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For someone with neither kids nor any interest in having kids, I have read a weirdly large number of memoirs about parenting Shirley Jackson s Life Among the Savages is, though slight, perfectly charming and funny It probably bears mentioning that it s tonally nothing like her fiction, although this book does in fact contain chaos and poltergeists and slippery identity It s all madcap and mostly lighthearted, but with a thread of genuine frustration running throughout that gives it a likable acerbity When faced with travails such as a housekeeper who ices cookies with SINNER, REPENT in pink frosting and a daughter who insists that she is also a much older woman with an entire brood of daughters of her own, all of whom have to be acknowledged, what else can you do but laugh and then scream into a pillow All in all, delightful but inessential. I ve read Shirley Jackson at the peak of her form We Have Always Lived in the Castle.I ve read Shirley Jackson at her scariest The Haunting of Hill House.I ve read Shirley Jackson at her most psychologically incisive The Bird s Nest.Now I ve read Shirley Jackson at her funniest Life Among the Savages is a charming memoir of the author s domestic life As the title implies, she is the only civilized being in the midst of an ever increasing number of children and a husband who well, he is a grown man, which is the equivalent of an ungrown man.Here we see the author in her everyday life, a wrangler of children and household chores There really is nothing at all remarkable about what goes on in these pages the charm and the interest lies in the telling Jackson possesses a dry wit that she doses out in plenty.This book is episodic rather than continuous There s an episode in which a trip to the bank leads to the children sitting on Santa s lap, which leads to Santa promising all sorts of presents to the children which the author cannot afford ten points if you can guess who was dressed up as Santa Then there s another in which the eldest boy returns home from school everyday to report the exploits of a very ill behaved boy in his class Imagine the author s surprise when she attends a parent teacher conference and discovers the true identity of the ne er do wellThere s a lot about this book that feels like a really great television sitcom Analogy wise, consider this Shirley Jackson her children Liz Lemon the employees of TGS i.e 30 Rock This book is imminently translatable to the small screen and I beg someone to do it For me, please. [Download Epub] ⚉ Life among the Savages ♷ Can This Be The Author Of Such Chilling Tales As The Lottery And The Haunting Of Hill House An Ordinary Housewife Stuck In A Big, Shabby House With Three Marvelous, Demanding Children And A Charming Husband Who Takes Detached Interest In The Chaos They Generate Yes, It S Shirley Jackson All Right The Precision Of Her Observations And Prose Is Familiar, Even If Her Humor Is Something Of A Surprise Not Until Anne Lamott S Operating Instructions In Would Another Woman Write With Such Honesty About The Maddening Multitude Of Trivial, Essential Chores That Constitute A Mother S Life But Jackson Nailed It First, Years Earlier, In Her Hilarious Chronicle Of Life In A Small Vermont Town, Where Getting The Kids To School On Time Requires The Combined Gifts Of A Drill Sergeant And A Lady S Maid The Saga Of Her Son S Bumpy Adjustment To Kindergarten, Frequently Anthologized As Charles, Is Justly Famous, But Jackson S Account Of The Department Store Trip From Hell Two Kids, Two Toy Guns, One Doll Carriage And Doll, Mayhem In Revolving Doors And Escalators Is Even Funnier Although Her Memoirs Are As Merciless As Her Ghost Stories, You May Not Notice Because You Re Laughing So HardWendy Smith Here s a very funny novel actually, a compilation of interlinked stories about a mommy, a daddy, and a powerhouse full of children and assorted pets who give up Manhattan s crowded post World War II real estate market for the dubious comforts of life in snowy Vermont The author is Shirley Jackson, usually associated with macabre stories and novels like The Lottery and THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE LIFE AMONG THE SAVAGES is presented as fiction, but many of the incidents in this book seem to have been lifted out of real life in rural Vermont, with her four kids and husband, critic Stanley Edgar Hyman There s a good chance that when the narrator says things like I was in bed with a mystery she meant one she was writing, not reading And the all female college hubby teaches at just happens to be Bennington.But with Shirley Jackson at the wheel, there s usually a shiv or a shiver underneath the domestic goings on One housekeeper frosts her cookies with Repent, Sinner another borrows a few bucks and flees town with her felon boyfriend Another story has the kids all excited about their next visit to Pudge over the hill, where the children live beneath the water of the pond and an afternoon visit might take years Sadly, due to multiple addictions to liquor, smoking, pills and even chocolate obesity , not to mention likely overwork, the real Shirley Jackson did not live to see fifty How fortunate we are to have not only her scary work but this supremely funny book and its sequel, Raising Demons. I read this years ago, either before I had kids, or when I just had the one It s hilarious, but also a fascinating look, as a mother, into another time A time when women sat there smoking and drinking coffee on the day they were headed into the hospital to give birth A time when you put your daughter in an organdy party dress, white frilled socks, and white gloves to go to a birthday party, and were yourself embarrassed to realize that you were wearing jeans when you met the birthday girl s mother I love seeing how similar and different Shirley Jackson s fiction and nonfiction is They live in a strange crumbling house Her children s imaginary friends are presenting in an almost sinister fashion She obviously loves her children, but she s not a natural housekeeper or cook, and makes no apologies for it You can see shades of these things in her fiction, you can see the crumbling house taking a darker turn, the imaginary friends but then it s all so hilarious when she recounts it here as well For instance her daughter Jannie went through a phase where she insisted on being called the SECOND Mrs Ellenoy At the age of five, she presented herself as a widow with seven stepdaughters The stepdaughters all had names and personalities, and everyone in the family knew them and acknowledged them Creepy and yet hilarious that she didn t just pretend to be a mother with feisty daughters, but the stepmother, with seven daughters That s really one of my favorite things That and Charles If you don t know the story about Charles, you really just should read this Whether or not you have kids, or like The Lottery, you just should read this book. Shirley Jackson is most known for writing what the critics often call the best short story of all time and the best haunted house novel of all time Lesser known, but no less of an achievement, is Life Among the Savages which could very well be the best novel of parenting anecdotes Only a master writer can capture the hilarity of children rearing and Shirley Jackson proves herself an historic talent here than ever I laughed out loud the whole way through, and I have never raised a child.Shirley also disproves the theory that adverbs are always a sign of weak writing With a comedy such as this, at least, she manages to use them to great effect In fact, the adverb is often the knee slapping moment in the sentence.Highly recommended Can t wait to read Raising Demons next. Name The desk clerk said to me politely Age She asked Occupation Writer, I said Housewife, she said Writer, I said I ll just put down housewife, she said Husband s name She said Occupation Just put down housewife, I saidMy first delve into Shirley Jackson s non fiction was beyond satisfying I ve read her horror, as well as Ruth Ware s fantastic biography, and now, her humour Life Among the Savages is a sort of memoir, Jackson reflecting on the mundanity of domestic life as well as raising her children first two, then three, and by the end of the book, four It s comforting to know that this book, first published in 1953, still rings true today As a mom to two young boys, I often feel like I m living among savages Jackson s characteristic dry wit turns moments of utter chaos into something many parents will relate to Parenting is ruthless, absurd, challenging, rewarding, and the hardest work I ve ever done but I wouldn t change anything about it I only wish Jackson went a little deeper into the challenges of being a working mother, all while fulfilling the expected wifely duties it s bubbling there beneath the surface, but she never goes all the way in Those without kids can still enjoy this book Jackson s storytelling is as perfect here is it is in her fiction These stories may be true or may be embellished, we ll never know Either way, this is a worthy read for any Jackson fan and I can t wait to dig into Raising Demons, this book s successor. Shirley Jackson and her husband had four kids Apparently her deep understanding of the human psyche extends just as well into humor as it does into horror. If I could adopt a parent, it would be Shirley Jackson She was a master of horror She hated housework, but always had time to whip up a big vat of chocolate pudding She smoked like a chimney, and according to her youngest son, who became a nutritionist consumed a pound of butter a day She was married to a brilliant man, but managed to keep his gargantuan ego in check with her razor sharp wit She was a crazy cat lady and amateur witch In other words, she is the mom I always wanted LIFE AMONG THE SAVAGES is among her greatest work It s an account of her life as a mom and housewife Nobody can evoke the chaos of a houseful of kids like Jackson The fact that she managed to write so many great books and stories while raising 4 kids and an immature husband to boot is utterly staggering No wonder the poor woman died at 49 It was probably the first chance she had to rest in ages. OUR HOUSE is old, and noisy, and full When we moved into it we had two children and about five thousand books I expect that when we finally overflow and move out again we will have perhaps twenty children and easily half a million books On Naming of namesIt was when Jannie was very nearly five that the question of her name became desperately important When she was born her father wanted to name her Jean and I wanted to name her Anne, and we compromised upon an arbitrary Joanne, although I frequently call her Anne and her father very often calls her Jean Her brother calls her Honey, Sis, and Dopey, Sally calls her Nannie, and she calls herself, variously, Jean, Jane, Anne, Linda, Barbara, Estelle, Josephine, Geraldine, Sarah, Sally, Laura, Margaret, Marilyn, Susan, and imposingly Mrs Ellenoy The second Mrs Ellenoy.The former Mrs Ellenoy I have this straight from my daughter was a lovely woman, mother of seven daughters, all named Martha, and she and Mr Ellenoy used to be very angry with one another, until one day they grew so very angry that they up and killed each other with swords As a result my daughter is the new Mrs Ellenoy and has inherited all the Marthas as stepdaughters When she is not named Jean, Linda, Barbara, Sally, and so on, but is being Mrs Ellenoy, her daughters are allowed to assume these names, so that there is a constant bewildering shifting of names among them, and it is sometimes very difficult to remember whether you are addressing Janey Ellenoy or a small girl with seven daughters named Martha.I know what they all look like, of course The dog has four feet and is far larger than the cats, who operate as a two part unit anyway The boy is dirty and wears a disgraceful pair of blue jeans The father looks worried and a little bit overwhelmed.The older daughter is larger than the younger daughter, although there is an uncanny shifting of identity there, since the smaller wears the clothes the larger wore a short while before, and they both have blond curls and blue eyes But as to trying to remember, for instance, which two out of three have already had chicken pox and which one was innoculated for whooping cough and whether any given one of them got all three prescribed injections or one of them got nine, and, worst, which of the Ellenoy girls got spanked for breaking Laurence s six shooter and who told on her, I go all to pieces A new family member arrives from the hospitalSally finally said, What is it It s a baby, said their father, with an edge of nervousness to his voice, it s a baby boy and its name is Barry What s a baby Sally asked me It s pretty small, Laurie said doubtfully Is that the best you could get I tried to get another, a bigger one, I said with irritation, but the doctor said this was the only one left My goodness, said Jannie, what are we going to do with that Life among the Savages refers to the author s family, who act with strange overly civilized behavior This makes for a very funny tale.Enjoy