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Did you know that insight may cause blindness or there is an association between insanity and genius or a man with conviction is a hard man to change If you are interested in such subjects this would be a book for you.A very useful book to read with many different subjects explained in an easy plain language.I recommend the book to everyone who is interested in psychology subjects in a quick way. Yes, I enjoy reading textbooks in my spare time My knowledge of psychology is limited to what I learned in high school and Sociology 101 in university This book did help a psychology noob, such as myself, further my understanding of the discipline I think this book is probably best suited for high school or first year university students, as it provides very basic background information on various psychological concepts Of course, I did recognize many of the psychologists and concepts that were presented They ve covered everything from Freud, to Pavlov, to Zimbardo But here are some things I found interesting from each chapter that I don t remember learning in school.Philosophical RootsIn this chapter, we learn about the earliest psychologists and some of the weird things they believed in For example, Wilhelm Wundt believed that every living being has a consciousness, even single celled organisms an amoeba s ability to devour food means it has some form of consciousness Behaviorism The most famous behaviourists were, obviously, Ivan Pavlov and B.F Skinner But what I found fascinating was Joseph Wolpe s research that shows that you can unlearn fear by relaxing and facing your fears head on.Psychotherapy Besides learning about Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, I learned about Fritz Perls who developed the very zen Gestalt prayer with principles that I would love to live by I do my thing and you do your thing I am not in this world to live up to your expectation, and you are not in this world to live up to mine You are you, and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, it s beautiful If not, it can t be helped On the other spectrum of loving and respecting yourself, is Donald Winnicott s notion of healthy hatred where he claims that it s natural and completely appropriate for parents to hate their children in a healthy way by acknowledging and tolerating the hate without acting on it, of course People and things do not upset us Rather, we upset ourselves by believing that they can upset us Albert EllisCognitive PsychologyThis was probably my favourite chapter as it focuses on the fascinating topic of how the mind works especially in terms of memory how we remember things, and why our memories are unreliable For example, Bluma Zeigarnik discovers that the human mind remembers details of an interrupted task better than a completed task Further, Gordon H Bower realized that we store memories of events and emotions together when we are happy, we remember happy things and when we are sad, we recall sad memories Daniel Schacter and Elizabeth Loftus research shows that our memories are unreliable what we believe is not necessarily the truth Meanwhile, Leon Festinger realizes that people with unshakeable conviction are difficult to change they will find ways to create new evidence that is aligned with their beliefs I m sure we all know stubborn people like this Social PsychologyFamous social psychologists include Stanley Milgram and Philip Zimbardo but have you heard of Robert Zajonc Robert Zajonc s experiments showed that the you see it the you like it Meaning that we tend to like things that we re familiar with, or that we ve been exposed to frequently For example, you may not like the design of a poster in your classroom, but the you see it, the it starts to grow on you This causes an attitude change on a subconscious level you can start liking things that you didn t like without even realizing it Which is, I suppose, is why advertisements are such an important aspect of marketing Developmental PsychologyThis was also a fascinating chapter on the development of the brain from childhood to adulthood, and how psychologists have revolutionized educational curriculums worldwide based on their discoveries on how children process information.What I found to be the most interesting part of this chapter was the section on Who teaches a child to hate and fear a member of another race Here, Kenneth Clark made very important discoveries on how society teaches kids to form prejudices at an early age.Psychology of DifferenceWhat I found to be absolutely entertaining to read in this section, was David Rosenhan s experiment that led to the discovery that psychiatric hospitals in the 1970s were incapable of distinguishing the sane from the insane. Since I am about to enter my first semester of college as a psych major within the next week, I found reading this book to be a great refresher of all the intro information I learned last year in high school In addition to reviewing previously learned information, there were some new ideas thrown in to keep me intrigued This is a great choice for students interested in studying psychology, or even for those who just have an interest in it, who want to understand some main ideas without overly complex explanations. This huge book features everything from Pavlov s experiments with dogs to what causes autism In full colour, The Psychology Book is a really amazing work that provides readers who aren t professional psychologists to still get a good understanding of different topics. This book has a shotgun of text that seems like it was copied and pasted from the Wikipedia articles on Psychology The author s make no attempt to analyze or explain any ideas beyond a cursory sentence or two Irrelevant details are numerous than examples illustrating the ideas Would you like to know where 100 different people were born and worked for no reason There is also no attempt at organization related people, ideas, and timelines are seemingly randomly placed throughout the text It somehow fills that sweet spot of not having enough detail to be used a reference, but also not enough explaining for basic understanding. This was such a helpful and informative read It won t let you down when it comes to all psychological research and their researchers A great starter package for anyone interested in psychology. If you haven t studied psychology or have forgotten everything you learned in school this is a solid read to help enlighten you about human nature from several different and frequently contradictory points of view.It covers quickly about 75 different discoveries in psychology across several major areas like psychoanalysis, behaviorism, etc A few of the sections really struck me as important realizations like people s desires to remain consistent even in the face of overwhelming facts against their beliefs. Interesting book that highlights the major influences, studies and basis of psychology.It took me 2 months to get through because it is packed with information like a textbook and is hard to digest you can only read a little bit at a time.Also as I mentioned with other books in this series I m not a big fan of the format in this book it was alright but that added to how slowly I got through it.I d recommend to those who are very interested in psychology and are willing to read textbook format to glean information. This was just what it promised, lots of big ideas, simply explained and put The book had several schools of psychology, several theories of different psychologists throughout history with each of their ideas simply put and layed out in a way that makes it fun to read the book.There were charts, to clarify the main ideas of each psychological thinker, which I found extremely useful.The book is perfect for anyone who wants some major knowledge about the subject, or is about to enroll in this field of studies. ^DOWNLOAD BOOK ↰ The Psychology Book ↟ Clearly Explaining Than Groundbreaking Ideas In The Field, The Psychology Book Uses Accessible Text And Easy To Follow Graphics And Illustrations To Explain The Complex Theoretical And Experimental Foundations Of PsychologyFrom Its Philosophical Roots Through Behaviorism, Psychotherapy, And Developmental Psychology, The Psychology Book Looks At All The Greats From Pavlov And Skinner To Freud And Jung, And Is An Essential Reference For Students And Anyone With An Interest In How The Mind Works