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This series currently has 27 volumes I ve only finished one I m reading an unofficial translation and am enjoying every step of the way Contains a lot of BL, but it s sweet.And the added art Just beautiful I also like the little history lessons that are interwoven into the story It gives a perspective on how life was in China back then. Feng Yu Jiu Tian is hands down the best book I ve read so far, It is wonderful, captivating, hilarious and, engaging The characters suits each other really well that you ll feel the authenticity of their feelings The author did a fabulous job of mixing bl to a muchbigger plot giving this novel a different feel, and even though this book has 23 volumes OrYou won t get enough of it Words aren t enough to express how much I love this book. Need to readto be sure about the stars, but the graphic is good. College student Feng Ming saves a little boy from getting hit by a car and in return loses his own life The child s father utilizes magic, from what I gathered it s some type of space time continuum, to grant Feng a new and different life, that of a prince from an ancient kingdom Once Feng awakens to his strange surroundings, he s forced to deal with a lecherous regent governance by the name of Lord Ren Ting, who at first believes he may be a spy, and a whole host of odd servants, absentee parents, and system of government that is foreign to his way of thinking.The Ravishing of the Crown Prince, story and art by Wang Yi and Feng Nong, is a quirky and at times downright laughable yaoi No offense to the creators, but I found the dialogue weak, sex mildly explicit, and the art, though quite eye catching, there were areas to improve upon And, another disappointing factor, the story seemed to end abruptly, almost without rhyme or reason But, regardless of all its shortcomings, The Ravishing of the Crown Prince demonstrates that Wang and Feng have great potential and, if anything, their talent has definitely laid the foundation for the publication of some superb yaoi in the future Which makes TROTCP an enjoyable read overall As for a rating, well, I give it 3 stars [ Epub ] ⚖ Feng Yu Jiu Tian ⚐ Associated Names Ph Ng Vu C U Thi NPhoenix Of The Nine DaysPhoenix Of The Nine HeavensSummary Feng Ming Was OnlyWhen He Lost His Life Saving A Child From Death Without Hesitation The Grateful Father Of The Rescued Child Grants Feng Ming A Second Chance At Life Unknown To Feng Ming, His Soul Is Whisked Away To A Far Away Ancient Land Resembling The Dynasties Of ChinaUpon Waking Up, He Finds Himself Inhabiting The Frail Body Of Thunder Kingdom S Crowned Prince Who Is Also Graced With The Title Of The Most Beautiful Man Across All The Lands However, His Beauty Has A Price As He Attracts The Unwanted Attention Of The Minister Of Affairs, Rong Tian Who Finds Every Reason To Torment The Prince Mentally And Physically As Feng Ming Starts To Get A Hold Of The Conspiracies Surrounding Him, What Will Happen When The Prince S True Identity Is Revealed And What Happened To The Real Prince Genre Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Shounen Ai, Supernatural, Yaoi Tags AbuseAttempted RapeBased On A NovelBlackmailConfinementPoliticsRoyaltyStrong LeaderTime TravelWar This novel is amazing The plot is engaging and so thrilling it makes you bite off your nails in anticipation while also maintaining the light comedy moments I am currently on Volume 13 page 10 I really want to find all the translated volumes as soon as possible and start reading vol.14 the very second I find the translations for it I want to get my hands on the other volumes or find a way to be able to read the novels I like the concept of it, even though the beginning is a very common trope when it comes to Japanese series. It s a really good manhua but the translators need to double check things before releasing it out to the public since you can find quite a few errors in the names and locations. Art is gorgeous, but the story jumps around some It s a manga adaption of a novel, and it ends rather abruptly There s a second volume released in Taiwan, so hopefully Libre and SuBLime license it. That about sums it up Heh The art is gorgeous.