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Reviewed by Michaela Pallante aka Mickey for TeensReadToo.comMorgan Rowlands is a normal teenage girl She gets good grades, hangs out with her friends, and goes to church with her family on Sundays Nothing out of the ordinary ever happens to her until she meets Cal Blaire Cal is the new cute senior who has just transferred to Widow s Vale High His looks aren t the only thing that sets him apart from other boys He s Wiccan, a different religion than Morgan and one that she has never come into contact with before Something about Cal and his religion interests Morgan and her best friends, Bree and Robbie The they hang out with Cal, the they like him While with Cal, Morgan learns something about herself that completely blows her mind and may change her life forever This book was fun to read The story was great and you learn a thing or two about Wicca as you read it it s not scary BOOK OF SHADOWS is the first of 14 books, plus a super edition novel, so this is only the start of Morgan and Cal s adventures. This was a re read for my October TBT video but life got in the fucking way last week and I got literally nothing productive done There won t be a video on this because life is hard and I dropped the ball but just know I still LOVED this Will definitely carry on and re read of the series over the next few months. [Read Pdf] ♗ Book of Shadows ♁ Morgan Timida E Impacciata Bree, La Sua Migliore Amica, Bella E Sofisticata Non Sembra Possibile Immaginarle Come Rivali In A, Fino A Quando Non Si Trasferisce In Citt Cal, Un Ragazzo Affascinante E Misterioso In Pochi Rifiutano Il Suo Invito In Un Bosco Isolato, Ma Quando Si Svela La Sua Identit Di Stregone Molti Abbandonano La Festa Le Due Amiche Rimangono Per Celebrare Un Rito Wiccan E Morgan Si Accascia Trafitta Da Un Potente Flusso Di Magia Cal Decide Di Guidare Morgan In Un Percorso Iniziatico, Al Termine Del Quale Lei Scoprir Di Avere In S Sangue Di StregaMi Sta Accadendo Qualcosa Che Non CapiscoVedo Le Cose, Sento Le Cose In Un Modo Completamente Nuovo Posso Fare Cose Impossibili Per La Gente Normale Sento In Me Uno Strano Potere Un Potere Magico E Mi Fa PauraNon Ho Mai Scelto La Magia, Ma Comincio A Chiedermi Se Non Sia La Magia Ad Aver Scelto Me I have nothing bad to say about these books These are the books that started it all for me, this is the series that made me want to be a reader When I discovered this series, I was about 12 at the time and I was so fascinated by Wicca and Paganism and Spellcraft that it amazed me to read so much about it I was so intrigued and bewildered by these books and the knowledge they held and the impeccable storyline I read every single one and it has been a good 8 years since I discovered these books and I went back to buy them all I still read through them from time to time as I m still in love with the story and how they ve shaped my life I went on to truly discover Wicca and become immersed in the Occult because of these books I loved them then, and I love them now. I m so late to this series but very excited to continue on with the next books 3.5 out of 5 starsBook of Shadows follows a young girl called Morgan, who lives in a strong Catholic family and attends church every Sunday Her school life changes with the arrival of a new boy called Cal, who is a practising Wiccan Morgan and her school friends start becoming interested in all of the beliefs surrounding Wicca but has to keep this a secret from her family She then discovers something about herself that she never even knew, she is part of the witches It was interesting as the reader learning about Catholicism I did go to a Catholic High School and Wicca What let the story down for me a little was a dislike towards Morgan s friend Bree as a character Halfway through, she acts quite snarky and bitchy towards Morgan but this change does tie back to Cal s character The pacing was quite fast and story length short however, did get to the point. 3 stars It was good.The writing is only so so, average at best with shallow cardboard characters However, the plot moves along nicely and is engaging enough that I am interested in seeing what happens next It does seem to be well researched and it is interesting to see many of the myths about Wicca confronted First Sentence Years from now I ll look back and remember today as the day I met him. 3.5 This was a super quick audiobook and I listened to half and read my physical copy for the last half I am a sucker for witch books and this quick read was perfect for my mini slump I studied up on Wicca for a few years in my late teens early 20 s so I understood a lot of the terminology otherwise it could have been pretty info dumpy I enjoyed the read and the characters even if it was insta everything And it was, instant everything Instant introduction to Wicca, to a new love interest, and to a really annoying bestie Right now, though, it s pretty much everything that I wanted in a book I am all about this series, so look forward to a serious binge of the series. Why did I love this Objectively this book is so so bad Insta love, very juvenile writing, crappy character development, infinite etc But, I JUST COULDN T STOP. This was an okay story about teenage witches, and it reminded me a bit of The Secret Circle I was shocked at the way Morgan s best friend Bree treated her, and the love triangle was fairly predictable It was an okay story overall though, which left us with a bit of a cliff hanger.6.5 out of 10