenes are chillingly realistic I really felt like I was there with Uhtred, fighting every new enemy or being part of countless shield wars.All in all, The Warrior Chronicles Saxon Stories series all 10 available books is spectacular story with spectacular writing It is one of the best historical fiction stories I have ever read and it is the perfect example of how to write engaging historical fiction series that never get boring or predictable Moreover, I loved author s note at the end of every book where author explained which parts were based on historical facts and which parts of his novel he made up RECOMMENDED P.S Poor Eric.. Executive Summary Another great entry in this series, that seemed to be over before it started How can you not like Uhtred of Bebbanburg Full Review I ve never really been a big historical fiction fan before discovering this series I m not enough of a history buff to know what elements are true, and which are fictional Regardless this series continues to be fascinating and engrossing.Compared to many of the doorstopping fantasy books I tend to read, these feel minuscule by comparison So much happens in so few pages though I love to see just what crazy thing Uhtred might do next in his quest for glory.However it s not just Uthred that endears this series to me He s once again surrounded by a great supporting cast of characters Some I love, some I hate, and then there is Alfred who I love to hate I ve always disliked Alfred, but after this book he became a total piece of shit I won t say why, but if you read this book and don t agree with that, I ll be shocked.For a brutish warrior, Uthred shows a lot heart and compassion for people in his life than the pious and cunning Alfred, the man who would be king of all England It makes for a great contrast.I m already looking forward to the next book in this series It s going far too quick for my liking though Before I know it, I ll be out of books to read, and then what will I do Well probably read another of the 100 or so unread books I already own, but that s besides the point. Uhtred is in his prime he has name and reputation, and he also has the youth and energy to complete his goals He is beyond tried and tested he is the master of his craft he is the mighty Uhtred and he is now a war lord to be feared I pity the man that crosses swords with himThe shield itself, rimmed with iron, was painted with a wolfs head, my badge, and at my left hung serpents breath and at my right Wasp sting, and I strode towards the gate with the sun rising behind me to throw my long shadow on the filth strewn street I was a warlord in all my glory, I had come to kill, and no one at the gate knew it This book opens with a gory hanging that is just another necessity of war Uhtred has learnt that a man must be brutal if his enemies are to fear him he has learnt that in order to maintain his warrior reputation he must be merciless Men must fear him or his reputation as a dangerous foe wouldn t exist The fear is part of his persona it is part of his character, and a necessary facet of being a successful general If his enemies can t predict his actions or understand the way he conducts his business, then half of the job is done before Uhtred has even drawn his sword He s already won It took Uhtred a while to catch on, through serving Alfred he will never receive the deserved glory for the services he has rendered to him The king is thankless and views Uhtred s success on the battlefield in a different light He can never fully trust him or allow him too much power He fears that his dog may turn round and bite him, which is a shame because for all Uhtred s savagery he still possesses a degree of honour and loyalty He quite easily could have been Alfred s man if he, in turn, treated him with respect The king has ordered him to be an advisor to his cousin, which means Uhtred will do all the thinking, and all the killing, whilst his weak cousin will get all the rewards Such is the life of Uhtred The familiarity of these novels really gives the series a sense of cohesion When you pick up the next instalment, there is absolutely no doubt as to what you are going to get Uhtred You re going to get another chapter of his life you re going to get the next stage of his development you re going to see the narrative change as he comes closer and closer to the retrospective Uhtred that is telling the tale Uhtred must bide his time in service to Alfred because one day he will be able to reclaim his family home by himself It s only a matter of time The Saxon Stories 1 The Last KingdomA fine five stars2 The Pale HorsmanA brilliant five stars3 Lords of the North A vengeful four stars4 Sword Song A familiar four stars5 The Burning LandA loyal five stars6Death of Kings A mighty five starsI don t think I ll ever get tired of reading this series I could read twenty books on this character You re than likely to get tired of seeing my reviews of the Saxon Stories before I get tired of reading the series It will be interesting to see how it all ends. It is a testament to Cornwell s craftsmanship that I enjoy hanging out with Uhtred I know I should dislike him, he s vain, sullen, petty, often foolish, mostly brutal, and very occasionally, kind And yet I am fond of him I grimace when he falls for stupid tricks when he is vicious without cause I shake my head and smile when he tries to hide his real motivations from me with low cunning Uhtred is a very clever, very flawed and very human creation.So many writers of historical fiction feel the need to modernize their protagonists all those perky girls who ride astride and hate embroidery, all the bleeding heart liberal heroes who fret over slavery and violence and all the other nasty period habits modern readers find unpalatable Those sort of books might be populated by nicer folk, but they don t ring true Uhtred feels like a real Saxon, and though I am fond of him if I was on fire, he wouldn t piss on me to put it out He d probably throw another faggot on and warm his mead.Alfred is probably closest to our modern sensibilities, well maybe a evangelical Christian from the Bible Belt and seeing him through Uhtred s eyes makes the king much entertaining as a character There is a layering an irony of narrative that makes these books much complex than they appear.The language is simple, though it does have the rhythm and stress of Anglo Saxon poetry thankfully without the alliteration, but there are quite complex historical themes at work Of particular interest in this book is the role of the oath and how Alfred uses this to slowly bind people to him and his notion of an emerging England The oath of fealty was to become the cornerstone of Feudal control in the Medieval period, and it is fascinating to see the evolution of this type of government through the eyes of a warrior of the old school You really get a sense of how manipulative Alfred must have been No matter how hard Uhtred wriggles, he can t escape Alfred s hook any than he can escape his Fate.