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~DOWNLOAD ♫ The Silver Linings Playbook ☾ Meet Pat Pat Has A Theory His Life Is A Movie Produced By God And His God Given Mission Is To Become Physically Fit And Emotionally Literate, Whereupon God Will Ensure A Happy Ending For Him The Return Of His Estranged Wife, Nikki It Might Not Come As A Surprise To Learn That Pat Has Spent Time In A Mental Health Facility The Problem Is, Pat S Now Home, And Everything Feels Off No One Will Talk To Him About Nikki His Beloved Philadelphia Eagles Keep Losing He S Being Pursued By The Deeply Odd Tiffany His New Therapist Seems To Recommend Adultery As A Form Of Therapy Plus, He S Being Hunted By Kenny G In This Enchanting Novel, Matthew Quick Takes Us Inside Pat S Mind, Showing Us The World From His Distorted Yet Endearing Perspective As The Award Winning Novelist Justin Cronin Put It Tender, Soulful, Hilarious, And True, The Silver Linings Playbook Is A Wonderful Debut What a fun book I m sure it s enjoyable for anyone that doesn t have a stick up their ass, but it s the kind of book that even non readers will love, too, because it s an easy read, and the chapters are short, and it s entertaining the whole way through, and it s funny as hell Our narrator, Pat Peoples, is pretty crazy by society s standards He s been in the bad place for years, and once out, with the help of his sweet mother, he s trying to get his life back on track so he can reunite with his wife, who everyone else knows won t be coming back So Pat knows he has to be good, and he has to be careful not to hit himself in the head, or break things when he s visited by his arch nemesis, Kenny G, or punch out Giants fans in the parking lot of Lincoln Financial Field Although, as a diehard Giants fan, I can still tell you that the fan in this specific scene really did deserve to get punched in the face And Pat s struggles are exacerbated, because it seems like nobody understands him And when it comes down to it, aside from a crazy girl in his neighborhood, most people don t He gets frustrated with all those chemicals within him that make him different from others And he even knows he s different and that his head s a little skewed, but all those chemicals are so impossible to control.Yet Pat Peoples remains childlike in his optimism He s convinced that the movie of his life will work out If he stays good, his wife will come back and apart time will end They can even have a daughter, because he s learned and he s going to treat his wife like gold now, and he misses her so much that he kisses her picture every night before he goes to bed And coping mechanisms like humming and counting to ten every time he sees Kenny G, help, but Pat also needs an actual outlet He runs and works out all day, because before he went to the bad place for apart time he let himself get to the point where he was maybe ten to seventy pounds overweight And putting his full self into rooting for the Eagles helps create a way to bond with his brother and his former best friend, and sometimes fleetingly his father.But of course this book isn t about football It s about the slow, difficult growth that takes place from someone who s been through a lot of pain, and has a lot against him, not only because of his lost loves and difficult past, but because of the sickness he can t control And it s clear that Matthew Quick knows mental illness He s worked in the field, and is open enough to admit that he s struggled with depression himself This is refreshing he knows what it s like, and it shows It s a nearly impossible feat making a character with such a funny outlook on life, allowing us to laugh so hard at someone who is disturbed all while making this same character lovable and real, and not some kind of comical caricature, but a fellow human being open to sympathy, in need of sympathy But somehow Quick does it.But what I really can t understand is how this Matthew Quick guy can be from the Philadelphia area and even worse root for the Eagles He seems so nice in the e mails we exchanged It makes me think that maybe he s not really from the Philadelphia area at all, but maybe his publisher or someone made him change all the references he originally had in his manuscript that were about the Giants who must be the team he actually roots for to Eagles and all their corresponding players, and switched their stadiums and everything else for commercial reasons or something Because everyone knows that people from Philadelphia don t reply friendly to e mails, especially when they re big shot authors of books that are being turned into movies And everyone knows that the only two things Philadelphia people do well is boo at kindergarten graduations and root for evil teams like the Eagles.But I digress.Because right now I m thinking that maybe Pat Peoples isn t so crazy While he s experienced a lot of pain, he s actually attuned to the moods and sensitivities of others than your average person on the street I think that s part of what makes Pat Peoples so freakin lovable he knows he s crazy and even calls himself mentally deranged, but he has such a soft spot for everyone He knows how difficult life can be, and because of that awareness, he understands the struggles of others Because of his illness he s put up with a lot of shit that most of us will never have to But the goddamn guy remains so positive And with therapy and medication, and friends and family, he improves Pat Peoples made it out of the bad place, but he s not the only one who s better off because of it.Those who are different from normal , with their outsider view of life, can wake us up from the day to day world we get lost in, even opening us up to bizarre humor in the most unlikely of circumstances And I think they can teach us that crazy isn t something to be afraid of at all that crazy only means that someone doesn t fit into our norms, and is mainly just straight up misunderstood.So I dug this book It tickled my funny bone the whole way through, and it contained valuable messages.So 5 stars Minus one star because I hate the Eagles, and when they came back and beat the Giants this year in the second Miracle in the Meadowlands it made me start to cry in front of my girlfriend s brother and spun me into a minor depression that only got worse the following week when I flipped out during my layover at Atlanta International Airport as the shared communal TV showed Brandon Jacobs fumbling just as the Giants were starting to come back against the Packers and their playoff hopes were diminished right in front of my eyes as I screamed the f word in quick succession, and wailed and got up spilling my dinner all over my lap and onto the floor and shouted and stomped, and it scared some children and I think it made two of them cry, and I had airport security eying me up and walking towards me in case I needed to be taken away So four stars it is. Just saw the movie and I cried like a little girl..The next day, after reading the bookWell, I m a little disappointed in the book The movie was excellent I loved the chemistry between the actors, their wonderful performances and the story.I found myself skipping pages in the book whenever Pat talked about football I didn t find Pat and Tiffany s romantic relationship credible because the book lacked the proper detailed descriptions of their heated encounters I m going to compare the book and the movie, so brace yourselves Here are movie Pat and Tiffany Now here are book Pat and Tiffany Here are some of movie Pat and Tiffany s funny and touching moments Now here are book Pat and Tiffany s moments Here s movie Pat and Tiffany s ending view spoiler hide spoiler 4,2 starsOkay so it was good As you can already tell by my rating, it was an enjoyable read However it did not give me the 5 star thrill It is beautifully crafted, such an entertaining story, lovely and funny characters, inspiring message but it did not keep me eager to read and read Would I recommend itTotally Would I read it againUnlikely Was it worth readingOf course. Well, thank god that s over I don t know what s wrong with me, considering everyone else seems to think this is a good book 4 stars Me not so much I can see how I would like the movie though I should just stick with that Maybe you just can t go from Pat Conroy s Lords of Discipline and Herman Koch s The Dinner to this I mean, I understand the construct but I kind of felt like the diary style writing limited the author s ability to let me really feel the story I was so distracted by how many times he said mundane and pedantic things like what felt like hours and I ran fast in that MAN gear not because I am a MAN but because I am very good at running and the fact that HE NEVER USED A CONTRACTION I mean, he would NOT use a contraction It was so very irritating and stilted and annoying I have to say that the best part of the book was the trip through American Lit I think my brain needs some good literature at this point after suffering through this I ll go back now and read some Great Gatsby, The Scarlet Letter, A Farewell to Arms, Huck Finn Yepmoving on. I read many, many, many books I am happy to read anything from classic fiction to pure escapist chic lit I don t mind mediocre writing, gratuitous sex scenes or weak predictable plots since the authors allow me to enter another world for one or two hours every day, and for that I am grateful Even if their books are easily forgettable, for the time that I am reading them, they are a fun way to spend my time But every now and again a book comes along that makes me rethink my strategy of reading everything and anything A book that is not forgettable, that is well written and that has characters I would like to meet The Silver Linings Playbook is such a book, and as soon as I complete this review I am going to search for other books by Matthew Quick The book is told from the perspective of Pat Peoples, intentionally named, I am sure, to be representative of all people Since he is definitely not mentally stable, his perspective is simple and almost childlike He has an unshakeable belief in a happy ending and is determined to take responsibility for creating his own happy ending Through him we meet a cast of characters who are neither good nor bad, but just ordinary people who make mistakes and try to fix them It is about the love of family, the loyalty of friends, the need to put right what is wrong and most importantly the search for happy endings.I could spend hours talking about each and every character, but that would spoil the book for you However, Pat s mother deserves a special mention As a mother I completely identified with her unconditional love of her son I loved that she bought him trendy clothes and an entire home gym and know exactly why she did it If you can t fix your child inside, then you will try to fix the outside What you absolutely cannot do, as a mother, is nothing Visit my Blog Another Book Blogger for of my reviews. I LOVED this book So heartbreakingly honest so funny and real.Pat Peoples has been in the bad place for years He is, by anyone s definition, crazy He s violent, he has forgotten years of his life, and his arch nemesis is jazz musician Kenny G but he s endlessly and relentlessly hopeful He believes in silver linings above anything else and he believes that by trying to become the best man he can, he will eventually reach his own silver lining His father seems to have his own issues he is distant and moody and his affection for Pat is anything but obvious His mother is the eternal nurturer and protector, and his younger brother supports Pat no matter what Pat s therapist also becomes very attached to Pat and friendly with Pat as he helps him overcome his mental blocks and unstable moods Pat Peoples is a character you cannot help but love and root for.Tiffany has been through her own struggles She is a compulsive liar and she, too, suffers from a sickness that she cannot control In each other, Pat and Tiffany find a common ground and a unique bond This was just a beautifully told story about struggle and optimism Despite everything, crazy Pat Peoples sympathizes with others He believes in working hard for success and being kind, not right This book has a valuable message and a wonderful delivery I absolutely adored it. Pat Peoples has been confined to the bad place , but he finally gets to leave and live with his parents until he can get back on his feet Pat s main goal is to continue on a path of self improvement including working on being kinder, strenuous exercise and reading books so he ll be a better husband when he finally sees his beloved wife Nikki again after their apart time.Pat likes being home, but his moody father refuses to talk to him unless the Philadelphia Eagles win Plus, his mother and his therapist are both encouraging him to spend time with Tiffany, a very strange woman who was recently widowed It s almost like no one understands that he s still married to Nikki As he works on becoming a better person, Pat gets to attend the Eagles home games with his brother and makes a lot of friends at the pre game tailgates As they start winning, the superstitious fans think that Pat is good luck, and even his father becomes much friendlier As long as he can control his temper and continues to work hard, Pat is sure that he ll get the kind of happy ending you see in the movies.Since this is about a guy whose life has been shattered and he doesn t even realize it, you d think Pat s story would be incredibly sad Instead, the bittersweet humor that Mathew Quick has laced the book with makes it a pleasure to read instead of a depressing slog Pat s devotion to the cause of reuniting with Nikki can be simultaneously infuriating and endearing, and while we only get his usually slightly bewildered view point, you can also completely understand how those around him are feeling.Quick also does a particularly nice job of detailing the highs and lows of sports fandom Pat bonds with his brother and becomes part of a community while tailgating The team provides him a link to his emotionally distant and stubborn father Even his therapist is a rabid Eagle s fan, and this helps Pat to trust and like him While the games provide great entertainment and instant connections, there s also a big downside to them An ugly incident with a rival team s fan in the parking lot illustrates how sports fans can be merciless and brutal It also shows that wearing a rival team s jersey to a game in Philly is a spectacularly bad idea Pat s dad is so wrapped up in the Eagles that a loss can make him even harder to live with When Pat makes a commitment to Tiffany that causes him to miss some games, everyone begins blaming him for the losses However, I couldn t be too critical of the characters being superstitious because I wore the same red t shirt on game day when the Kansas City Chiefs started their season with 9 straight wins After they lost 3 in a row, I decided the shirt had run out of mojo and switched to a gold one Since they won the next 2 games, it s obvious that the shirt I wear has a profound impact on the team I also very much enjoyed the movie version of this Even though it s a fairly faithful adaptation there are also several big differences that made reading the novel surprising in several ways so this is one of those incidents where it s well worth checking out both versions. Also posted on rabbitsforteaWarning This book will spoil some classics if you have yet to read them.1 The Scarlet Letter2 The Great Gatsby3 A Farewell to Arms4 The Catcher in the Rye5 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn6 The Bell JarAlright, consider yourselves warned, now onward to my short review Silver Linings is one of those books that I wouldn t normally pick up and probably wouldn t if not for wanting to read it before I watch the movie From the trailer, I expected a pretty light hearted book with quirky characters but what I got was really different, although not entirely in a bad way There were chapters that made me smile and chapters that made me teared but at the end of the day, I don t love this book I saw a review on Goodreads saying that Silver Linings is like an adult Perks and I guess I do agree a little So it s probably the case of it s not you, it s me for this since I didn t exactly love Perks either. Update I finished this book a day ago and it s really stayed with me I ve been thinking about the earnestness of Pat He had such good intentions He was focused on being kind instead of being right, which is an attitude that could help many of us He was focused on improving his mind and on trying new things positive attributes He wanted to be nicer to his family and he exercised every day both good things If he didn t have an anger problem, he would make a great friend I increased my rating to 4 stars because of how much I have enjoyed the story, even after finishing it.Original Review This was a fun, fast read I like books that cover psychological and sociological aspects, and this was an interesting take on a narrator who is anxious, obsessive compulsive and who is recovering from a trauma.It s the story of Pat, who was just released from a mental institution and is obsessed with getting back together with his ex wife, Nikki Pat is an optimist and only wants to hear about happy endings He s convinced his life is a movie that will have a happy reunion with his wife if only he can improve himself enough He exercises vigorously and has been reading classic literature when he s not working out he thinks Nikki will be impressed by how fit he is and how he s improving his mind His reactions to the plots of The Great Gatsby, A Farewell to Arms, The Bell Jar and the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn are highly amusing We don t learn why Pat was in the mental institution until later in the book, but we can guess it has something to do with his violent outbursts He goes into a rage when he hears a Kenny G song, he attacks his mother and he gets into a brawl at a Philadelphia Eagles game.His first week back home with his parents, Pat gets invited to a dinner party where he meets Tiffany, who is also struggling with a trauma, and the two slowly become friends There is a fun storyline in which the two compete in a dance contest, and Pat hopes that Nikki will be impressed that he s trying new things.I had seen the movie version, but I liked how the book fleshed out the characters and the thought processes of Pat The writing is fairly strong and is done all in Pat s voice, so we really see his neuroses at work We also get a better sense of the strained relationship with Pat s father, who has similar anger issues and seems to have obsessive compulsive disorder I would recommend the book to those who like family dramas, psychological issues or stories of redemption.