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A crime lord buys the island from the Costa Rica government and proceeds with some illegal activities Daniel Espinoza works for the CIA and is undercover he then gets caught and set loose upon the island, forced to survive He meets a woman that is basically a raptor whisperer and fighting with the baddies ensues I can t get enough of anything Jurassic Park So I might be a bit biased when I say I enjoyed this Illustrations 4 starsStory 4 starsOverall 4 stars A lot of us who grew up with Jurassic Park count dinosaurs as an unavoidable part of our childhoods I felt this big wave of nostalgia while watching the T Rex step out of the mists in the climax of Jurassic World and I don t think I was alone in feeling so Stan Winston s version of the dinosaurs have fed my imagination of how these animals might have been in real life but then science had to play spoilsport Be that as it may, the giant lizards still are objects of great fascination for me There you have the motivation for me wanting to read this comic too To get things straight right at the onset itself, it must be said that the story behind this comic is utter bollocks It is as flimsy as they come and could have well been written in two paragraphs and yet gets elongated into a book format While the name of Greg Bear is brandished on the cover, this appearsto have been a step to boost sales than anything else The artwork is decent and the scenes with the dinosaurs are pretty neat and yet the lack of a good story or characters I could relate to made this into an affair that was not very enjoyable.The two stars are for the artwork on the dinosaurs and keeping that aside, the rest was stale. Finally, a JURASSIC PARK comic that gets the dinosaurs right DANGEROUS GAMES is a lot of fun despite its paper thin, video game plot Since the book is 98% action, there was really no need to sign on legendary sci fi writer Greg Bear as story consultant. Terrific action, blazing color graphics that leave ya feeling like you just ran ten miles Cliff hanger, you will want to come back for the rest of the series. This is essentially a sampler plate of drug cartel CIA espionage most dangerous game Jurassic Park themed stories maybe it s okay to nosh on, but it s not going to satisfy a craving for any particular theme I didn t find it engaging, as the world building lazily depends on the reader knowing the premise of Jurassic Park, but doesn t bother to give much backstory for the lead character either.The idea that raptors were loose in the park prior to the events of Michael Crichton s novels is absurd. 3.5 StarsI liked this better then the previous Jurassic Park volume It isn t tied quite as closely to the movie and although some of it is pretty far fetched even for a story with dinosaurs running around it s still entertaining A drug lord has basically bought the dinosaur island and set up his operation there An undercover agent infiltrates the organization but is eventually found out and set to fend for himself on the island full of dangerous carnivores Fortunately, he finds some help.Not on the level of the novels or anything, but still not a bad read for JP fans. Apart from Tintin occasionally, I rarely read comic books or graphic novels Having said that, while I have little interest in superheroes, I do find the idea ofrealistic comic books kind of intriguing Anyway, when I learned that there were Jurassic Park comics out there JP was one of my favourite childhood movies I couldn t resist finding them online This is the first one I found Jurassic Park Dangerous Games Unfortunately it is very stupid It s also kind of entertaining though. Generally a simple comic that misses the most interesting aspects of Jurassic Park Nonetheless, an enjoyable read if you like dinosaurs and action. {Read} ⚥ Jurassic Park ë It Is Eleven Years After The Events Of The Jurassic Park Movies And CIA Agent Daniel Espinoza Is Working Undercover To Infiltrate Infamously Brutal Nicaraguan Drug Lord Gabriel Cazares Drug Ring Cazares And His Henchmen Have Taken Over Isla Nubar And Converted The Main Facility Into A Walled Fortress And Pleasure Palace In The Center Of A Primeval Jungle Filled With Savage Monsters When His Deep Cover Is Blown, Espinoza Finds Himself Lost And Alone On The Dangerous Island, Hunted By Both Armed Thugs And Prehistoric Monstrosities And There S Someone Else Watching Him, Too A Mysterious Figure In The Shadows Who Could Be Espinoza S Only Hope For Survival Or The Bringer Of His Ultimate Doom Fans of Jurassic Park will probably enjoy this book, but I wouldn t recommend it to someone who isn t already invested in the series.