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First reaction Absolutely delightful Sweet, sexy and hot, but also thoughtful, funny and clever One of the best romantic stories I ve read since Stealing Parker and Pushing The Limits Full review to come Full Review WARNING This review might contain spoilers and an unhealthy dose of rave The Boys of Summer is a wonderful example of just how deliciously sexy, sweet and charming summer fling books can be A book that gives you goose bumps, makes you swoon over its incredibly handsome male cast, gets you hooked on the clever plot line and, ultimately, sends you out feeling all warm inside, satisfied and with a wide smile on your face It s summer and all that seventeen year old Tess really feels like doing is hanging out at the lake with her besties, Adam and Ellie Her version of a perfect summer break includes soaking up the sun, swimming in the cool water, partying and having a fun time with her friends Her friends, though Well, they have something entirely different in mind When Adam and Ellie come up with the idea of getting a summer job at the local hotel the Onslow Hotel , Tess does not share their excitement Last thing she wants is to slave away the precious summer days at a dingy hotel, trying to overcome her shyness and social awkwardness to make a few bucks And the last thing she expects to find there is a new social circle, exciting late night parties and love What can I say Life can be full of surprises sometimes Let me start by saying that all the characters in this book are great The chemistry between them and not only between Toby and Tess, but also between the secondary cast is charged with incredible energy, sparkly and spine tingling I love summer flings, for they are always so exciting, so light and fluffy Simply delicious to devour The Boys of Summer is all that, yes, but it s also so much than just an entertaining little book It s clever, thought provoking and it touches on serious topics, including losing one s virginity, dealing with social peer pressure, staying true to oneself and the people around you, all the while trying to figure out if following your heart is the right choice I especially loved the fact that all the secondary characters were developed with just as much care as the lead ones I must admit, I strongly disliked Tess best friend, Ellie, at least for the most part of the book until I learned about her motives She was overly confident, too loud and nosy, and quite self centred Not to mention that she appeared to be sleeping around A lot At times, she also seemed to be very judgemental towards Tess and I thought that was very hypocritical of her But then I learned about Ellie and begun to understand her better I still can t say that I liked her a whole lot, though I understand where she was coming from, but don t necessarily sympathize with her motives and intentions , and I feel that she could ve handled things better But hey, her character really adds to the story and the subplot gains a lot of depth thanks to her presence Plus, the strong, unbreakable friendship between Ellie, Tess and Adam is one of the things I really loved about this book I loved watching them interact, it reminded me of my own group of friends back from when I was a teenager Their dialogues full of inside jokes were quirky and genuinely hilarious, and the way they supported and completed one another was sweet and heart warming In similar way, I loved reading about the Onslow boys and the brotherly bond between them They were not only hot, disarmingly charming and funny, but also mature, honest and caring And it s all the little details that C.J Duggan included in the story that made me love and respect them in the end So even though a guy breaking up with his girlfriend to be with another girl would usually make me wary, I didn t feel that way in Toby s case I thought he handled the situation with grace and sensitivity, and I admired him for that There were moments when his hot and cold attitude would throw me off a bit, but once you get to the end and all the cards are laid out, you see him in a totally different light This book is full of those Ohhh I see now moments that turn your perception of certain things and people around The story is so well thought out, it s impossible not to admire Duggan s plotting skills With great energy, fresh summer atmosphere, style and humor, The Boys of Summer is one intoxicating and heart warming novel The pages are filled with warm sun, fresh summer breeze, hot sand, sweet uncertainty and shy kisses The sexual tension is ever present, though every make out sex scene is described tastefully, almost magically because summer love is nothing short of magical I could go on and on about how amazing, sweet and well written this book is, but in the end all it comes down to is You have to get your own copy, like, ASAP You have to experience this story on your own, meet all the fantastic characters, come to your own conclusions about things You simply have to read The Boys Of Summer and take this wonderful, mood lifting and blush worthy journey yourself And I m sure you will love it as much as I did Going into The Boys of Summer I honestly didn t know what to expect I d heard it was good but I ve recently been in a bit of a reading slum where nothing seems to be grabbing my attention, so I was hoping this wasn t going to be the same and you know what, it wasn t at allThe Boys of Summer was everything I was hoping it would be and The Boys of Summer is a flirty, fun and fantastic read it s easily up there with the likes of Jenny Han s series, The Summer I Turned Pretty and it s one that captivated me from the start The book is set in a small fictional town called Onslow and I thought the author did a fantastic job creating a world that was easily imaginable and one that was very appealing to the readers It seemed like the perfect town and it makes me sad that I don t have any of them by me Not only did the town appeal to me as a reader but, the characters did too and yes, mainly the boys.I loved them all of them Tess was also a great character, I could understand her hesitant to a lot of things because of the bullying at school but I believe she needed this summer to become a confident person and to come out of her shell and the Onslow boys definitely helped her with that All in all, if you re looking for a lovable and intense read, then this is for you CJ Duggan has convinced me she belongs in the contemporary market and I cannot wait to read from her. STILL FREE If you haven t grabbed it yet grab it now has an ex boyfriend from hell who bullies her and gave her a flat chested nick name She lives in her best friend Ellie s shadow When summer begins her friend Adam talks her into working at a restaurant instead of spending her time at the lake like she wanted Tess s summer starts off rather bad and she is feeling down The first 12% was a bit slow but sometimes slow beginnings are a necessary evil especially with this book It gave me a chance to get to know Tess which really helped me understand her actions and feelings later on in the book.As soon as she runs into Toby Morrison I was completely hooked This was summer romance crack So addicting and I just couldn t get enough of this one Toby is Tess s lifelong crush but he is older and has a girlfriend Toby and his friends nick named The Onslow Boys hang out at the restaurant where Tess and Ellie work Tess and Ellie spend a lot of time hanging out with them and partying It felt like one of my summers I worked at a restaurant for my first job and definitely felt Tess s stress But she gets to see The Onslow Boys so soon it s what she is looking forward to If I had a group of hot boys hanging out at my restaurant it would have definitely made working fun.Toby was hard to read at first I knew he had feelings for Tess and he dropped little hints His girlfriend was a bit of a nightmare so eventually he does dump her but I guess I was hoping for it sooner It was hard for me to watch Tess in pain but I felt Tess and Toby grow so much as friends first which always makes a relationship feel that much real and special The book dealt really honestly, realistically, and openly about sex and Tess losing her virginity There was a lot of relationship insecurities though and that goes back to the beginning of the book Tess still doesn t trust Toby wants her Tess and Toby never had The Talk so Tess makes some mistakes but I always felt they were right and good for each other Even though Toby is a little bit older it never bothered me.Ellie was a fun best friend but she really bothered me at times She was hiding so much but then when Tess didn t want to give her every little detail of her relationship she kind of blew up Ellie does grow a lot during the book as well I loved seeing each character grow and change over the summer Ellie also begins dating one of The Onslow Boys and has her own journey to being confident in a relationship Even though it was sad and aggravating watching the characters make these mistakes it felt real First loves are full of a lot of confusion and insecurities It is hard finding your way in making your first relationship work I need to squeeze some talk about Sean in here He was another Onslow Boy and even though the book never really takes a love triangle route I always loved him He was so much fun and so sweet to Tess that at times I wanted something to happen with them There were times when I thought something would happen and almost did but Tess s heart was always with Toby and that is where it belonged The sequel will be a summer reunion four years in the future I must say I am scared and excited to see where everyone ends up What do you say in times like this Thanks for last night You were great We should really do this again sometime Thanks for taking my virginity Not that one For a brief moment, you made me believe that I was a somebody, that, above all, I wasn t like the other girls And I m not I stepped forward, so he could hear me over the music I know it really doesn t seem that way And it kills me that I let you down, that I did something so stupid because I jumped to the wrong conclusion I don t want you thinking I am anything other than who I am, who you got to know this summer I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review I cannot begin to describe the love I have for this book Let s just say if a book can keep you up all night until the sun rises and you can hear your neighbours go to work, then it s definitely a winner I really don t know how this book escaped my attention, as it s exactly the type that appeals to me Plus the author is Australian Where have I been living Anyway, I found it, I waited very impatiently until payday, I bought it and I read it But no, the buck doesn t stop there Welcome to the town of Onslow, where the population doesn t go past 3000 unless it s the summer Tess, who lives in the shadows of her two best friends, Ellie and Adam, gets roped in to working shifts at the local hotel during the summer between Year Eleven and Twelve At first Tess is reluctant all she wants is the perfect summer with her besties, not to be harassed by tourists All that changes when she meets the Onslow Boys the gorgeous, older guys that hang around the hotel playing pool Including Toby Morrison, the guy she s had a secret crush on for years.Everything about this book is perfect Where to start The characters Tess is your average seventeen year old, trying to find her place in the world A disastrous break up with her ex has left her with a horrible nickname and confident levels heading into the minus But break her out of her shell and she s witty, loquacious and amazing at banter My perfect girl Then there s Toby, who has, as Tess so nicely puts it, mood changes than four seasons in one day But what I love about Toby is he s not like other boys in Mature YA NA novels who have chips on their shoulders larger than Texas He s sexy, funny and witty He s shy around people he doesn t know, but opens up to those he does Yeah, he s perfect I could go on and on about everybody else, but in order not to make this review ten pages long, let s just say that everyone else was perfect From Tess s best friends Ellie and Adam, who all had their unique attributes and the Onslow Boys where can I meet a set of them Puh lease I really felt for Sean as well, and definitely think that he needs his own spin off series The whole story and plot line was amazing Not once did it lag, or seem like the storyline was going around in circles like I ve noticed some books do There was a great amount of tension and romance to light hearted bantering, and C.J has an amazing talent for keeping the reader entranced in the story I hadn t actually realized too, that the story was set in the 1990s until they started belting out to Wonderwall like it was Gangham Style The carefree, lazy summer days reminded me so much of my own childhood and what I loved about summer the most okay, I wasn t their age in the 1990s, but we still silly danced to Kung Foo Fighting too CJ captured the perfect summer romance, one that twisted my heart into a million pieces I loved all the little quips that came from Tess and her friends, a couple of my favourite liners being Tess, it s Onslow People go to the opening of an envelope, seriously, what is there to do in this town Toby was behind the wheel It wasn t a serial killer, it was Toby Oh thank God it s you I thought you were a murderer The Boys of Summer is a story about self discovery and first true love that will stay with you for a long time after you read it It will leave you delirious, as if you are experiencing Tess s emotions yourself, and when the book ends you ll have come out of the most amazing dreams ever A perfect summer read, I know that all I will be doing for the next couple of months is re reading this, waiting for my own Toby to come along In the mean time, I ll just wait for the second book in the series, which will than likely come before Toby does Watch out Melina Marchetta, CJ Duggan is in town and she s ready to claim the Queen of Australian YA title 3.3nakon kaj sam razvlacila prvih 150 stranica u par dana, danas sam odjednom ostalih 150 procitala prva polovina knjige bila je spora, dosadna i pomalo jadna za ljetno stivo, a onda je od sredine napokon krenulo na bolje pa me ipak povukla da ju procitam do kraja ipak, mislim da bas i nemam neku zelju za otkrivanjem sto se dogada sa svim likovima u ostatku serijala. I have spent almost a year looking for a book similar to Jenny Han s Summer Trilogy and I FINALLY found one..and it was even better I loved, loved, LOVED The Boys of Summer I devoured it in a single night This is C J Duggan s debut novel, which pretty amazing because it sucked me right in Tess doesn t like to draw attention to herself, she prefers being in the background, have fun with her two best friends and drift through high school However the summer before Year 12, everything changes Forced by her two best friends, Tess reluctantly takes up a summer job at a local bar in the little town of Onslow and ends up having the best summer of her life C J Duggan has created an incredibly special, charming town and filled it with fun, lovable characters I swear, this book just made me wish Onslow was real The Boys of Summer is full of humour, all about friendship, first times and of course, boys I cannot stop gushing about this story, the characters and especially the writing For me, this wasn t just another read The Boys of Summer really made an impression because I felt like I lived through that summer and experienced everything right there with Tess I even felt butterflies in my stomach yes, over fictional boys and moments , that s how much I was into it The Boys of Summer is a must read for anyone who loves contemporary romance and is definitely one of the best new adult books I ve read this year Believe me, it s all kinds of wonderful and you shouldget this now P.S Australian writers are the best I can t wait to read from C J Duggan This review is also posted on my blog, Anatea s Bookshelf When I started The Boys of Summer I expected it to be a sweet New Adult novel with interesting characters and a cute romance I m happy to say it was all I hoped it would be.The book focuses on three friends, Tess, Adam and Ellie and how they spend their summer before their 12th year at High School While Adam and Ellie are really excited about their summer job at the local Onslow Hotel, Tess isn t quite fond of the idea But as they start working, they meet The Onslow Boys and her long time crush Toby, Tess finds herself enjoying the job and the time she spends with them What I loved the most about this books are the characters and their relationship C.J Duggan spent a lot of time developing each and every one of them Not only Tess, Ellie, Adam and the Onslow Boys, but also other secondary characters too While Tess, Ellie and Adam have quite different personalities, they do have a strong friendship and they care about each other Tess is a little insecure about herself and it was amazing to see how much she changed during the novel Ellie was outgoing and bubbly and she was the one who encouraged Tess to do most things she normally wouldn t Adam was a bit of a clown No matter what he did or said, I always found myself laughing or giggling The Onslow Boys, even though a few years older, accepted them and never treated them like naive High School kids The romance was sweet, and while Ellie and Stan hit it off pretty quickly, Tess and Toby took time while something between happened It was never dull or boring and I found myself really enjoying it To sum it up, The Boys of Summer is a perfect summer read and I think fans of Jenny Han would really enjoy it I look can t wait to read the next book in the series and I m happy I ll be reading it in summer.Blog Twitter Facebook Instagram Pinterest 4 Onslow Boys StarsMA YA genre What I loved 1 The Onslow Boys Toby, Stan and Sean.2 Humor3 Adam Ellie Great set of BFFs.4 The building of Toby and Tess relationship Friendship, flirting to acting upon things to couple status.5 The author did a good job at making you feel different things for Tess when it came to the teasing harassment bullying, shyness around boys, her feelings for Toby, her confusions towards what was going on between her and Toby, her insecurities, her humiliations, her anger with her friends, to finally her feelings for when they were together 6 I liked that this was a type of forbidden romance between a 17 yr old and a 22 yr old.7 The ending epilogue. 4.5 starsDon t you just love those nights where a book has you up until the early hours in the morning, when you have to go to work the next day really early but you just don t care The Boys of Summer was one of those books It was fun, had a fresh summery vibe going on that has you aching for the vibrant summer days I didn t realise how much I needed a book like this until I picked it up.The Boys of Summer did take me a while to get into, but bam as soon as the Onslow boys were introduced I knew there would be no going back for me Tess had agreed with her best friends Adam and Ellie over the summer holidays to work at the Onslow hotel, it s not how Tess had planned to be spending her summer, but her friends insisted it would be a whole lot of fun and plus at least she would be spending it with her best friends But she didn t expect Adam to be involved in a freak accident and be shipped off to his Nan s for the summer holidays neither did she expect Ellie to be infatuated with the Onslow boys But Tess soon realises that there s something which draws her to 22 year old Toby, despite him having a girlfriend and her acting like a moron in the hotel whenever he makes an appearance Ellie knows she shouldn t be hanging out with him and the rest of the boys But Ellie and Tess promised to make this one summer they wouldn t forget.And what a summer it was Despite the five year age gap I enjoyed every single moment the girls spent with the Onslow boys Stan, Sean and Toby They were such decent guys, never to take advantage of the girls, always respected them, but most of all showed them a fun time Each one of the guys brought something different to the book, they had me in hysterics with their endless banter, brought a smile to my face with their double entendre messages especially from Sean, but most of all I felt like there was something missing when they weren t around Don t get me wrong, I thought Tess was a great mc, she did occasionally over think things and then at other times rush into things without thinking things through But things were always livelier and upbeat when the boys were around But despite this book focusing on everyone having a good time, Duggan was also able to weave through a story of heartache Duggan definitely was able to work with both aspects extremely well It was awful watching Tess having to go through such a tough time, but the way Tess matured through the book and overcame these issues was done extremely well overall.Duggan also had a habit of leaving you with a teasing sentence of what s to come, I liked and didn t like this aspect as most of the time it left an utter feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach of what could be around the corner.Overall The Boys of Summer is a perfect example of what summers are meant to be about With a fantastic set of characters, you will be missing out on a lot of fun by not picking this up. ^Download ☔ The Boys of Summer (Summer, #1) ↠ Quiet Seventeen Year Old Tess Doesn T Relish The Thought Of A Summertime Job She Wants Nothing Than To Forget The Past Haunts Of High School And Have Fun With Her Best Friends Before The Dreaded Year Twelve BeginsTo Tess, Summer Is When Everything Happens Riding Bikes Down To The Lake, Watching The Fireworks At The Onslow Show And Water Bomb Fights At The Sweltering Sunday MarketsHow Did She Let Her Friends Talk Her Into Working After First Shift Disasters, Rude, Wealthy Tourists And A Taunting Ex Boyfriend, Tess Is Convinced Nothing Good Can Come Of Working Her Summer Away However, Tess Finds Unlikely Allies In A Group Of Locals Dubbed The Onslow Boys , Who Are Old Enough To Drive Cars, Drink Beer And Not Worry About Curfews Tess S Summer Of Working Expands Her World With A Series Of First Times With New Friends, Forbidden Love And Heartbreaking ChaosAll With The One Boy She Has Never Been Able To ForgetIt Will Be A Summer She Will Always Remember