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This review is for Raven s Blood by Deborah Cannon This is book four in The Raven Chronicles It is the latest in the series and is the first and only one I have read in the series I received this book for free from the author through LibraryThing.com s August Member Giveaway.The only thing that bothered me about this book was that the author spelled out the year or time or something along those lines near the beginning of the book I can t find it now and it only happened one time so it s not even really an issue.I learned that the term spelunking comes from the Latin term spelunca which just means cave It s not as strange of a word as it sounds now.I am very thankful that this was an ebook and not a paperback novel because the dictionary on my iPod was absolutely necessary to get through about 90% of the book I m okay with that because I got to learn some things but I am definitely not an archaeologist.This book reminded me of the movies Tomb Raider and The Mummy I love stuff like that Archaeological stuff is such a mystery that it makes for a great fictional setting Deborah Cannon uses her extensive knowledge of archaeology and her wild imagination expertly She writes like a professional I expected that she hadbooks out that she does because she s just that good.Ironically, the day before I read the scene where Cristine rents the Lancia, my fianc who is a car fanatic was looking up Lancias online.Susanne saying she had sampled Jake s body set off alarms in my head What the fuck is up with her Whatever.The ending is a major cliffhanger I didn t expect it to end the way it did and since this is the most recent in the series, it makes me anxious to readI definitely want to read the other Raven Chronicles and I definitely recommend this book, but make sure you have a dictionary handy and Wikipedia His next foray into the world of Raven may be his lastThe murder of a young scholar, the theft of a Venus statue, a missing cypher What do these three things have in common Tracked by a handsome but dubious ghost hunting Interpol agent, Angeline Lisbon sets out to find her missing fiance Jake LaLonde, Interpol s number one suspect I have to say a really exciting book that has something for everyone I love Angeline and Jake I highly recommend this book and I plan on getting the first 3 books I won this from LibraryThing. Bodies, blood, and mystery Raven s Blood takes readers on a fantastic journey with archaeologists and main characters Angeline Lisbon and Jake Lalonde Angeline must rescue her fianc , Jake, who has disappeared and is suspected of murdering a colleague I loved this book despite not reading the first three in the series Cannon fills her readers in and does not leave them wanting for adventure or great characters If there is any justice in the world, this series will be made into movies The entire time I read this novel, I was imaging the scenes taking place in my mind This is the type of book where you can t help doing that Readers who love mystery and mysticism will love Cannon s books The detail she puts into her work shows and adds to the reading experience Every book is set in new, exotic locations loaded with history and intrigue Anyone could love this series. Jake Lalonde has an intimate connection to his ancestors Despite his lack of traditional training, he has had shamanic like experience where he is transported to the time of his ancestors Indeed, he actually becomes his ancestor Captivated, Jake is drawn to the symbol of the Raven Evidentially, Jake is not the only one interested in this symbolism His archaeological rival Vincent has made the discovery of the century Yet, before he can present his findings, he is murdered in the most mysterious way All signs lead to Jake but there is something fardangerous at work here.Raven s Blood meshes archaeology, mythology, native spirituality, and adventure into a very entertaining package Loved the premise. I really love this book, at first I was like okay when I m going to get in this book, it was in the middle of the story when I got really into the book This book was really good. I received from LibraryThing Member GiveawaysGreat Book I really enjoyed the plot and the characters This book is forth of a series, which I look forward to reading however it stands fine all on it s own.This is a mystery with archaeologists, ancient cults, strange deaths with a plot that keeps you wondering until a very interest conclusion I received this book as a free FirstReads giveaway.I wasn t very impressed with the book It was somewhat difficult to tread The characters weren t fleshed out very well and none of them were very likable Everything happened too conveniently there was very little believability to the events of the story. {KINDLE} ð Raven's Blood ð Haida Archaeologist Jake Lalonde Dreams The Same Dreams As His Ancestors, And His Profession Has Taken Him To Strange And Fascinating Places Before When The Corpse Of A Colleague And Friend, Vincent Carpello, Appears In The Back Of A Freight Truck, However His Stiff Hands Miming The Form Of A Raven Rattle Jake S Thirst For Adventure Sets Him On A Dangerous Journey That May Just Be His LastAt The University Of Washington A Team Of Researchers That Include Jake S Fianc E, Angeline Lisbon, Know That Jake S Now Deceased Colleague, Vincent Carpello, Was On The Cusp Of A Major Discovery That Had The Potential To Turn The World Upside Down But When A Venus Statue Is Stolen, Jake Goes Missing, And A Cypher Disappears, Angeline Sets Out To Find Jake Interpol S Number One Suspect Tracked By A Dubious Interpol Agent, Angeline Follows The Clues That Soon Lead Her To A Raven Worshipping Goddess Cult In The Subterranean Mithraic Temples Of RomeIn This Supernatural Archaeological Thriller, The Shadow Of A Shaman Must Help Jake Find His Way Back To The Only World He Knows So He Can Save Both Himself And Angeline Before It Is Too Late