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This book contains a wonderful collection of short stories, fables, and vignettes that give the reader a glimpse into the veiled Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Each story or situation conveys the joys, difficulties, incongruity, and frustrations which confronts the visitor. These stories look at many of the issues that characterize the Saudi society, where ordinary events are imbued with mystical and fantastical meaning. Where honor, revenge, and a strict moral code control the lives of every inhabitant, both male and female. I found the stories beautiful and sad. such longing and loss. Insightful, readable, beautifully written stories about the Saudi society. Compared for example to a number of books written by writers or journalists who visited or lived in Saudi, in this book the society was nicely represented without prejudice. This is a wonderful, sometimes painful telling of stories that anyone transplanted into a culture not their own will appreciate. With Saudi Arabia as a backdrop, this collection of stories will leave you thinking of them long after you've put the book down. I've not given much thought of what it might be like to live in Saudi Arabia but after reading these stories, I can certainly say I would love to visit! It seems like a sometimes harsh but also beautiful and magical place. Julia SimpsonUrrutia is an excellent writer, I did not get bored and in fact, couldn't wait to read a new story each day. I read one story every morning with my morning coffee. I liked to read them that way because I would then think of the story throughout the day. I would highly recommend this book to anyone. My heart broke over (I hope this is not a spoiler) the severe punishment the young boys got in "The Swedish Boy and the Camel's Back," although the story was beautiful. I loved reading about how, in Saudi Arabia, they stop what they're doing and shut everything down to go and say their prayers. That is truly beautiful. "The Desert Lynx," was another favorite a dark and very raw story that I loved. I guess my favorite of all, though, would be "The Crow,"the ending was so powerful! I will definitely read these stories again and again. Reading Julia SimpsonUrrutia’s collection of short stories is like taking a trip to another world. Her sense of wry humor, intermingled with a captivating, unique literary voice, makes you feel as if you are walking the streets of Jeddah by her side. We can feel the sweltering heat—in a literal and figurative manner.

Adapting to the culture of Saudi Arabia is not for the faint of heart, as clearly illustrated in "The Fable of the Cherry Tree," where a young man leaves his homeland, falls in love, and convinces the object of his affection to relocate to a foreign land, even though he is quite certain she will be unable to thrive in her new “transplanted” environment. In "The Crow," we get a bird’s eye view of an arrogant rich man who believes his wealth will protect him from any and all mishaps, a misguided theory that eventually leads him down a much deserved path of madness. In stories more centered on a religious angle, the true teachings of the prophet Mohammad clash with traditional Saudi selfserving pride and a misplaced superiority complex in "The Meat Market" and a family values, comingofage tale, "The Swedish Boy and the Camel’s Back."

In "The Outing," the saddest entry in this collection, we feel the pain of a young girl struggling to find her identity amid the maledominated world that is Saudi Arabia. (Hint, hint: it is truly no sunny day at the beach.) I found "Up In Smoke" to be the least culture driven story of this collection because it presents a depressing but universal truth: entitled rich people feel little empathy for those less fortunate, and zero guilt for keeping them that way. On the lighter side, the humorous "Numbskull" proves there are no real excuses for being a selfabsorbed idiot, while "Stings Attached" gives new meaning to the term going postal. The collection finishes with "The Desert Lynx," a sensoryrich tale that suggests if we believe in something strongly enough, we can will it into reality.

If you are fascinated by the exotic culture of Saudi Arabia, don’t hesitate to absorb yourself in this amazing literary visit. You’ll be glad you did.
I thought this was a beautiful book of fairytale like stories. I was interested in reading something written by a person who has lived in Saudi Arabia because I live there too.

My favorite story was "Fable of Cherry Tree" even though it is kind of sad. It was hard to get the tree out of my mind after reading itshe is graceful, delicate, yet ever so brave. I have to admit I have read this story several times.

The author is witty. It is hard not to laugh out loud, if you know Arab society. I really enjoyed reading the different stories in this book. All the stories varied. Some made me laugh and some were even eye opening. My favorite stories were “Fable of a cherry tree” and “ The crow” I definitely would read them all over again and 10/10 recommend people to read it as well! {DOWNLOAD EPUB} » Under a Crescent Moon ë Under A Crescent Moon Celeste, Mercy Livres NotRetrouvez Under A Crescent Moon Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Under The CrescentIMDb Directed By Burton L King With Ola Humphrey, William C Dowlan, Edward Sloman, Helen Wright A Series Of Six Episodes Involving The Adventures Of An American Actress In Old EgyptThe Purple IrisThe Cage Of The Golden BarsIn The Shadow Of The PyramidsFor The Honor Of A WomanIn The Name Of The KingThe Crown Of DeathUnder A Crescent Moon Stories From A TurkishNotRetrouvez Under A Crescent Moon Stories From A Turkish Prison Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Under A Crescent Moon By Mercy Celeste Goodreads Murder, Mystery, Sex And Magic It S Just Another Typical Night Under A Crescent Moon New Orleans Police Detective Taylor Campbell Has Done His Best To Leave Xander Cooper Alone Years Ago, He Joined The Army To Get Away From The Temptation Of The Younger Man But A Series Of Murders Around Xander S Restaurant Has Taylor Running Scared A Crescent Traduction En Franais Exemples AnglaisUnder A Crescent Moon, Wise And Wild, She Flies Swift Through The Greenwood To Capture The Truth Sous Un Croissant De Lune, Sage Et Sauvage, Elle Vole Promptement Dans Greenwood Pour Capturer La Vrit Under A Crescent Moon Stories Of Arabia By JuliaUnder A Crescent Moon Book Readreviews From The World S Largest Community For Readers Under A Crescent Moon By Violette Dubrinsky Under A Crescent Moon Book Readreviews From The World S Largest Community For Readers When Azaleigh Montclaire Inherits The Assets Of A Deceased AuUnder A Crescent Moon He Works And Runs The Crescent Moon Diner Which He S Been Given By His Aunt Along With A Super Classy Car One Night After Closing The Diner He S Faced With Three Hoods Determined To Have His Car Taylor Is A Cop, A Few Years Older And Has Known Xan Since He Was A Child, As He And His Mother, Who Is The Housekeeper For His Aunt Lived With Them Taylor Has Loved Xan From Day One, Knowing Xan Felt The Books Similar To Under A Crescent Moon Find Books Like Under A Crescent Moon From The World S Largest Community Of Readers Goodreads Members Who Liked Under A Crescent Moon Also Liked Naught AMAZING BOOK! This is one of the books that I will never forget. I am not a big reader but I finished reading this book in two sittings, I was not able to put it down. I am Ethiopian but I currently live in America, and the stories that are in here I very much so relate to it. My favorite stories from the book are the following: "Fable of a Cherry Tree", "Numbskull", and "Strings Attached".