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Hey check out my review in Spanish This book describes how billionaires are driven by greed and have no regard for the condition of millions of people that daily die of hunger It shows how this group of very reach people has lost all humanity and only thinks about accumulating and in order to have and In the first chapter it describes an imaginary parade where the smallest people are the ones who make the least money and the tallest are those who make lots of money It says that the last person in this parade would be 250 miles tall whereas there would be millions of dwarfs and a handful of normal sized people From the second to the seventh chapter the author presents arguments to prove that inequity is not the result of chance but the result of careful planning For example the depression of 1929 was the result of the banks trying to steal all the money of the country but having to give up on the Federal Reserve.It also discusses the categories of billionaires like less and guilty There are rich guys like Bill Gates who made his money out of a good luck strike and there is John Paulson a dangerous murderer who poses as a respectable businessman in Wall Street He made his fabulous fortune by betting against the odds that normal people would be able to pay their mortgages He insured all those mortgages and in order to make money he manipulated the banks and had them loaning billions of dollars to people who could not afford those loans but were talked into them and then when those people defaulted and lost everything Paulson cashed in his insurance money and became one of the richest men in the world That is the dirtiest and most gruesome crime I have ever heard of and the saddest part is that if you Wikipedia him you will find the portrait of a nice philanthropist who gives millions of dollars to good causes Dreadful McQuaig also discusses the negative effect of billionaires in the general health There are a myriad of illnesses caused directly by the advent of these super rich into society And then she starts to discuss the different ways we can extinguish them It is not about sending them to another world which would be nice but not the scope of the book but by transforming them into normal people by taxing their fortunes and using that money to better social assistance programs and the improvement of public education Although this would be very difficult there are several steps that must be put in place like stopping the public funding of private planes and lavish parties Incredibly billionaires have the right to deduct 50% of meals entertainment and private jets It doesn t forget to propose severe taxes for inheritances because there is no point on being praised for winning the genetic lottery.The book ends with a nice anecdote about a wealthy artist attending a party hosted by one of these super billionaires While the super rich is bragging about his houses here and there his boats planes and private islands the artists turns to his fellow party goer and states yeah but I have something that he will never have enough [[ Kindle ]] ✙ Billionaires Ball ↜ The Concentration Of Wealth Today In Such A Small Number Of Hands Inevitably Created A Dynamic That Led To Freewheeling Financial Speculation A Dynamic That Produced Similarly Disastrous Results In The Last Great Age Of Inequality, In The S Such Concentrated Economic Power Reverberates Throughout Society, Threatening The Quality Of Life And The Very Functioning Of Democracy As McQuaig And Brooks Illustrate, It S No Accident That The United States Claims The Most Billionaires But Suffers From Among The Highest Rates Of Infant Mortality And Crime, The Shortest Life Expectancy, And The Lowest Rates Of Social Mobility And Electoral Political Participation In The Developed WorldIn Billionaires Ball, McQuaig And Brooks Take Us Back In History To The Political Decisions That Helped Birth Our Billionaires, Then Move Us Forward To The Cutting Edge Research Into The Dangers That Concentrated Wealth Poses Via Vivid Profiles Of Billionaires Ranging From Philanthropic Capitalists Such As Bill Gates To Hedge Fund King John Paulson And The Infamous Band Of Koch Brothers Billionaires Ball Illustrates Why We Hold Dearly To The Belief That They Earned And Deserve Their Grand Fortunes, When Such Wealth Is Really A By Product Of A Legal And Economic Infrastructure That S Become Deeply Flawed So far I ve read about half of the first chapter free download This book gives an awesome picture of the economic 1%, and even the.01% in this country and how filthy rich individuals and families are in this country and the around the world For example, one of the world s 1,011 billionaires John Paulson has a personal fortune of 12 billion In 2010, Paulson s 4.9 billion income was than 100,000 times the average US income.This kind of billionaire wealth has essentially crated a two teired economy in the world market, and it has devastating impact for 99% This obscene levels of wealth should automatically beg the question why does anyone or any family need with that amount of wealth Just to be clear what a billion is, think about it this way the opening sentence of the book Image you are given one dollar every second At that rate, after one minute, you would have sixty dollars And after two days, you would be a millionaire something beyond most people s wildest dreams But how long would it take to become a billionaire Well, at that rate, it would take almost 32 years So again, the question is, why does any one person or family need that much wealth That kind of money can be spent in 10 or 12 lifetimes And lastly, the question we should also be asking is, how does such wealth disparity impact the world economy and the lives of working people I m hoping the authors of this book will address that question also. There s plenty of finger pointing and blame to be had when it comes to the housing bubble burst and the resulting recession, and the authors of this book place the lion s share of that blame on Wall Street and those who took risky gambles there The predatory lending I can t help but think of the AmeriQuest lending commercials that used to air all of the time, geared towards those who couldn t afford a mortgage , the insane lack of oversight, and the casino like atmosphere that took hold on the Street are all examined, as many other books have done.This book, however, spends a good deal of time examining the growing inequality between the 1% and the rest of America Linking the inequality we have now in this country with the inequality during America s Gilded Age and we all know how THAT ended , the authors refute arguments that such stratification benefits society as a whole, as well as pointing out that America s most productive era the post War boom was also the most equal, with higher, progressive taxes on the rich The book certainly won t appeal to everyone the authors have a socialist bent, which some will run away from screaming, I m sure but it s an interesting read. What if we could provide an 18,000 education trust for every young person in this country to use to go to college or to seek vocational training upon turning 18 years of age In essence increasing the Federal Pell Grant by nearly 50% a year and expanding a similar benefit to every young person in this country regardless of income This book clearly lays out the argument of why and how we as a people can do just that and Our country needs to be taken back alright, but it s not by those who are so vocal about it today Read this book as The Trouble with Billionaires , the title under which it was released in Canada a few years ago Excellent read far informative than Plutocrats.