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#Read Book ⚠ Conceived in Liberty â This Book Is About Eric Andros, Born And Raised In A European Country, Who Initially Proclaims His Life Goal To Become The Richest Man In The World As His Young, Adult Life Evolves, He Becomes Someone With Much Different Ideals He Successfully Uses The United States Political System With Other Ideologues As Financial Backers, To Elect A President Of Their Sponsorship To Change The Country To A Socialistic Society What He Underestimates Is The Resolve Of United States Citizens A Group Of Patriots Who Look To Reclaim The Country And Eliminate The Source Of The Socio Economic Revolution For Now Enjoy This Exciting And Cleverly Detailed Story Definitely For People Who Have A Thirst For The Unexpected And Desire For What Next I won this book as a Goodreads First Read. This is an outstanding book It has mystery and intrigue and a plot that will surprise you, providing the totally unexpected Will help you realize how our country has reached its current position and the trouble we could be in The follow up book is even exciting and will be available soon. Waste of time, IMHO