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I liked about Amelia was that she was trying to get people to help I think the community and make people help it.I am glad that she is trying to help because people probably made it messy.Some people helped but I think that some people didn t care.I still liked that people helped Amelia so she didn t have to do it by herself.I thought that it was a really good book. I loved this book so much because it was very interesting I wanted to hear what people thought about her, and I wanted to here what some people thought happened She inspired me to do what I want to do and no one can stop me She fought for what she wanted She never really got mad at people and she liked to help other people a lot I want to be known for doing something like she did, she helped as many people as she could and she was still living her dream I want to be like Amelia Earhart I recommend this book to people who like books about strong women and loyalty. [Read Pdf] ☣ Amelia Earhart (DK Biography) ⚖ With ThanFull Color Photographs And Illustrations And Detailed Sidebars, This Entry In DK S Acclaimed Biography Series Celebrate A Pioneer Who Changed How The World Is Viewed Aviatrix Amelia EarhartSupports The Common Core State Standards I enjoyed this book about Amelia Earhart and would like to read this book again This book is about the first lady to fly over the Atlantic Ocean and died Her body was not found and is still a mystery till today She was a pioneer and author as she grew up and love to write espesially That is why I give this book a 5 star rating. It was an easy read but most informative. I loved this book so much it was so interesting to learn about the one and only Amelia Earhart.This book about Amelia Earhart inspired me to take a verse in the world and to have a significant part in the world.I now know many interesting facts about Amelia Earhart that I did not know but I know now thanks to this book.I recommend this book to people who like biographies.You have to read this book I know you will love it.As you can see this book is amazing and a must read. The book, Amelia Earhart by Tanya Lee Stone is a biography that talks about all the different journeys Amelia went through It talk about her childhood, her passions, her world records, her family, and what made her the person that everyone is inspired by Amelia had a rough childhood Her father always treated her and her mother badly because he was always drunk and couldn t keep himself under control Amelia switched to 6 different high schools in only 4 years and went to 2 different colleges When she finally discovered her passion for being a pilot, she hopped from one instructor to another so that she was able to learn different techniques It s amazing how much she achieved I would recommend this book to people who like to read biographies about people who have inspired many. It was quite interesting It provided a lotinfo than the internet, it was very useful I didn t know much about her childhood and many great achievements until reading this book.Amelia was truly an inspiration for all and this book captured that.I honestly love Amelia and I was lucky to get this book.I recommend this book for projects,presentations,and for people who are big fans Amelia Earhart was an important influential person to many people She was a role model for women in her time because back then when women were considered not able to do what men did She set many records for women and became very famous Amelia did have some struggles challenges in her lifetime As a kid, her father was an alcoholic and was not a very good influence on her Another struggle for Amelia was the fact that women had no motivation at the time, which made it harder for Amelia to be recognized Amelia also had many achievements in her life She flew solo across the Atlantic, first women to fly across the Atlantic as a passenger, and most importantly, she proved that women could do anything that men do In conclusion, this book gave me a lot of information on Amelia Earhart and why she was an important person I would recommend this book to anyone interested in learningabout her and in all, this book was very helpful when it came to the research I did on Amelia Earhart. I really enjoyed reading the book Amelia Earhart by Tanya Lee Stone This book is a biography based on the life of Amelia Earhart This book starts off from Amelia s childhood For example, the author mentions how Amelia was very adventurous from the start, and was the exact same when she became a pilot Then, the story shifts to her school time period I learned how Amelia was very popular and smart in high school Most of the story was about her becoming a pilot I learned many facts from this, such as how none of her family inspired Amelia, and howof close friends did I enjoyed reading this book because throughout the whole book, there are many photos and captions to demonstrate what the author is talking about Also, the amount of description there is is very helpful After reading this, I could really tell that the author has done a lot of research, which is great I would recommend this to anyone looking for a biography to read.