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FirstI don t usually read historical fiction, but this is Vikings, so it almost feels like reading fantasy a la Game of Thrones without so many dang characters to keep track of In other words I enjoyed it than I thought I would A lot of good characters.hoping to see Lief in the next one since our time was short in this one Congratulations, Jason I can t get over the fact that you wrote a NOVEL Just doesn t add up with the Jason I knew, but really thrilled that you did it. I really enjoy historical fiction and this one did not disappoint I really liked this book from the beginning because of the depth that the story had to it and all the characters were very real and most likable I loved how weren t only about great battles but they were humorous were great friends to each other It was a really great book over all and I can t wait to read the next in the series I won this book through Goodreads First Reads. Great book filled with interesting characters and suspense Fife was a fun character in this book Anxious to read the next book in this series. I ve read it in pieces while my husband was writing it and I m finished with my second uninterupted read and I liked it better I love the comedy he throws in I like the fact that I can feel like I know about Erik and his son Leif through Halldorr s freindship with them I adore the fact that they are real His characters have what I like, depththey have problems they have to solve, people they don t like but have to deal with and joy But they get to go on awesome sea adventures and step into new surroundings Andbest of all, I learned If I an learn AND be entertainedit s a win win Thanks for a good viking story, Mr Born Can t wait to see where Book 2 takes me, hurry up and finish It s available at for your kindle for 2.99It s available at barnesandnoble.com for your nook for 2.99 and soon to be available in print from Enjoy To quote a fellow reviewer The author s style and voice just didn t work well for me I m sure it works well for others, and I love this sort of story, it s just that this one wasn t for me I wanted to like this book, I normally like books about Vikings but it just seemed so flat to me I didn t connect to the main character and therefore didn t care what he did or where he went I gave up around page 79.This book appears to be self published and I admire that, to me it takes guts However, the cover was ugly and the interior was too plain For example, Chapter 9 was all in caps and only a size or two larger than the regular print with maybe half a dozen lines until the regular print started I guess I ve gotten spoiled by regular books that are not self published that have a few frills and a distinctly better cover.I recommend that if you are interested in historical fiction or Vikings in particular that you should read this book if you can get your hands on it and decide for yourself what you think It has gotten overall really good reviews and chances are you ll be one of them. Received this book through Goodreads First Readx.A very solid and enjoyable 1st book in a series which will be known as the Norseman Chronicles Obviously well researched, this book lays the background for the series which I will look forward to reading The author does a superb job in creating a realistic environment you can almost feel the dirt, grime and sweat in which the characters lived The characters are well devekoped and interesting The war battle scenes are well described and graphic but not excessively drawn out.All in all a solid debut to a series which hopefully provide further insights into the lives of the Norsemen. Not my favorite of all Viking historical fiction, but a good one 3.5 stars , and surprisingly well written, despite its hyperbolic introduction above Actually inspired me to do a little research of my own to compare actual events to this fiction. {READ EBOOK} · The Norseman (The Norseman Chronicles, #1) ⚤ The Norseman Is The First Volume Of The Vividly Detailed Historical Chronicles Of Halldorr, An Orphan Whose Entire Desire Was To Lay Beside Both A Warm Hearth And A Plump Wife, But Fate Had Another Thread To Spin Instead, He Found Himself Exiled, Resigned To A Life Of Raiding, Killing For Plunder And Survival He Became Bodyguard To A King, Brutally Fighting In Monumental Battles Maldon And Swoldr To Be Handed Down For Centuries In Skaldic Verse Because Of A Blood Oath Made Years Before The Murder Of His Father, Halldorr Was Adopted By An Exile, Greenland S Discoverer, Erik The Red Halldorr Believes His Life Is His To Command When Freydis, The Fierce, Fire Haired Enchantress, At Last Desires To Be His Wife However, Destiny Strikes, Forcing Him To Flee From Greenland To Ireland To England To Norway Without Her He Fights His Way To Wealth And In An Epic Battle, Defending His King Against Overwhelming Odds, He Finds That It Was Not Destiny, But Betrayal That Sent Him Into Banishment Thirteen Years Earlier really enjoyed the book will be reading of this series easy read with great characters and great story line.