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[Download Kindle] ♫ Chainsaw Terror ♶ Edward Briggs Seems Like A Normal Enough Man Not Very Friendly Perhaps But Then Who Wouldn T After Witnessing That Bloody Family Tragedy Edward Still Lives In The House Where It All Happened Now That S A Little Strange So Is His Love For His Sister He Doesn T Like It Much When She Goes Out He D Much Rather She Stayed Indoors With Him Always In The Cold, Soundproofed House With The Cellar Workshop With The Big, Bloodstained Workbench And The Tools Second time reading this one, and my last for a long time as the pages are threatening to fall out The story is a bog standard serial killer mummy s boy deal, with the hooker with a heart of gold in peril, desperately needing saved by her macho journalist boyfriend It s dated, occasionally offensive, and people shudder involuntarily in almost every chapter, but it s also packed with bloody mayhem and has that wonderfully sleazy British atmosphere that Hutson was so adept at. i read the come the night version of this book because this one is so hard to find and when you do they re hundreds to thousands of dollars this is my 3rd book of shaun hutson and i gotta say my favorite by far the skull was ok at best, Erebus was good, but this was amazing it is so hard to find books that are as gory as slasher films but this is even better if you like movies like texas , Hatchet, or Halloween then this book is for you.5 stars all the way