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Okay, don t be alarmed by the 2 star rating I ve tried to read short stories off and on my entire life I just can t do it That s not a criticism of the writers or their products, just a flaw in my feeble brain BTW I thought the writing was great, but the short story format is just not my cup of tea. E-PUB ♖ Stripped ♏ Stripped Is A Collection With A Twist Yes, The Fiction Contained Herein Includes Works From Some Of The Best Known Names In Flash Fiction As Well As The Work Of Emerging Writers, But The Bylines Have Been Removed So You Can T Tell Who Wrote What What S , The Stories Hinge Largely On Gender Roles But With The Authors Identites Stripped From Their Stories, Editor Nicole Monaghan Has Created A Bit Of A Guessing Game Did A Woman, For Example, Write That Piece About Ambivalence Toward Motherhood Or Was It A Man More To The Point, Does It Really Matter Or Is There Something Bigger Going On When Men And Women Stretch Their Minds And Imagine What It Might Be Like To Be The Other Authors Include Meg Tuite, Michelle Reale, Myfanwy Collins, Tara L Masih, Roxane Gay, Kathy Fish, Pamela Painter, Sara Lippman, Sherrie Flick, Len Kuntz, Marc Schuster, Michael Martone, Nathan Alling Long, Curtis Smith, Sean Lovelace Robert Vaughan Christopher Allen, And Randall Brown I m biased, of course, having a story in this anthology but I love the concept, and it makes for a great read The authors are listed in the back of the book, but the stories aren t connected directly to their authors This leaves the reader to speculate about authorial identity, especially authorial gender It s an interesting, worthwhile experiment Some time next year, I gather, the authors will be publicly connected to their stories. I m in this one, so forgive the biased rating Fascinating premise of gender anonymity Join the discussion I have a story in this It s is going to be great fun, figuring out who wrote what. Is it a book or a game It is a flash collection of 46 ultra short stories from 25 to 685 words, but the stories have been STRIPPED of the identities of their authors We must guess Did a woman get inside the head of Grover Cleveland Did a man understand why a woman facing a medical trauma would travel to Italy to recapture a perfect moment from her youth Who was it that told the story of Gorgo, Queen of Sparta, or The Last Taster for the Emperor of China Does a woman show what it is to howl with the beasts We know who the writers are Robert Swartwood, Randall Brown, Sean Lovelace, Pamela Painter, Roxanne Gay, Kathy Fish but not which piece they wrote I have posted extensive comments, including my guesses and the results of two online gender analyzers, at A Just Recompense Opinions welcomed Addendum Feb 3 2013 and now the stories have been matched with their authors and we can see how we did I did not do well at all But I beat the computers Zin