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This had potential to be a good book I rather think Adler s main thesis that of inferiority complex being the chief motivator has some merit that coupled with Freud can really, I think, cover most of the neurosis in the world I don t really dig much of how he says it and he always comes back to the same thing So it gets boring Not my favorite psyche work. Old school psychology The Viennese doctor is blissfully ignorant of political correctness while writing about women, children, homosexuals and especially the poor neurotics. It s not at all comprehensible what a normal human being is On the one hand, if you re neurotic, you suffer from a lack of motivation, you re lazy, you postpone everything and so on On the other hand, if you re motivated, you re neurotic as well, because you re trying to achieve a higher social class or you re a sort of an attention seeker Is there anyone, in Adler s opinion, who isn t neurotic In addition, I don t like when he speaks about the 40 years old clerk this man needs therapy, Adler examines his dreams and all of a suden he stops telling us about the clerk s medical condition.Nevertheless, I like his approach on some other issues misogyny, prostitution, a few facts about education and weakness. *Download Book ✐ Praxis und Theorie der Individual-Psychologie ☜ Routledge Is Now Re Issuing This Prestigious Series OfVolumes Originally Published BetweenAndThe Titles Include Works By Key Figures Such AsCG Jung, Sigmund Freud, Jean Piaget, Otto Rank, James Hillman, Erich Fromm, Karen Horney And Susan Isaacs Each Volume Is Available On Its Own, As Part Of A Themed Mini Set, Or As Part Of A Specially PricedVolume Set A Brochure Listing Each Title In The International Library Of Psychology Series Is Available Upon Request