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I finished Around the World in 80 Days today and it was even better than I remembered from my childhood Admittedly, the version I had read as a child was the Great Illustrated Classics edition that was, unfortunately, abridged I felt that a reading of the unabridged classic was long overdue Shockingly enough, I still remembered the ending 20 years later.Just the task Phileas Fogg faces in traveling the world in 80 days in the 19th century and the obstacles that pop up to delay his travels would make for a fabulous story, but the element of a cat and mouse chase really puts this book over the top I highly recommend it for anyone who loves grand adventure stories I can see why Jules Verne is touted as one of the finest French authors He is deserving of all accolades 848 Le tour du monde en quatre vingts jours Around The World in Eighty Days Extraordinary Voyages 11 , Jules VerneAround the World in Eighty Days French Le tour du monde en quatre vingts jours is an adventure novel by the French writer Jules Verne, published in 1873 In the story, Phileas Fogg of London and his newly employed French valet Passepartout attempt to circumnavigate the world in 80 days by his friends at the Reform Club It is one of Verne s most acclaimed works 80 80 1968 1289 377 1300 1335 63 1336 377 1342 189 1373 9644455010 1352 137158 1372 171 1352 1363 172 1369 204 1374 64 80 1375 176 1375 112 1376 128 1375 136 964900226 1377 80 9645837383 1379 237 964422180 1379 150 9647406053 1380 39 9645941253 80 1383 203 9649222251 1385 146 9645760607 1388 95 9789642646371 1390 64 9786005955248 1390 59 9786005550054 1392 195 1393 232 9786002531018 1394 267 9789645546470 1394 60 9786008052074 1395 95 9786008098010 80 1395 32 9789643075996 80 1396 138 9786008299615 80 1396 129 1396 344 9786003910362. #EPUB ê Le tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours ä Top Die Wette Gilt InTagen Will Phileas Fogg Die Erde Umrunden, Setzt Darauf Die H Lfte Seines Verm Gens Und Macht Sich Mit Jean Passepartout Auf Den Weg Europa, Asien, Nordamerika, Per Eisenbahn, Schiff, Elefant Oder SchlittenIn Atemberaubender Ruhe L Sst Der Elegante Junge Herr Landschaften Und St Dte Und Abenteuer An Sich Vorbeiziehen, Bis Ihm Am Ende Die Zeit Doch Beinahe AusgehtJules Vernes Popul Rster Roman In Einer Neuen Bersetzung, Prachtvoll Illustriert Und Mit Einem Ausf Hrlichen Anhang Bildet Den Auftakt Einer Neuen Verne Edition Im Klassik Programm Des Dtv . the wolverine plot18 80 .. Genre Adventure, Travel.Publication Date 1873Fun and refreshing A short and a light hearted read, you can go through the book in no time and the 80 days goes by in a jiffy The events in the book are fast paced and so is the journey of Mr Phileas Fogg and Mr Passeportout Is he just a gentleman trying to prove a point or a criminal mastermind on the run Mr Fogg has set up a wager with his rich friends that he anyone can travel the world in 80 days He doesn t spend time worrying about something that may or may not happen, he just takes informed actions and finds a way to do the things anyway I wish to travel the world in a similar fashion It would be fun The chance which now seems lost may present itself at the last momentI got this novel from my cousin It s her course book I didn t want to read this novel because it s out of my taste It s neither Fantasy nor Sci Fi But she made me to read this Well, this book was good Really good But I didn t like it the way I should have I just got little bored of these adventures.It s the story of a man named Phileas Fogg who bets his friends that he can make the tour of the world in 80 days The reward of winning is 20,000 pounds which is a huge amount considering it in those days He, with his servant, goes to this voyage But the problem is in those days, there happens a huge robbery in the bank And the description of the robber matches with Mr Fogg So that, Detective Fix is after him during this tour I liked the character of Mr Fogg This man doesn t worry about anything I haven t read such a calm character yet I want to be like this but I can t help it My cousin had already watched its movie adaptation She gave me the spoiler and I was always waiting for it BUT that never came And that s a good thing Seems like movie is different than this book And that ending was kind of I don t know hurried Anyway, I didn t mind it.All in all, it s a good classic I would have enjoyed it a lot if I was a classic readerI see that it is by no means useless to travel, if a man wants to see something new Around the World in Eighty Days was first published by Jules Verne in 1873, and was introduced to an adoring public as monthly installments Each chapter is thus seen as connected but with its own hooks and cliffhangers The character of Phileas Fogg has become a stoic archetype for too cool operators in books to come in several genres This is fast moving and fun, still a good read over a hundred years later One very interesting aspect of the narrative was the portrait of the American west in the 1870s from a European perspective. 1 I hated it 32 years ago and still hate it star.A couple days ago my son and I were talking about boring classroom reading material This reminded me that I never rated this glorious piece of classic literature How anyone would insist that students had to mandatorily read it in the 80s is beyond me, let alone in the 21st century A couple years ago, when my son came home with that little paperback edition and whined about how incredibly uninteresting this gem is, I calmed him down by saying that I felt for him because it bored me to tears back in the 80s Yes, I have no scruples to say that I hated it sorrynotsorryatall Well So I do believe I saved a book s life About to be tossed away, being a pariah of the garage sale variety, I not only took it home I READ it Aglow with endearing cliches, this is the source of plenty of adventure stories, many of which are films, comics, etc Verne s imagination is grand the plot is silly and almost kid like But absurd it ain t It is fun exactly because there is a topsy turvy madness to visiting places just to prove a point It is fun because it is rife with interesting observations, factoids, themes that in Verne s day were barely in development There is romance, the plot is thick with well things happening, a ticking clock looms a large shadow, and a velocity is masterfully established that seems almost incredibly doable the reader wants to experience this Airplanes suck ass anyway Mum, could we travel the world in the same way that Phileas Fogg and Passepartout did The question propels me back in time, about three decades This was the first Jules Verne book I read I carried it home in a heavy school bag, in the darkness after an winter afternoon in the public library I was ten, and I had to fill my long evenings, which started at sun set around half past two I still remember the smell of the book, picked from the Classics for children section, and how I opened it and started reading I knew almost nothing of Victorian England, of travelling to exotic countries, of the honour connected to a wager, of foul play or of religious customs in other cultures or of nature s peculiarities in different geographical areas According to my memory, I finished the story that same evening, and went back to the library the very next day to check out the entire stock of Jules Verne I might be wrong, knowing the strange turns memory takes when something is considered of special importance It might have been two or three days later It is a fact, though, that I read all of his novels that dark winter, one after the other, completely enthralled, completely lost in the storytelling And as fast as I was captured, I was released again I had that Jules Verne spell, I loved it, but I never looked back I was done Jules Verne made me realise the potential of books, helped me open the treasure chest of world literature, and he served as a bridge to ever bigger journeys around the literary world I like to imagine that my journey around Jules Verne s universe took about 80 reading sessions, and that I returned the books to the library so muchenthusiastic about the world of reading that I was ready for my life as a reader Afterwards I instinctively felt that those books should remain in my childhood, that I might find things in them I would find ludicrous or horrible now But the initiation rite of reading Verne when I was an impressionable ten year old will always be a memory of great importance to me And of course I enjoy each minute my children spend with Jules Verne More routined globetrotters than I was, they ask different questions, and reflecton the radically changed technology and knowledge since the time of Phileas Fogg, whereas I had difficulties understanding the cultural codes in the world which my children recognise directly from long experience in international schools The main plot remains exciting, and the cheesy conclusion is as rewarding as any modern happy end could be But what then What had he really gained by all this trouble What had he brought back from this long and weary journey Nothing, you say Perhaps so nothing but a charming woman, who, strange as it may appear, made him the happiest of men Truly, would you not for less than that make the tour around the world As for the question my son asked I think it would be difficult, not to say impossible, to replicate the journey exactly like that, given the geopolitical and technological changes in the world Luckily, we still have the option to travel with Fogg and Passepartout