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Finished this last night I tried not to have any expectations when I started reading this I m glad I didn t Because it wouldn t have mattered I liked the story I liked the settings and the places the author took me to It was like a fantasy The sex was fun, but it didint take over like so many erotic a do I ll read the next one in the series. Very YUMMY I admit I was skeptical at first due to the media hype But I actually did enjoy this book Keenan was so real I loved his character And Krissy was sweet, but at the same time a big brat I like how the two managed to bring their worlds together in a satisfying way The sex was really hot And even the menage scenes worked for me The ending made me happy for Keenan Angie All I can say about this is Give me I m on baited breath waiting for Pop Baby Maddy Fortin I felt like a rock star.Candy {Free Epub} Ê Pop Baby Krissy Doucet Ç Available At Siren BookStrandbookstrand Pop Baby Krissy Do Keenan Couldn T Decide If He Was Lucky, Or Dammed Why Because After Waking Up In Europe With Pop Princess Krissy Doucet Wrapped In His Arms, He Knew His Life Had Changed Forever Out Of Work Dancers Were A Dime A Dozen However, For Keenan, Dancing Was His Way Of Life And As Tempting As It Was, He Would Not Allow Krissy To Use Her Influence To Send Him To The Top From The Moment Krissy Set Her Sights On Keenan, She Knew He Would Be Amazing In Bed, And She Was Right Choosing Him At The Club Had Been One Of The Best Decisions Of Her Life Sex, Drugs And Rock N Roll Might Seem Like A Great Theme For A Seventies Movie, But For Keenan And Krissy It Was Their Way Of Life The Paparazzi Said They Were In Lust, Not Love However, For Them, Lust And Love Went Hand In Hand