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Sat down and finished this off in one gulp, three hundred pages in one go, this evening That seems to be the best way for me to read Marillier s work I remember doing the same with her other books to finish them, and enjoying them much at that break neck pace Wolfskin is sort of in my line of work, you might say, since it involves Norse settlement of the Orkney islands the Norse culture was familiar to me, if not always entirely in step with what I know, and I think Marillier toed the line pretty well.I don t actually know what I think of the book as a whole On the one hand, I definitely enjoyed it, and I was intrigued when the fairytale aspect came in very late in the story, so that I d suspected that this wasn t a fairytale retelling at all but the pace is difficult and the characters Eyvind is, of necessity, lacking in self knowledge, lacking in understanding of his own capabilities, and Somerled is barely likeable Marillier does do well in showing the man he could be, in some moments, but from very early on it s obvious where it s all going Nessa is fun, though there s something so horribly clich d about the princess priestess whose children will carry on the royal line it s so often a feature of books about Guinevere and so on, which is perhaps why it bothers me, and it s so often badly done.Still, overall I quite enjoyed this story of cultures meeting, of two worlds finding a way to join without wholly destroying one another I m looking forward to reading Foxmask I m back to being ambivalent about Marillier, after adoring Heart s Blood when I read that, but there s plenty to enjoy even so. [[ Free Pdf ]] ↠ Wolfskin ⇚ Eyvind Can Think Of No Glorious Future Than Becoming A Wolfskin, A Warrior Devoted To The Service Of The Mighty War God Thor His Closest Friend, Somerled, A Strange And Lonely Boy, Has His Own Very Different Ambitions Yet A Childhood Oath, Sworn In Blood, Binds These Two In Lifelong Loyalty Meanwhile, Far Away Across The Water, On The Light Isles, The King S Niece Nessa Is Beginning To Learn The Ways Of The Mysteries Though Neither The Young Priestess Nor Her People Can Realize What Lies Ahead For Them Eyvind And Somerled Seem Set To Follow Very Different Paths One Becoming A Fearless Servant Of The Warfather, The Other A Scholarly Courtier Then A Voyage Of Discovery, Led By Somerled S Brother Ulf, Brings The Two Friends Together Again In Accompanying A Group Of Settlers To Some Beautiful Islands Rumoured To Lie Across The Western Sea However, Their Good Spirits Are Dampened By A Tragedy On Board, Which Eyvind Begins To Suspect May Not Have Been An Accident Ulf S New Settlement Begins In Harmony With The Native Islanders, Led By King Engus But One Day, On A Trip To A Holy Place Of The Folk, A Brutal Murder Occurs And That Peace Is Shattered It Is Now That Eyvind Begins To Feel The Restraining Ties Of His Boyhood Oathand To Realize What Sort Of Future Somerled Had In Mind For Himself All Those Years Ago review in English below Mais uma vez a Juliet transportou me para outro mundo e durante duas semanas vivi parcialmente nas rcades, na companhia do Eyvind e da Nessa Para quem j leu v rios livros desta autora, n o dif cil prever como vai acabar cada hist ria, mas o que eu mais gosto a forma como ela cria situa es que parecem imposs veis de resolver e que nos fazem n o conseguir parar de ler, s para saber como que ela vai desenvolver a trama de modo a que tudo encaixe e fa a sentido no final E, por falar em final, achei este um pouco arrastado e anti clim cico Para animar, comecei logo a ler o segundo volume desta Saga das Ilhas Brilhantes Once again, Juliet has carried me to another world and for two weeks I ve lived partly in the Orkney Islands, along with Eyvind and Nessa For those who ve read other books by this author, it s not hard to guess how her stories will end What I like about it is the way she builds up seemingly impossible situations that keep us reading like there s no tomorrow just to find out how will the plot develops so everything falls into place and makes sense in the end and it does However, I thought the ending of this story was dragging a little bit and it was an anticlimax So, to cheer myself up I started book 2 right away Foi uma amiga recente que fiz no booktube que me deu esta obra lindissima.Na verdade, dou 4,5 estrelas.Ora, este um romance na tradi o d As Brumas de Avalon, com o seu realismo misturado com alguma magia, derivada do folclore da regi o Aqui nos dado a conhecer uma tribo viking, de onde se vai destacar a rela o entre 2 homens, que se conhecem desde meninos e que forjaram um juramento de sangue Esses 2 homens t m aspira es na vida bastante d spares e v o ser uma reflex o sobre objetivos e se os fins justificam os meios empregados.Todas as personagens est o muito bem escritas, a 3D e tem um vil o de se lhe tirar o chap u N o vou falar muito mais acerca deste livro, pois o bom entrar e mergulhar nele sem grandes conhecimentos pr vios.De notar que irei ler muito mais desta autora, que me p s na pontinha da cadeira em antecipa o pelos acontecimentos. Another amazing fantasy read from this author Love the mix of history, action , folklore and romance I ve yet to be disappointed by this author. One of the few books of Marillier s that I had yet to read, and it did not disappoint Marillier again weaves a beautiful and fantastical tail of strength, coming of age, betrayal and love The blends of folklore and different religions worked together beautifully I enjoyed the characters and found them all perfectly layered and most importantly, filled with real flaws I believe that is one of the best things about a Marillier novel She created deep characters who are so easy to fall for and sometimes so hard to understand The romance is not as subtle and slow burn as her other novels and I appreciated that as Marillier always makes me feel what her characters are feeling and thus plucks at the heartstrings in a wonderful manner Though this may not be my favorite Marillier novel, it is still a near perfect read in my opinion Highly recommended, of course. Now he understood what it was to be a man that it was to be weak as well as strong, to be foolish sometimes and wise sometimes, to know love as well as to kill And he had learned that there were other paths for him, other gods who called in the deep places of the earth, in the lap of wavelets on the shore, in the breath of the wind He had learned that there were other kinds of courage He knew, with deep certainty, that the islands held a new path for him He need only move forward and find it Amazing I read half of this I actually listened to it on audio and the reader was very good I like the way Marillier writes but it s been a long time since I have read anything by her I found this wonderfully worded and deeply characterized It s like she studies people and writes their differences into stories.I am having trouble tho with wanting to finish it It is just one sad tale after another with very little happiness or adventure happening It really is not my style of book at all I went ahead and read the excerpt for the second book and it really makes me not want to finish reading this now that I know where it is going This book would be R from what I have read There are no explicit sex scene that I read but could be at the end but sex is talked of by boys, by a prostitute and a 15 year old boy and many references to sex are made There is also a couple rapes that are talked about and happens to a couple characters, suicide,and murder One of the characters is dark and disturbed and does things that just had me not wanting to read any. Wolfskin by Juliet Marillier, my first book read in 2016 and the first time I have ever read a book by this author I wish to thank Sheree from The Eclectic Reader for suggesting this author to me when I was searching around for New Zealand authors in early 2015 What a saga, eventually I was swept up into the magic of storytelling It took me a little while to be immersed in it, but once I was, I was reading into the night and picking it up as I ate breakfast Eyvind was a character that I just grew to love and His desire in life has been to be a wolfskin, a warrior who is brave, at the forefront of battle Not surprisingly not expected to see old age either Eyvind never expected to change from that path, but circumstances decreed otherwise As Nessa says to him Things never stay the same, Evyi People change Paths change You cannot know, when you are young, what life will hold for you as a grown man or woman It seems to me there is always a choice, there must be No blood oath could make me act cruelly, or falsely, or in defiance of natural laws, no matter how solemnly it was sworn.As Eyvind makes his way in life, always truth, loyalty, friendship and honour guide his heart But sometimes that is not enough and tough decisions and choices have to be made Sometimes courage is being at the forefront of the truth, whatever the cost.Somerled is thrust on Eyvind when they are boys and he takes him under his wing, teaching him what he knows and making a blood oath to be brothers loyal to each other While Somerled had some extenuating circumstances, it was difficult to like him I hated how he undermined Evyind s belief in himself in terms of intelligence I hated him for a lot , but I don t want to say what, so as not to destroy the story for any reader.Nessa the priestess in training and niece of the King of the Light Isles was a joy, full of wisdom and courage and love Hers was eventually a burden of deep sorrow, but as she says there is always a choice I loved her relationship with the priestess Rona, I loved how she found her way forward.I loved how the beliefs and views mingled there is the Christian viewpoint through the viewpoint of the holy man Tadgh, the god of the Norse and the ways and beliefs of the Folk on the island In many ways they all held values and truths that were similar.I am reluctant to leave these people I held my breath, I wondered, I wept, I smiled It won t be too long before I will be seeking out Foxmask, the second book in this duology. Desconhecia por completo esta autora e O filho de Thor mas conhe o v rias pessoas que gostam bastante dela e decidi aceitar a recomenda o da C lia N o sei bem porqu mas tinha a associado Anne Bishop o que agora percebo que foi um erro pois ambas s o muito diferentes na escrita e universos A escrita de Marillier muito bonita e po tica, com muita imagina o e informa o hist rica mas sem aquele despejar de informa o que muitos autores acabam por fazer.A primeira metade do Filho de Tor foi a que mais me custou, pois serve para contar como surgiu a amizade entre Sommerled e Eyvind, enquanto rapazes N o morro de as por hist rias com crian as e cheguei a pensar em desistir No entanto, a autora coloca estrategicamente alguns mist rios e conflitos que ajudaram a manter o interesse e partir para a segunda metade do livro que se passa nas Ilhas Brilhantes.Sommerled desde o in cio o aparente vil o da hist ria No entanto como apenas um rapaz assustado que sofreu bastante na inf ncia ficamos sempre na d vida se ele intrinsecamente mau ou apenas produto do seu meio e ambi es Depois h a sua rela o com Eyvind Este um rapaz lutador e corajoso, de ideais e ambi es simples S que essa bondade inata que atrai e mant m Sommeled no seu melhor, impedindo o de se tornar totalmente mau Eyvind passa por v rias e diversas dificuldades ao longo desta hist ria Sofre quando tem que agir contra aquilo que acredita e a sua recupera o acontece atrav s de Nessa que se torna a sua mais improv vel aliada Por seu lado Nessa vive em conflito por se apaixonar por um guerreiro do grupo que est em luta com o seu povo e ajudar o seu povo a sobreviver Foi por causa de Nessa que me apaixonei por esta hist ria As passagens sobre ela e a sua magia s o lind ssimas e transportou me para um tempo em que n s humanos viv amos mais ligados nossa M e Terra.Em resumo adorei este livro Come a de uma forma talvez pouco interessante e lenta mas a pouco e pouco prende nos, principalmente atrav s dos seus personagens, e faz nos apaixonar por aquele bonito mundo das Ilhas Brilhantes.