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A wonderful story The characters and the tale are as delightful on the tenth or fifteenth reading as on the first one. I liked the initial premise very much that the hero proposes from a sense of guilt, and that this is explicit from the start That should set up an intriguing Does he love me or is it just guilt talking situation Unfortunately, that potential is not really explored.There were some very nice touches, though, in the hero s sharing with his men the Letters from Home, the attitude of the servants in the Big House, and some gorgeously bitchy sisters The hero is Strong and Silent, and since he doesn t say much, and what he does say is often curt, it s very hard to understand him His actions at the start of the book cause the heroine to be badly injured, but we don t see him ever apologise to her The heroine writes to him constantly while they are apart, but it doesn t ever seem to cross his mind to write back When his neglect is pointed out to him, he still doesn t provide any explanation for it He jumps to conclusions on the flimsiest evidence even when the evidence isn t really evident and consequently treats the heroine badly His eventual redemption is unconvincing.So that all makes it difficult to emphathise much with the heroine who has fallen in love with a really not very nice man By 3 4 of the book they have spent just two weeks together, most of it in the company of family, with little one to one conversation I found myself rooting for her to put down the bitchy sisters, call the hero out on his appalling behaviour, do Something to assert herself, other than view spoiler steal a baby and conceal it from her husband hide spoiler @Download Book ⚜ The Substitute Bridegroom ⚥ Elizabeth Goldsborough Is The Happiest Of Young Ladies Set To Wed The Most Handsome Gentleman In Town Then, Shockingly, All Is Stripped From Her When An Accidental Encounter With An Arrogant Captain Leaves Her With No Choice But To Marry A Man She Despises From The Author Of The Black Widow A Regency Romance Reissue 3.75 stars I didnt care for this at all I never made it through the whole book,there was just something so bland and off about the whole book.Something else that annoyed me was the author cutting to scenes.The hero is carrying the heroine to her home to get her help,then in the next paragraph some time has passed The heroine is waiting for her fiancee to come visit herThen cut to the heroine telling her brother yep my fiancee was here and broke the engagement, because he cant stand to look at my face It was like the author was to go to the effort and write those scenes.Isnt there an useful rule for writing How does it go again Oh yesshow dont tellAnd the hero was too arrogant He was a bit too casual about crashing his curricle and nearly killing a small child heroine was trying to rescue it Then the heroines younger brother gets it in his head that since the hero i say hah was responsible for his sister scarred face leading to her believe no one will want to marry a woman like that,the brother decides to call on the hero guy.He is essentially made fun off and sent away.When I read the blurb I thought it sounded interesting but the characters were so one dimensional I couldnt finish it.I wouldnt recommend this at all I 4.5I really enjoyed this one I thought it was really well written and it flowed nicely I normally don t like too many POVs, but in this case I thought it was handled well I liked all the secondary characters and thought it was fun to see things from different perspectives The reason for Elizabeth and Darius to marry was different then I was expecting I thought they had good chemistry, when they were together that is Elizabeth was a very likable heroine She is so sweet and understanding I do wish she would have confronted Darius a little Darius was also likable, but so closed off to Elizabeth He was also quick to think the worst, which was highly aggravating While I really enjoyed the story, there were a few things I would have changed For one, I would have liked time spent with Elizabeth and Darius I would have liked their conversations to be a bit meaningful Another thing, Elizabeth was always saying she wanted to break down his walls, but we never really get to see her do it Even though they are married early in the story, they spend very little time together I felt like that took away from their story I still really enjoyed the overall story and will definitely be looking for books by Charlotte Dolan Content Clean, PG Since they are married there are marital relations, but it s all behind closed doors and somewhat vague Also, the D word is used a lot. It is one of those plots that you either are going to like or hate I liked it because I understand the realities of the regency time period If you want the heroine to act and think like someone in our modern time, you might want to stick with unrealistic modern regency books there are everywhere If you don t want to hear about the promiscuity in marriages during that era, then you are deluding yourself they were part of their culture view spoiler Just to be clear, the main characters do not cheat hide spoiler I simply love this book The plot moves along at a good pace and the dialogue is fantastic I really feel for Elizabeth who is such a sweet character even if she is a bit quiet Darius is a great character who shows growth even while being a consistent figure There are times I want to hit him over the head, but so does the heroine, so I count that as a good thing Their romance is sweet and a good roller coaster Side characters are colorful and fun and really flush out the storyline as they add in their own plot twists It keeps you guessing what will happen next and how it will all work out All in all a fun romance with some good laughs and perhaps a few tears as you root for true love to prevail.www.cleanromancereviews.com While it s no standout for innovation in traditional regencies, it s absolutely perfect as what it is a light, fun marriage of convenience story with enough wit and drama to stay entertaining from start to finish.Army Captain Darius St John is just about to pull even in a carriage race down a narrow country lane when he has to suddenly swerve at the last second to avoid a child in the road As he does so, a woman dashes in front of him and yanks the boy clear of the road Everyone survives the accident, although the woman is injured by flying debris in the ensuing collision between the curricles and is left with a jagged scar down her face.Elizabeth Gainsborough was the shining belle of the London Season and set to marry an equally sought after gentleman at the end of the summer When she notices how he can no longer bear to look at her marred face, she calls off the engagement, unwilling to marry a man who s disturbed by her appearance Though she s content to retire to her family s country estate and be a doting aunt, her brother thinks otherwise, and sets off to demand Darius substitute himself for the dismissed fiance.So, like I said, this book wins no awards for innovation It s your standard marriage of convenience plot There s the awkward wedding night though this book is fade to black in the bedroom , the surprising appearance of mutual affection, the misunderstanding that sets them back and the climactic event that brings them back together Even in 1991, this was old hat.But, I mean, so what The characters are all a satisfying mix of motives, quirks and other traits that it s still a fun trip The flirtatious banter between Beth and Darius sparkles as much as their mixed signals rankles They both make mistakes, but they do it in ways that are true to their characters, so it s suspenseful rather than exasperating You know they ll work it out, but you want to stick around and see how, if only to see them giggle to each other about how wrong they d been.The only complaints I have for this fun story would be with the uncomplicated supporting characters The antagonists in particular were too clearly written as bad people The dismissed suitor, selfish cousin and slutty dowager duchess were almost cartoonish in their actions They d have been much satisfying and effective characters if there had been ambiguity in their behavior and motivations.For a fun, light regency, this is a joy to read So long as you re not expecting a groundbreaking sort of experience, there s a lot to like here. I liked the heroine, but can t say same for the hero The Hero was an honest, loyal and honorable person in every way but one thing about him really pissed me off I can understand his viewing about women and the reason behind it, but that doesn t give him THE ACCESSES to judge every single woman He thinks every woman is a hypocrite and cynical, but what about man Surely not all men are good The writing style is good The side characters and subplots are also good enough.Overall It was ok.