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I wanted to love this book especially since it enjoys relatively good sales on But to be honest, I found few redeeming qualities to it The story was just okay and it was rather hard to get through feeling like a trudge through a swamp than a fun romance novel The premise was great and the characters showed some promise, but I had real issues following the story The scene jumps quickly from place to place And unfortunately, the dialogue is rather juvenile. DNF 71 % I give up This book had a moment or two Could be something And it goes way too long with just new stuff that drages on and on I have nothing against comedy of situation..as a matter of fact I enjoy it In this one there is just too much of it Sorry not sorry.I have too add I m not a fan of original Romeo and Juliet and these two well are equally annoying. @Free E-pub ٠Why Romeo Hates Juliet à Love Thy Neighbor But Not Before You Shoot Him First From The First Moment They Meet, When Has Been Movie Star, Romeo Boyd Mistakes Romance Writer, Juliet Soma For The Hot Stripper His Friends Have Hired For Him For The Night, The Beach Neighbors Clash And An Epic War Of Pranks Begins To Brew Between ThemAnd When The Sexy Novelist Gets The Partying, Hollywood Bad Boy Arrested By Mistake, Things Spiral Further Downhill From There Furious, Juliet Paced The Room Did You Hear What That Low Life Said About Me She Shouted Sara Nodded I M So Sorry, Juliet You Were Right About Everything I Know And Now, There S Only One Thing Left For Me To Do Take The Next Plane Out Of Here No I M Going To Superglue Two Of His Body Parts Together Sara S Mouth Hung Open In Shock At Her Sister Juliet One Day, A Prank Goes Too Far And Juliet Accidentally Shoots The Movie Star When Romeo Comes To, To Juliet S Horror, He Has Amnesia And Believes That She Is His Wife But Does He Really No, Of Course Not He S Just Faking It To Get His Revenge And Make Her His Slave But How Far Is Romeo Prepared To Go, Especially When He Finds Himself Falling, Head Over Heels, In Love With The Annoying, Infuriating But Achingly Gorgeous Enemy Next Door And How Far Will Juliet Take Things When She Discovers How The Electrifyingly Handsome Bum Has Been Playing Her All Along Will She Finally Admit That She S Completely In Love With Him Too But Most Of All, She Liked No Loved How He Loved Her, His Wife His Love For Her Was Always There, Like A Third Person In The Room You Could Feel It, Anyone Could It Was Palatable, A Living, Breathing Emotion That Colored Everything Everywhere Only She Wasn T Really His Wife, Was She He Just Believed That Because Of His Amnesia Their Fairytale Love Was Just A Sand Castle And Everyone Knew What Happened To Sand Castles They Eventually Got Stomped On WHY ROMEO HATES JULIET Is A Romantic Comedy, Emotional Rollercoaster Ride Filled With Twists Turns And Highs Lows, Spanning An Entire Summer At The Beach NOTE This Is NOT A Modern Day Version Of Romeo Juliet My feelings are summed up best by Its been a loonng time since I ve read a really long book but I made it towards the end Everything was all happy going and the the author totally ruined it for me by view spoiler bringing his bimbo ex back and her being pregnant with his baby hide spoiler This book starts out believably Juliet is a writer afflicted with something common to all authors at some stage writer s block After a highly successful first novel, Juliet is paid a one hundred thousand dollar advance to come up with the second If she can t, then she has to pay back the advance or go bankrupt However, completing the book appears to be impossible until her married younger sister, Sara, persuades her to take a break at a quiet holiday cottage, owned by Sara s husband s family.The girls arrive and discover that there is a cottage right next door, but as this is empty, they are not concerned Juliet actually starts writing again but then, Romeo Boyd bored, partying film star whose career is on the skids arrives with a girlfriend and two other couples in tow The house party starts, with heavy metal music set to top decibel Understandably, Juliet and Sara are incensed I would be too and they set out to protest to their neighbours.Things go downhill from there plot and writing wise.I would question the age of the author, because the ongoing teen antics of Juliet become downright dangerous They could be funny, but they are not well written enough for that Time and again, this character plays revenge games on Romeo, even though each game ends up disastrously To actually want and try to superglue his hand to his ballsdoes the author have any idea what the consequences of that would be Her ultimate act just escapes being fatal which leads to Romeo retaliating.The parental background of the two sisters is presented as being one of Juliet s issues with a relationship, but this was not convincing The character is supposed to be 27 and should have enough maturity to work out what is real and what not Her constant lying would be enough to put off any man Her desperation to finish her contracted book disappears after the main event no spoilers and she spends her time agonising over not having the advance to pay back to the publisher, but doesn t actually sit down and finish the book She does write one later though which is successful Juliet s decision making goes from bad to worse she knows what s best for everyone of course, especially for Romeo until I was ready to chuck the book at the 3 4 mark.The main character s relationship was a train wreck in the making and I persevered only because I wondered how the author would get out of it.The writing in this novel was not tight enough or exciting enough to pull off the plot, so for me this book was a disappointment I can t say I hated it, but at the same time it did not fulfill the initial promise of the first two or three chapters which was a great pity as Anna Mara s work is usually well up to scratch. This book really put a smile on my face It had me laughing throughout the whole book I was just happy after I read it Though in the beginning only a few things were funny, by the middle it had me cracking up I did wish some things were different though Through the whole book, I kept wanting to scream, Just talk to each other already And tell each other how you feel I felt like just too many things had gotten in between them It was like one thing after another that stopped them from being together It kind of got annoying I was upset with Juliet a lot in this book I thought she was just so stupid at times I found it hilarious that all her antics against Romeo backfired on her and made for some entertaining stories I did feel like the ending was rushed a bit because I went from crying around the beginning ninety percent of the book to smiling at other end of ninety percent of the book I just didn t know what hit me I wish that the epilogue had to it because I would have loved to know about Romeo and Juliet s future However, the small faults did not take away from the book at all I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I m glad I had gotten this as an freebie. It was a good read Some laugh out loud scenes but overall, too over the top and sometimes immature I m going to say the good stuff first This book had the potential to be a really good romantic comedy The idea was good The writer has a great imagination That s it for the good stuff.I rolled my eyes so many times in this book, they almost rolled out of my head Juliet was a moron She was just plain dumb Romeo was an idiot frat boy With the exception of Sara and Tommy, the secondary characters were just as dumb I almost stopped reading at the super glue scene, it was so idiotic.I would have if Romeo hadn t also apparently thought it was idiotic The dialogue was just plain cheesy in places If the heroine of a love story does anything coyly and giggles the author s words incessantly, it pretty much turns me off, and there was a lot of that in this book When she wasn t shrieking , anyway.I also thought the book was somewhat overwritten As a reader, we don t always want the writer to spell everything out for us, especially the minor stuff, like the fact that the hero is wearing a bandage to cover his gunshot wound to keep infection out We KNOW why he s wearing a bandage Just say he has nothing on but a bandage It s not necessary to say all that, it just makes a book tedious Pretty much, if four words would do, the author used twelve I won t say it s not worth the read, but I wouldn t put it at the top of my list. I lost count how many times I closed my eyes in dejection when I read about them, especially Juliet She s completely hopeless to live I m not sure how she could live until 27 yo with her brain if not because she lived in her own fiction world Double meaning intended But this was what finally brought me to edgeOh my God, she mouthed before turning her frightened eyes back up to her sister Sara, I ve made such a huge mistake I should never have left him I should have told him about Carrie Ann and the baby I was literally pinching my nose, imagining a nice slap to Juliet s face Gosh, she s the most frustrating heroine ever Why do I feel like reading Harlequin PresentThat was my baby, Juliet so that was my decision to make, not yours When Carrie Ann came to you, you should have told me right away You and me, both, sweet Romeo Okay, maybe Romeo wasn t that bad At least one of them had a functioning brain although they both were still quite annoying And to be fair, the ending is kinda sweetI guess But what earn this book 2 stars still is because I love that they both stayed celibate even when they re separated for a year It s ridiculously bad I m questioning myself why would I ever think that it might be good to give this author a second chance It s clear this author is not for me.