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!Free Ebook ♄ See Jane Run ♫ Jednog Popodneva, Jane Whittaker Oti La Je Do Du Ana I Izgubila Pam EnjeNa Av I Se Usred No Ne , Prepla Ena I Zbunjena Luta Bostonskim Ulicama U Krvlju Natopljenoj Haljini I S Dolara U D Epu Njezin Je Ivot Postao Zrakoprazan Prostor, A Njezina Pro Lost Je I Ezla Ili Je Ukradena Jedino Preostalo Su Uznemiruju I Stranac Koji Tvrdi Da Je Njezin Suprug, Apatom Izgovorene Glasine O Mrtvom Djetetu Kojeg Se Ne Sje A I U Asan Predosje Aj Da E Joj Se Uskoro Dogoditi Ne To Stra NoFamozan Triler U Kojem Strah Raste Sa Svakom Novom Stranicom Se devora. Un thriller atrapante e intenso desde las primeras p ginas que no solo te mantiene en vilo desde el comienzo hasta literalmente la ltima p gina, sino que te provoca un nerviosismo y una ansiedad que hacen que parezca que tu coraz n va a salirse del pecho en cualquier momento Todo est perfectamente constru do, la historia es adictiva, los giros argumentales son impredecibles y los personajes principales son redondos Una historia diferente y sorprendente cuyo final te deja con la boca abierta y la piel de gallina.https noatbuk.blogspot.com 2019 01 4 Ona odjednom zaboravlja svoje ime, njena haljina je natopljena krvlju, u d epu ima oko 10 hiljada dolara, nepoznati mu karac je uvjerava da joj je mu i da je njeno ime Jane te da je njihova voljena k erka Emily mrtva Poku ava se oporaviti uz mu karca koji je neizmjerno voli sve dok se ne ispostavi da nije sve tako idili no i da se ustvari de ava ne to stra no mala zamjerka na kraj romana koji je pomalo zbrzan, ali sve u svemu odli an rasplet i problem kojim se roman bavi Preporuka I found this book lurking in the corner of a disused upstairs bedroom and, being a fan of mystery suspense, it looked interesting enough at first glance that I immediately curled up with it to read Unfortunately, I found See Jane Run to be disappointing at best.The story starts out with great potential a woman suddenly finds herself in the middle of downtown Boston, alone and with no idea of who she is, wearing a bloody dress and a coat with 10,000 stuffed in the pockets It could have been the start to a great story full of mystery and intrigue and shocking plot twists, but after the first couple of chapters, the story instead quickly devolves into a predictable and unimaginative plotline.Aside from the main character herself, I found the characterisations to be bland and than a little cliche Not only that, but the quintessential Helping Hand character who most mystery authors introduce toward the beginning of the story and ends up playing a pivotal role during the denouement makes only a token appearance before disappearing into the ether, never to be seen again.My foremost and greatest complaint about this book, however, is that the dialogue feels rather forced it reads like the main body of the narrative itself than anything I would actually expect to hear come out of someone s mouth For example, the author describes Paula, the housekeeper cum jailor, as being not altogether very bright, yet insists on having her say such things as When she persisted Most people especially people of sub average intelligence would never use words like persisted in a normal, everyday conversation.All in all, I found See Jane Run to be altogether disappointing, but interesting enough on the whole to make for an okay read on a rainy day. A decent premise in many ways rather similar to BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP, but preceding it by a couple of decades I m a little choosy about my thrillers, and this one is fine in conception, though let down by flat and clunky prose The third person narration relies heavily on a very repetitive form of internal monologue, filled with rhetorical questions, which quickly becomes very tiresome Who was she Was she crazy Had she done something unspeakable Why couldn t she remember things Where was her daughter How could she have forgotten her Why write in the third person at all if you re going to adopt a running pseudo commentary anyway, and how long would it take for the reader to start getting really tired of it The result is a heroine who comes across as quite passive and very dull, in spite of our being repeatedly told that she is feisty and independent The other characters are similarly unconvincing the jealous neighbour, the sinister cleaning woman, the suspiciously saintly husband A little nuance wouldn t have hurt, and might have led to some actual thrills. This is one of my favorite thrillers Wonderfully suspenseful book about an amnesiac woman Learning why she got that way elevates this story way above some mindless mystery thriller I really cared about this woman I thought about it and talked about it a lot for a long time after I read it Really well told story, an enjoyable read, and a very satisfying book. SINOPSIS Jane no se acuerda de nada, no sabe qui n es, que le ha pasado no recuerda nada de su vida Todo es una pesadilla, su marido le cuenta su vida pero ella no recuerda nada Un accidente, una hija muerta, medicinas y el presentimiento de que algo espantoso tuvo que ocurrir o ocurrir.OPINI N Me ha encantado, hasta este momento no hab a le do un thriller tan bien escrito, te mantiene en vilo de principio a fin No me esperaba para nada la historia que me he encontrado y me ha dejado con la boca abierta Adem s me ha encantado c mo est escrito, la protagonista todo Ha sido perfecto.Si quer is leer un thriller psicol gico que te atrape desde la primera p gina hasta el final, sin parar, este es uno de los mejores sin duda Piel de gallina, miedo, ansiedad, odio, enfado muchos sentimientos a flor de piel. 4,5 5 Te asombrar an las cosas que pueden olvidarse Huye, Jane, Huye, me ha parecido un thriller totalmente adictivo que no vas a poder soltar hasta el final Uno de los mejores thrillers que he le do actualmente y con un final sorprendente, me ha dejado con muchas ganas de m s de leer los dem s libros de esta autora, algo que sin duda voy a hacer Wordpress Better title See Jane Make Repetitive Errors in Judgment This book was the same thing again and again Jane s confused, Jane tries to justify, Jane is drugged, Jane is suspicious, Jane is mollified Again and again She spoke in cliches, and you, the reader, know exactly who to blame from the start You want to shake Jane for being such an idiot circumstances or no Not much else to say I made myself finish this.